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  • What to Know Before You GO I UKRAINE

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    Best Online Dating Sites in Austria - Austria Dating Site Review

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    Austria Constitutional experimentation, –67

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    Austria Constitutional experimentation, –67

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    Constitutional experimentation, 1860–67

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    Every year, more than 1. Donauinselfest Vienna, Austria The Donauinselfest is an open-air free music concert taking place on the Donauinsel, an island on the Danube, near the Austrian capital of Vienna. Usually taking place in the summer, in June, the festival is a great way to have fun after a long ride on the EuroVelo 6.

    If you miss out the feast, you can still visit the monument made for the battle between the Hungarian forces and Suleyman the Magnificent in The festival won several awards, amongst others the EU Festival Award for "Best Major European Festival" in and is therefore definetely worth a visit. The fair counts more than one million visitors per year and takes place in August.

    Austria Constitutional experimentation, –67

    Its most historic sight, the Kalemegdan Fortress, has been conquered 77 times, destroyed and rebuilt in its 7,year history. It was situated on the Roman limes wall and coronation city of the Hungarian king Maximilian. The Bratislava Castle is iconic for these different eras, build and rebuilt in various architectural styles and now houses collections of the Slovak National Museum. Previous item Loire vineyards, France The vineyards of the Loire valley already seduced Ronsard, du Bellay and Baudelaire with its rich and diversified vine and gastronomic culture.

    Austria Constitutional experimentation, –67

    Numerous vineyards open their doors for wine tastings, often also offering food. Bavarian Weisswurst, Germany The traditional Bavarian Weisswurst white sausage is traditionally served with sweet mustard and a pretzel. On the EuroVelo 6 through Bavaria, the Weisswurst is a particular culinary highlight after a long ride through the valleys and towns of Bavaria.

    However, there are geographical differences whether you live in the city of Paks or Baja. The only way to find out which is the best one, is to try all out! The perfect energy-bar replacement for your ride on the EuroVelo 6. In the Iron Gates Natural Park over on the Romanian bank meanwhile, is a m high statue of Dacian king Decebalus, the tallest rock sculpture in Europe.

    What to Know Before You GO I UKRAINE

    The name literally means island alley, because the territory is located on an island. Its borders are the Danube and its branches; with a length of The territory's elevation varies between and meters.

    At a width of m and a height of 23 m, an average of m3 of water rushes over the cliffs each second.

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    The lake has a lot to offer to tourists for all kind of tastes: You can use the local forestry trains and wonder along the deers in this place to have a little rest of cycling - but there are also bicycle paths if you feel like exploring the wilderness!

    Danube Delta, Romania The wildlife paradise at the end of 1, miles from the Danube source is one of the last of its kind in Europe. The delta hosts the highest concentration of bird colonies in all of Europe, a total of 3, animal species and some amazing resorts to relax end enjoy this magnificent place. Due to its rich ecosystem counting more than bird species it has been declared protected area in Guided tourist visits by panoramic ships, boats, team of horses or on foot are available.

    The eclectic style between renaissance and medieval heritage of the castle with its minarets and spectacular staircases will let visitors stunned by its beauty. The section has numerous other castles to offer, that are all worth a visit.

    Vienna, Austria The classical city of music, sciences and empires captures visitors with its outstanding beauty and charme.


    Weather to visit the traditional balls, take a ride at the Prater or explore the fashion scene - Vienna, whose city centre has been declared UNESCO world heritage site, offers something for every taste.

    Previous item Thermal Spas, Hungary Thermal spas: Hungary is famous for it's thermal spas, historical and modern buildings housing them for greater enjoyment, some of them dating back to the time of Ottoman conquest. For gourmets, the Linz tart - said to be the oldest tart on earth - should not be missed out! Esztergom, Hungary Esztergom, once the city where Hungarian kings were crowned, still featureson of the biggest basilica's of the country in the castle, with a dramatic view on the city, the Danube and the horizon - if you are lucky, the weather will be clear enough to see as far as the Tatra Mountains!

    The city was divided into two after World War I, making it partly Slovakian and partly Hungarian on the two sides of the Danube. The charming cultural town is famous for its magnificent mural paintings and romantic alleys. Ulm Minster, Germany With its meter high steeple, the Ulm minster ist the biggest evangelic church in Germany and the tallest church in the world. Despite the second world war bombings of the city, the minster stayed almost intact. Nowadays you can visit the church through guided tours and visit the steeple itself, which offers a nice change from the long bike ride.

    Monastery Church of Rheinau, Switzerland The monastery church of Rheinau is one of Switzerland's most important sacred buildings. The interior in particular, completed between andoverwhelms church visitors with its splendor and richness. Munot of Schaffhausen, Switzerland For over years, the landmark of Schaffhausen, the Munot, has been proudly overlooking the town as you can see on the picture.

    The Munot Fortress was built in the 16th century and characterizes the cityscape to this day. Enjoy the fantastic views of the Old Town and the Rhine river scenery into the far distance. Nowadays, you can relax here in Switzerland's largest open-air thermal spa.

    Basel, Switzerland The beautiful city of Basel with its charming old town and relaxed way of life not only invites to stroll around, but has also an incredible cultural offer with world class theatres, museums, galleries and events taking place throughout the year.

    Augst, Switzerland The former Roman city of Augusta Raurica offers over 20 places of interest, including the best preserved ancient theater north of the Alps, a unique, restored Roman house and the Roman domestic animal park.

    Constanta, Romania The port city of Romania looks back on years of history, offering archaeological treasures as well as a vivid nightlife.

    Who Pays on the First Date Around the World

    The photo shows the art nouveau casino on the Black sea coast. It is home to many well preserved historical buildings such as churches, museums, palaces and narrow streets, making it the ideal city to learn more about the Hungarian culture and enjoy the spectacular scenery that surrounds the city.

    The fortress is worth a visit for its cultural heritage, as well as the nice view it gives on the Danube river.

    Donauinselfest Vienna, Austria

    Mulhouse, France The formerly industrial city of Mulhouse in Alsace has managed to transform itself into a livable and interesting citiy. The various museums invite to discover the industrial post of the city, such as the automobile museum.

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    What to Know Before You GO I UKRAINE

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