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    Huguenot corsairs[ edit ] During the first three-quarters of the sixteenth century, matters of balance of power and dynastic succession weighed heavily on the course of European diplomacy and war.

    InFrance went to war with the Holy Roman Empire. Spanish troops routed French armies in France, the Italian Peninsula, and elsewhere, forcing the French Crown to surrender in and again in The Italian Warsas the French-Spanish wars came to be known, reignited in and again in Intermittent warring between the Valois monarchy and the Habsburg Empire continued until At the time, prodigious treasures from Mexico began to cross the Atlantic en route to Spain.

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    Inoff the Cape of St. VincentPortugal, his vessels captured two Spanish ships laden with a fabulous treasure consisting of 70, ducats worth of gold, large quantities of silver and pearls, and 25, pounds of sugar, a much-treasured commodity at the time.

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    Corsair port raids in Cuba and elsewhere in the region usually followed the rescate ransom model, whereby the aggressors seized villages and cities, kidnapped local residents, and demanded payment for their release. If there were no hostages, corsairs demanded ransoms in exchange for sparing towns from destruction.

    Whether ransoms were paid or not, corsairs looted, committed unspeakable violence against their victims, desecrated churches and holy images, and left smoldering reminders of their incursions. The next year, a corsair vessel appeared in Havana and demanded a ducat rescate. Spanish men-of-war arrived soon and scared off the intruding vessel, which returned soon thereafter to demand yet another rescate.

    Santiago was also victim of an attack that year, and both cities endured raids yet again in In —, corsairs captured and sacked nine Spanish vessels. While France and Spain were at peace untilbeyond-the-line corsair activity continued.

    When war erupted again, it echoed once more in the Caribbean. A particularly vicious French corsair attack took place in Havana in It left a gory toll of killed Spanish settlers.

    In all, between andFrench corsairs carried out around sixty attacks against Spanish settlements and captured over seventeen Spanish vessels in the region — InPrince Henry of England married Princess Catherine of Aragon and soon thereafter they were crowned king and queen. Her successor, Elizabethactually rejected a plan to continue the Anglo-Spanish dynastic union when she refused to consider marrying Philip; she was to remain virgin and Protestant. As Protestantism spread further in European kingdoms such as England and France and it became predominant in other formerly Catholic nations, religious antagonisms played an increasingly important role in determining war and peace among the nations of Europe.

    Tensions increased between England and Spain, particularly following the ascent of Anglican Queen Elizabeth to the throne in Protestantism also spread in France and throughout parts of the Holy Roman Empire. By the mids, two discernible opposing blocs had taken shape: She openly supported the Dutch insurrection and aided Huguenot forces in France. Tensions further intensified inwhen Elizabeth I ordered the execution of Catholic Mary Queen of Scotts after twenty years of captivity and gave the order for a preemptive attack against the Spanish Armada stationed in Cadiz.

    Although Spain and the Netherlands had been at war since the s, the Dutch were latecomers, appearing in the region only after the mids, when the Dutch Republic was no longer on the defensive in its long conflict against Spain. Dutch privateering became more widespread and violent beginning in the s. Hawkins and his contemporaries mastered the devilish art of maximizing the number of slaves that could fit into a ship. He and other slave traders methodically packed slaves by having them lay on their sides, spooned against one another.

    Hawkins and Drake barely escaped but Oxenham was captured, convicted of heresy by the Inquisition and burned alive. These were former pirates who now held a more venerable status as privateers.

    During those years, over seventy-five documented English privateering expeditions targeted Spanish possessions and vessels. - Free dating site Caribbean stle

    Drake terrorized Spanish vessels and ports. Early inhis forces seized Santo Domingoretaining control over it for around a month. Before departing they plundered and destroyed the city, taking a huge bounty. Afro-Caribbean history A 19th century lithograph by Theodore Bray showing a sugarcane plantation. On right is "white officer", the European overseer, watching plantation workers.

    To the left is a flat-bottomed vessel for cane transportation. The slaves brought to the Caribbean lived in inhumane conditions. Above are examples of slave huts in Bonaire provided by Dutch colonialists. About 5 feet tall and 6 feet wide, between 2 and 3 slaves slept in these after working in nearby salt mines.

    Slaves were brought to the Caribbean from the early 16th century until the end of the 19th century. The majority of slaves were brought to the Caribbean colonies between and Also in there was a slave revolution in the colony of Barbados.
    It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. In case you used any of those methods and you are still getting this warning, you most likely misspelled the timezone identifier. We selected the timezone 'UTC' for now, but please set date. Students will work with training Egyptian archaeologists as well.

    Deadline The field school will concentrate on the Greco-Roman town of Karanis, founded in the third century BCE and abandoned during the seventh century CE. Deadline Archaeological field training at the Giza Pyramids in Egypt.

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    This intensive five-week field-study program, takes place at the Old Kingdom settlement site of Heit el-Ghurab, as part of Ancient Egypt Research Associates' multi-disciplinary archaeological project. The program provides five academic credits awarded by the American University in Cairo. Deadline Tell el-Amarna is the sacred city built by the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten.

    Students will use the latest non-invasive archaeological technology to investigate this ancient Egyptian capital.

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    Deadline The Adulis Project aims to bring to light the ancient city of Adulis, Eritrea, one of the most important ports of the ancient Red Sea. The project was commissioned by the Eritrean government and involving the Centre for Research on the Eastern Desert Ce.

    The archeological site of Adulis is located about 5 km from the southwest coast of the Red Sea and 60 km south of the city of Massawa, near the river Haddas. Adulis is cited by the classical and late antique literary sources as the main commercial port in south-western coast of the Red Sea.

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    Little is known about both the origins of the city, perhaps to be placed in the proto-Aksumite age, both for its decline, perhaps linked to the Arab invasions of the VII century AD. Deadline Located in the Shire region of Northern Ethiopia, this field school will allow students the opportunity to excavate a site which is virtually unexplored.

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    The site, the region, and its complex cultural heritage, provide important information on the sub-Saharan counterpart of the Greco-Roman world. This societies economic base of agriculture and trade resulted in close contact with the North, and an adoption of early Christianity.

    The Shire Archeological Project concession comprises of extensive ancient remains dating from the prehistoric to the medieval period.

    During the season, students will work in Mai Adrasha, a site under thereat of destruction due to continuing panning of natural gold by the local population.

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