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    When you\'re in London, you need things to do!

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    Find Love in Gorbals

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    Top of tower of Caledonia Road Church, Gorbals A very early reference to Gorbals is contained in a charter dated referring to a wooden bridge opposite Stockwell Street, then known as Fishergate. The original small settlement in the lands of Gorbals was named "Bridgend", derived from its proximity to the bridge.

    The bridge fell into decay around and was pulled down a decade later to be replaced by the first stone bridge. The 'lands of St Ninian's Croft' in Gorbals had a leper hospital dedicated to the saint of that name dating back to Gorbals was acquired by the Elphinstone family inand the district was made into a "Burgh of Barony and Regality" in On his death, the lands passed into the hands of Lord Belhaven. In an Act of Parliament was passed, annexing the lands of Gorbals and town of Bridgend to the city for ecclesiastical purposes.

    In the antiquated language of the age, the measure was described as the ''disolution frae the shire of Clidsdaile, regalitie of Glasgow and parochin of Govean, and vnion to the said citie of Glasgow''. This did not affect its burgh status, as the Act was mainly intended to allow the inhabitants to become parishioners in the city of Glasgow and attend the church nearest to them.

    Although partially owned by the Town Council, Gorbals was not formally included within the city boundaries until The old "Burgh of Barony and Regality" was raised to the status of a Police Burgh inbefore its inevitable disappearance.

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    The 'Titles of the Lands of Gorbals' are shown below. The land to the west of the old village was sold by the Hutcheson trustees to Mr James Laurie and developed as Laurieston from In the plan shown below, the area originally acquired by Hutcheson's Hospital is shown in pink, and the lands acquired by the Trades' House are shown in orange and green.

    In the archaic Scots language a 'croft' was a small piece of land, usually attached to a building or some other local structure.

    A 'fauld' or a 'fold' was a field used for the grazing of sheep or cattle. Twentieth century plan of part of the Barony of Gorbals with an overlay of the various 'crofts' and 'faulds' The Barony of Gorbals stretched all the way from the Clyde to the county boundary with Renfrewshire at Strathbungo.

    The map below shows the Clyde at the Gorbals inwith a little island near the Stockwell Bridge, facing what would be later developed as Carlton Place. The lands of 'Little Govan' would later become the suburbs of Hutchesontown and Govanhill. The surrounding areas of Polmadi Polmadie and Sheafield Shawfield are still familiar today.

    An illustrated guide to the many historical buildings on the other side of the Stockwell Bridge is featured in my Merchant City page. Map of Gorbals and surrounding area, c. An old report tells us that "it used to be a very common occurrence for stone battles to take place in the vicinity of the old Stockwell Bridge, between the Glasgow and Gorbals youths, for the possession of an island on the river situated opposite where Carlton Place now stands.

    The death of a boy caused the objectionable sport to be put down. This new bridge remained in good condition for about years, until an order was passed on 18th September preventing carts on wheels from crossing over.

    In the crossing was upgraded with a wider arched structure, shown above and below, which was built up to prevent danger in times of spates on the river. In the bridge was overhauled, but inowing to the great increase of traffic, it was removed completely to make way for the present Victoria or Stockwell Bridge.

    View of the old Stockwell Bridge from Gorbals side of the River Clyde, The present day river crossing at the site of the old Gorbals settlement is the Victoria or Stockwell Bridge, which opened inreplacing the older stone bridge, shown above.

    A temporary wooden structure came into use in January,erected alongside the construction operations for the new bridge, shown below. Construction of Victoria Bridge with temporary wooden bridge in the background, c. It was built with projecting turrets and elaborately carved timberwork. The chapel was erected a few yards farther down the street. The arms of the Elphinstone family were carved over the doorway, with the letters S. Sir George Elphinstone died bankrupt, and was buried in his chapel in Pencil sketch of single storey buildings in side street off Main Street, Gorbals, Photograph of Elphinstone's Tower after turrets had been removed.


    Coat of Arms featured on Elphinstone's mansion, with motto "Sans Tache", meaning spotless or undefiled. It was reputed to have been visited by the infamous Highland outlaw, Rob Roy MacGregor, after whom it acquired its new title. Internally the hostelry featured a horse-shoe bar surrounded by scenes of the daring exploits of Rob Roy.

    The complex, which was designed by the Coleman Ballantine Partnership, was formally opened on 18th May by Dr.

    A trip down memory lane The changing face of the Gorbals in pictures Glasgow Live

    The design of the mosque is a fascinating synthesis of traditional Islamic architecture with modernistic glass elements, also featuring familiar traces of old Glasgow with red sandstone finishes. Previously, local Sunni Muslims met at converted premises in Oxford Street and Carlton Place, Laurieston, on the other side of the main road. The height of the courthouse was restricted to 65ft The operational space was therefore confined to just five levels.

    The new court was constructed with traditional durable materials, including granite slabs from Denmark and sandstone and limestone from English sources.

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    The history of the parish and the story of how the church lost its spire in is included in the Laurieston page of this website. It became the Citizens Theatre in The nearby Palace Theatre was being used as a Bingo Hall when this photograph was taken in the early 's.

    The Palace was demolished in It was described by one critic as a "tatty facade - if facade is not too grand a word". Plans were made in for its replacement with "a new glass-fronted entrance fit for the premier repertory theatre in Scotland's premier cultural city". The new frontage was completed the following year.

    The old Victorian building with its random rubble frontage was left intact behind the new structures. The interior retains its elaborately decorated horseshoe shaped tiers and stage boxes. Last surviving tenement in Gorbals Street, surrounded by new housing of Laurieston redevelopment, May Traditional old house at gable of typical four-storey Gorbals tenement, built c.

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    The agency's well known motto was "We never sleep". The murals are part of a "history wall" by artist Liz Peden of Gorbals Arts Project which was installed in the summer of Over the next two decades street after street of traditional Glasgow tenemental housing was demolished to make way for sub-standard prefabricated deck blocks and other forms of inferior social housing, most of which has also been flattened to make way for the "New Gorbals".

    The housing in the "New Gorbals" is much more sympathetic to the traditional Gorbals model. The architect of the block shown below used red sandstone and yellow brick to create an up-to-date version of a typical four-storey Glasgow tenement. The regeneration of the community is featured in the Hutchesontown page of this website. Tenement block in "New Gorbals" The view below shows the futuristic Glasgow College of Nautical Studies which was established on the banks of the river Clyde ineast of the site of the old village.

    At a second meeting on 27th Februarya committee was formed to prepare a prospectus with the purpose of making lairs available at moderate rates for all classes of the population. The cemetery was officially opened in July and extended twice in the following years. It features a castellated Norman arched gateway with a tall stair turret.

    A trip down memory lane The changing face of the Gorbals in pictures Glasgow Live

    Wilson himself was buried in the Southern Necropolis in The ruins of the church remained after an arson attack in to become what is now Gorbals greatest architectural landmark. The church is featured in detail at my Alexander Thomson's Churches web page. The artist used three local boys to model for the sculptures.

    A trip down memory lane The changing face of the Gorbals in pictures Glasgow Live

    The original iconic image, left, was taken by Scots-Italian photographer, Oscar Marzaroli, in The bronze figure stands on a high pedestal and is said to represent the movement of people through the area over the ages. The girl with her tracksuit and backpack is a transient figure of the modern age, looking down on a residential thoroughfare far removed from the Cumberland Street of legend.

    Girl with a Rucksack, Kenny Hunter, Gorbals New Park has been created to provide a pleasant amenity for the district, sadly lacking in the previous redevelopment of the area. The park has fine landscaped grounds surrounding a children's play area. Gorbals New Park features attractive metalwork by sculptor, Jack Sloan, who designed the gates at each of the entrances and the bandstand in the centre.

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