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    Three years of Arvind Kejriwal government: Delhi did not get free WiFi till date

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    Transsexual dating

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    Neue "Ella Schön"-Folgen im Dreh

    Old Delhi is well known for its cuisine. Old Delhi being the seat of the Mughal Empire for over two centuries has become the modern hub of Mughlai cuisine. Karim'sone of Delhi's most famous and well known restaurants is located in near the Jama Masjid.

    The famous Gali Paranthe Wali and Ghantewala halwai are also situated here. Chawri Bazaar is one of the oldest markets in Delhi, dating back to the 17th century and was before known as a hardware market, but is known nowadays for its wholesale paper products.

    Old Delhi is also famous for its street food. Chandni Chowk and Chawri Bazaar areas have many street joints that sell spicy chaat tangy and spicy snacks. History of Iconic Food[ edit ] Old Delhi has certain identifiable landmarks of food. In Delhihe set up a single shop business selling hot paranthas. The product gained popularity to an extent where he was required the aid of his family members for help in the production. Eventually, the lane in which the original shop was came to house 16 of them.

    It is now run by the families of Pandit Gaya Prasad and his relatives.

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    The sixth generation continues to run the four of the sixteen original shops that remain. InHaji Karimuddin moved back to Delhi with inspiration to open a dhaba to cater to people coming to witness the coronation from all across the country.

    Kallu Nihari is made to perfection and slowly cooked for hours to preserve its taste and the tenderness of its ingredients. Kallu Nihari has served millions since coming to business in [21]. Their business has been passed on from generation to generation. Every evening around 5: Their popularity brings in people from far so that they can have a taste of Delhi's best Nihari. Banta [ edit ] Characterised by a codd-neck bottleBanta is a drink that has survived in Old Delhi since This marble is pushed into the bulbous neck of the bottle to unseal it.

    An engineer named Hiram Codd patented the design of the bottle in in London to effectively seal fizzy drinks.

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    This was so as protestors and rioters would often use these bottles as improvised cannons by adding calcium hydroxide to the mix. Thus, the bottles were banned in many cities across the country at some point before Arriving with his recipe for iced rabri falooda, large crowds still flock to the shop to get a taste of that unique flavour.

    Apart from this, the shop also sells various fruit juices and an assortment of main dishes, not to mention over 50 flavours of ice cream. Change in times can be recorded just by studying this shop as the same rabri falooda that was sold for 4 annas in is today sold for 70 Rupees. The third generation of the family looks after the establishment now, which remains popular as ever, with visitors coming all the way to the market just to eat here.

    The Economic Structure[ edit ] Old Delhi has markets running through its streets.

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    The area is vast and there are multiple products being sold. Most of them are wholesale sellers and have been selling their products for many years. One such shop is of Harnarainslocated in Khari Baoli. It has been under operations sinceand is one of the oldest shops currently located in Old Delhi. There are also migrants who sell products like clothes, fruits etc. The sellers of one product may have a union that is built among them. This union serves their interests and negotiates with the local governance.
    Tsunami throws up India relics By Soutik Biswas BBC News, Delhi The relics have been buried under the sand for centuries The deadly tsunami could have uncovered the remains of an ancient port city off the coast in southern India.

    Archaeologists say they have discovered some stone remains from the coast close to India's famous beachfront Mahabalipuram temple in Tamil Nadu state following the 26 December tsunami. They believe that the "structures" could be the remains of an ancient and once-flourishing port city in the area housing the famous year-old rock-hewn temple.

    Three pieces of remains, which include a granite lion, were found buried in the sand after the coastline receded in the area after the tsunami struck. Undersea remains "They could be part of the small seaport city which existed here before water engulfed them. They could be part of a temple or a building.

    Archaeologists say that the stone remains date back to 7th Century AD and are nearly 6ft tall. They have elaborate engravings of the kind that are found in the Mahabalipuram temple. The temple, which is a World Heritage site, represents some of the earliest-known examples of Dravidian architecture dating back to 7th Century AD.

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    The monument also has gigantic open air reliefs hewn out from granite. The bronze Buddha which floated up the coast at Kalapakkam The tsunami waves have also helped the archaeologists in desilting one such relief which had been covered with sand for ages.

    A half-completed rock relief of an elephant got "naturally desilted" by the ferocious waves and is now drawing large crowds at this popular tourist destination.

    Sachi Ghatna: Delhi's High Profile Daati Maharaj Booked On Rape Charges By His Female Follower

    For the past three years, archaeologists working with divers from India and England have found the remnants of the ancient port. Archaeologists say they had done underwater surveys 1 km into the sea from the temple and found some undersea remains. Legend The myths of Mahabalipuram were first set down in writing by British traveller J Goldingham, who visited the South Indian coastal town inat which time it was known to sailors as the Seven Pagodas. The myths speak of six temples submerged beneath the waves with the seventh temple still standing on the seashore.

    Mahabalipuram was once a flourishing port city The myths also state that a large city which once stood on the site was so beautiful the gods became jealous and sent a flood that swallowed it up entirely in a single day.

    The tsunami has also washed up a 9 inch-tall bronze Buddha on the coast off Kalapakkam in the state. It must have been carried out to the sea from Burma or Thailand," says T Sathiamoorthy. The Buddha has been handed over to the local authorities, and may soon find a place in an Indian museum.

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