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    He pleaded guilty and can rightly be called an expert. It holds a database which as the confidential details such as names and payment records.

    This data was then used to get more information about the Just Eat customers. This is then used by the criminal minded to carry out fraud. When on the Dark Web each data is given a value, and this can be just a few pence or thousands of pounds. They wanted to benefit from selling personal details. A Just Eat spokesman said: This particular attack affected both Just Eat customers and non-customers.

    At no point were Just Eat systems compromised or breached. We do not store customer card details on our website or app and all payments are managed securely by an independent, external payment service provider.

    Neville's digital surrogate brain

    What is 'phishing' and how do you avoid getting scammed? Phishing involves cyber-criminals attempting to steal personal information such as online passwords, bank details or money from an unsuspecting victim. Very often, the criminal will use an email, phone call or even a fake website pretending to be from a reputable company.

    The criminals can use personal details to complete profiles on a victim which can be sold on the dark web. Cyber criminals will use emails in an effort to elicit personal information from victims in order to commit fraud or infect the user's computer for nefarious purposes Some phishing attempts involve criminals sending out infected files in emails in order to take control of a victim's computer.

    Any from of social media or electronic communication can form part of a phishing attempt. Action Fraud warn that you should never assume an incoming message is from a genuine company - especially if it asks for a payment or wants you to log on to an online account. Banks and other financial institutions will never email looking for passwords or other sensitive information.

    An effected spam filter should protect from most of the malicious messages, although the user should never call the number at the bottom of a suspicious email or follow their link. Experts advise that customers should call the organisation directly to see if the attempted communication was genuine. According to Action Fraud:
    The Hulton Archive website Since its formation, Getty Images has pursued an aggressive programme of acquisitionbuying up many privately owned agencies that had built up the stock photography industry, from small family-run firms to larger agencies.

    By it had acquired one of the largest agencies, Tony Stone Images; the online art seller Art. Word Viewfrom Mr. Bert Blokhuis, four offices, for undisclosed sum ; journalistic specialists Liaison Agency; Newsmakers the first digital news photo agency; Online USA, a specialist in celebrity shots; and the Hulton Press Librarythe former archive of the British photojournalistic magazine Picture Post.

    Inthe Hulton collection was sold on once more, this time purchased by Getty Images and renamed Hulton Getty. With the acquisition of the Hulton library, Getty Images took ownership of the rights to some 15 million photographs from the British press archives dating back to the Nineteenth Century. Archive Photos had been formed in from the merger of Pictorial Parade est. The acquisition gave Getty Images control of WireImage Entertainment, creative, and sports photographyFilmMagic fashion and red carpet photographyand Contour Photos portrait and studio photography.

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    Jupitermedia, now trading as WebMediaBrandscontinues its Internet publishing business, which they didn't sell to Getty Images.

    Concurrently, it was announced that VCG would, after a transition period, license distribution and marketing of the Corbis library outside of China to Getty. The firm will also manage Corbis's physical archives. Getty continues to serve as chairman and Klein as chief executive. This watermark exists on all images on Getty Images when previewing the images, to prevent copyright infringement.

    Beginning inGetty Images has created controversy for its methods of pursuing copyright enforcement on behalf of its photographers. Rather than pursue a policy of sending " cease and desist " notices, Getty typically mails a demand letter that claims substantial monetary damages from owners of websites it believes infringed on their photographers' copyrights.

    Getty commonly tries to intimidate website owners by sending collection agents, even though a demand letter does not create a debt. In this case, the church offered to pay Getty what it thought was a reasonable amount.

    The diocese 's communications director said: Getty was not playing ball or following the normal litigation or dispute resolution procedures and [I advised the church] to ignore them.

    We don't deal with bullies; we deal with legal threats appropriately. I told [Getty] by letter that's what [the church was] doing, that we were not going to play, and didn't hear any more. A law firm was quoted as saying: Two years later inGoogle removed the "View Image" button from their image search results, this led to outrage from users around the world, and a number of articles referencing this lawsuit.


    The button was removed as part of a settlement Google made with Getty Images. InGetty Images attempted to have the case dismissed, but its motion was denied. Nolan alleged that Getty Images improperly let her image be used in advertisements that depicted her as HIV-positive.

    She claimed the ad's depiction of her as HIV-positive she is not hurt her personal and professional relationships and caused her emotional distress.
    Main investors are the Canadian Carlyle Group Somers already owned a Somers was formerly known as Bermuda National Ltd. As well as owning BCB, Somers owns a On January 7, it amalgamated with and on April 22, changed its name.

    Latest International Headlines

    Formerly Capital G Bank Ltd. The Gibbons family bought back control of Clarien Bank Ltd, just 15 months after it sold a controlling interest in the institution.

    A prominent local landmark, for Bermudians and professional newcomers go to do their banking. Formerly the Bank of Bermuda Limited. At HSBC acquisition the bank employed 1, people but reduced this to about in Also beyond the city, in St. Both are named after an old Bermudian family that dates back to In John Barr, a merchant in the town of St.

    Q & A

    Georgemarried Frances Goodrich, a member of the family of rich American Loyalists who had lived in the town since the American Revolution.

    In addition to these two places, Barr's Hill in St. George's Parish is also named after them. John Lough and Mary Hinson Lough. The semi-abstract piece by Chesley Trott is to commemorate the arrival of the slaves from the American ship The Enterprise seeking a safe harbour to allow repairs and reprovisioning.

    Bermuda was only recently a free state and when the slaves arrived they were offered their freedom, which all but one family accepted. The park is small but scenic. It is nice for a picnic, with seating in a waterside garden setting.

    Admissions & application process

    It has shady trees. There is access for the healthy and those in wheelchairs, via an incline. But to avoid a busiest times of the main road, pick an evening before dark or a weekend. See White's Island on your left in the harbor, also cruise ships or other vessels passing by.

    Also superb as a place to watch the annual illuminated boat parade, every December just before Christmas. Until thethe US Navy had an active shore patrol based here, in a purpose-built building. Sailors used to be able to take a US Navy ferry service to both facilities to and from the City of Hamilton.

    It has no web site address. Open to the public on week days. The Bermuda Government's depository of Bermuda's heritage, history and historic art.

    Top Best 100% Free Dating Online Websites For UK - No Credit Card

    In the remit administration of the Premier of Bermuda. See many original documents, parchment deeds of the early 's to 20th century files, documentary art and Bermuda's largest holding of vintage photographs.

    This seasonal event - about two hours a night in January to March every year - is accessible via a curving outdoor ramp. There are special places for the wheelchair-bound and a seat nearby for a caregiver. After 76 years of existence the volunteer St.

    Both were absorbed into the Bermuda Fire Service to form a comprehensive emergency service that spans the Island. Free entertainment and samples of island culture.

    Q & A

    Some stores have late closing hours 7 pm to 10 pm for visitors. Annually, Wednesday evenings from late April to mid-October.

    Some car and bike parks are closed then. No email or fax address or website. Established in to promote an interest in Bermuda's history. With an annual membership fee. Any Bermudian, resident or visitor can become a member, on request.

    It does not charge an admittance fee but donations are gratefully accepted. In August it was formally incorporated by local Act of Parliament. Bermuda registered charitywith considerable funds. The house was once the home of William Perot, Bermuda's famous postmaster, who devised Bermuda's first postage stamps. The Bermuda Historical Society will celebrate the 60th anniversary since its museum moved to Par-la-Ville in Hamilton later this month.

    A series of talks, tours and presentations will take place to mark the anniversary between 9am and 4pm on July The museum had previously been based in a private residence on East Broadway before moving to the old Georgian property on Queen Street in Volunteer Lyn Vaughan, who has organised the event, told The Royal Gazette she hoped it would showcase the importance of the museum.

    During the afternoon, history experts will provide insight into the Perot family history, the Tucker sisters and the Par-la-Ville building, before the event closes at 4pm. It also has some Bermuda history books for sale. It receives an annual Government grant to provide information to the public who visit in person or write or call. It holds regular executive and periodic open general meetings and offers annual and life and special membership for which there is a cost.

    Only relatively few of its paintings are visible as most, to preserve them in the appropriate environment for rare and unusual works - are in the care of the Bermuda Archives - a Bermuda Government-owned agency in another part of the city. Note this website's Admiral Somers file for how his exploits and how he came to discover and colonize Bermuda for the United Kingdom, are described fully.

    See the English sedan chair ofvery similar to those used by the Mozart family and others in Austria, France and Britain. It was restored a few years ago and is believed to be the only one left of its type in the entire Western Hemisphere.

    At least one other sedan chair of about the same period carried prominent local residents like Mrs. George Forbes, the wife of a prominent local Scottish-born doctor in the early 18th century. Note a typewritten copy of the original letter from George Washington to Bermudians of the day.

    It requested help in stealing gunpowder from the British garrison for his country's Revolution. It is hoped it will find its way back to Bermuda. Bermuda silver is extremely rare and does not frequently show up at auction. There has never been any silver found in Bermuda, much of it derived from coins once common in Bermuda or imported. Savage Silver Tankard Only 38 silversmiths are known to have worked in Bermuda between andand the majority made small objects such as spoons, buckles and buttons.

    Only seven silversmiths were known to have made larger objects, and only 30 of these objects are known today. SinceSotheby's has only sold one other tankard believed to be made in Bermuda. The fiddler's clock made in Bermuda by a silversmith and jeweler, is a one-of-a-kind antique, believed to be very valuable. It's the finest artifact in the museum, made by Thomas Blatchley, an English-born clockmaker who lived and owned a business in St. Standing more than a foot high and described as very ornate with a pagoda-style roof, the clock features a silvered brass face that was inscribed with the clockmaker's name and the word "Bermudo.

    The clock also plays four different melodies. The chime is delightful, playing a trio of chamber musicians and playing instruments when the clock is wound up. Its silvered brass face has an even more interesting story. While Thomas Blatchley's business was clock making, we know from advertisements in the Bermuda Gazette that he also offered watch making, engraving and silversmith services. Blatchley's employee, Peter Pallais, a French-born silversmith, moved to Bermuda around the time the clock was made and one could deduce that the face of the clock could have been made by him.

    Pallais took over Blatchley's business upon his death. He was one of the island's earliest converts to the Methodist faith and for his convictions, he was also one the early 19th-century victims of religious persecution in Bermuda. He, along with Bermuda's first Methodist minister, the Rev. John Stephenson, were imprisoned for nine days at the jail in St. George's, which is now the site of the St. The English piano by a famous manufacturer was exhibited in London in the s.

    No one quite knows how it arrived in Bermuda. Other antiques include a portrait of William Perot, the original owner of the house this museum occupies, as well as its adjacent grounds, nor Par La Ville Park; a handsome tall-case clock by Thomas Millington of London and a noteworthy collection of Chinese export and Wedgwood china. Records of the Society include, in records of the long-defunct Bermuda Historical Quarterly once produced by the Bermuda Historical Societydetails of the 40 year period in Bermuda's history from the s to s as a convict prison for British convicts who lived on prison hulks and built the Royal Naval Dockyard.

    Of more recent interest are exhibits from the Boer War when thousands of South African prisoners of war men and boys were transported to exile on various islands in Bermuda from to Bermuda was one of the places selected as a prisoner-of-war-camp for the Boers because of its distance from South Africa.

    Local historians have quite a collection of souvenirs of the Boer War made by the South Africans. It features four courtrooms on the second floor, plus a Family Court on the third. Bermuda National Gallery 2nd floor, City Hall.

    Phone or fax With artworks and periodic special exhibitions.

    Mayo Clinic School of Medicine Mayo Clinic

    The permanent collection has four elements: European paintings of non-local scenes and people over four centuries including works by Reynolds, Gainsborough, Romney, Murillo and Wilson 23 African sculptures from the New York Perls collection, purchased from many sectors of the Bermuda community, plus others donated.

    Bermudian mostly cedar furniture on long-term loan from local collections. Historic and contemporary paintings, sculpture and photographs.

    Mayo Clinic School of Medicine Mayo Clinic

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