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    Rare event to occur in Solar System July 19, 2018 - Several days..

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    You could read some of their articles online, and it could inspire you to take a subscription.

    Their archive of articles is extensive and is well worth a visit. They also provide a really nice printable star chart.

    If the answer is yes then Universe Today is for you. This blog is jammed packed full of all the latest astronomical news and events and encourages comments from visitors. Each week a different webmaster or blogger hosts the carnival. Here they get the opportunity to showcase articles written on the topic of space.

    If you are just starting out it is a great way to reach the masses with your articles. The popularity of the blog can be seen through how many comments are left after each article, tweets on Twitter and likes on Facebook.

    Astronotes Armagh Observatory and Planetarium's Stellar Blog!

    As an example the story about black holes posted 2 days ago already has comments, likes on Facebook and has been tweeted times! That is an amazing amount of feedback in just 48 hours.

    On Estimating The Date of Ramayana

    Then just look for the Bad Astronomy link. It does truly have the latest discoveries, missions, trends and futuristic ideas. This is one of my favourite sites for the look and feel of the website. It is also really easy to navigate around and has a really nice shop to get some ideas on astronomical gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or as a special treat for yourself!

    What I like about this website is that it gives you beginner guides in all things astronomy from stargazing to astrophotography. Here you can study objects that you can expect to see in the night sky if it is nice and clear. It gives information on easy to spot constellations, the Moon phases and contains a Planet watch. It is number 4 on my list for a reason…. Give it a visit! I love this website! You can get star charts, information on the Solar System and so much more.

    It looks very basic, but the reason why I speak so highly of Heavens Above is because it gives up to date information on the greatest man-made structure in space, the International Space Station.

    7 Best Astronomy Binoculars 2018

    All you have to do is input your location and it will tell you when the space station will appear. The website also gives information on the brightness of the ISS, the height and how long it will be visible for. When you see the space station from Earth it will look like a tiny bright star moving across the sky. Some people mistake it for an aeroplane and some even could believe it is a UFO! If you do nothing today please visit this site and see if the space station is visible tonight.

    When you spot it, just think that there are astronauts and cosmonauts looking right back down at you! There is so much information on the site that it would take an eternity of sift through and read everything.

    There is information to suit amateur and professionals alike interested in all things space.

    On Estimating The Date of Ramayana

    My favourite parts of the site are the videos and images. This is the ultimate website for space fanatics!
    Home Astronomy Lists List of Best Space and Astronomy Websites List of Best Space and Astronomy Websites September 30, Peter Christoforou Astronomy Lists 1 Although there are millions of websites that deal with astronomy, cosmology, and space in general, many are guilty of disseminating half-truths, distorted truths, or just plain bad science. So where do you start to look for accurate, up-to-date, and relevant information when you need answers to your questions?

    It is not as difficult as you might think, and to help you in your search, we have compiled a list of the top websites that publish reliable, accurate, and relevant information- whatever your needs may be. Information on this site is aimed at both amateur and professional astronomers, and the only criticism that could ever be levelled at the site involves the sheer enormity of it.

    It would take several years to read everything on the site, by which time one would have to start at the beginning again, since by then, everything will have been updated many times.

    The internet is full of sites that publish half-truths and outright garbage about any subject one can think of, but Bad Astronomy is doing a great job at setting the record straight, as least as far as astronomy is concerned.

    To see what Bad Astronomy is about, visit slate. Here you can also find maps that indicate the current positions of comets, minor planets and asteroids, as well as information on spacecraft such as the Voyager, Pioneer, and New Horizons probes that are on their way out of the solar system. Moreover, you will not only find information on how to predict these events, but also a gallery of images submitted by readers- some of which match the quality of professionally taken images.

    An added bonus is the treasure trove of information on satellite flyovers and near-Earth asteroids, and the loads of useful information besides space weather that will appeal to all students of astronomy. The site is super-easy to navigate, and the information on it is presented in bite-sized chunks. In fact, some Hubble images are of critical scientific importance, because it can reveal features that are not observable with earth-based telescopes.

    One example is the Hubble Deep Field images that revealed the existence of millions of previously unsuspected galaxies. There are off course many more such examples, such as observations of supernova explosions that contributed to our admittedly limited understanding of Dark Energy, but the really cool thing about the site is that offers the best, and most detailed images of celestial objects ever taken.

    Apart from news about the telescope itself, the site also offers more than 50 images that are formatted for use as wallpapers. Downloads are free, so download your wallpaper today!

    The site offers one extraordinary image every day, which is accompanied by a short explanation of the image by a professional astronomer.

    Tonight's Sky — Change location

    Images are free to use for non-commercial purposes, provided it is properly credited. In collaboration with NASA, Google offers you close-up views of the regions, craters, mountains, ridges, plains, canyons, dunes, and the locations of both active and inactive spacecraft on the surface of Mars.

    Moreover, the site also offers stories and articles that explain the various features, which is a great way to spend a few hours. Think of it this way — with Google Mars you do not have to wait for a commercial flight to Mars, you can get high resolution images of the entire Martian surface right now, and right on your computer screen.
    When the circumstances are not exact and descriptions leave ambiguities, one can often use other details such as the month of the eclipse or the position of other stars and planets to identify the specific eclipse.

    John Steele has proposed three questions that must be asked when dating an event: Does the record refer to an actual astronomical event, or is this merely a modern assumption? If it does refer to an actual astronomical event, is the source reliable?

    Astronotes Armagh Observatory and Planetarium's Stellar Blog!

    Can the record provide an unambiguous date without making unwarranted assumptions about ancient astronomical observational methods? Thus the attempts to date Vedic texts describing the Pleiades as rising "due East" to about BCE, which is the time when the Pleiades rose "exactly" due East, is complicated by the fact that poetic descriptions need not be taken as reflecting precise astronomical observations, while precession is a very slow process which makes only small changes in the azimuth of a star rising in the East.

    Among the artifacts that can most readily be dated by astronomical techniques are depictions of the positions of the celestial bodies at a particular time. Since the motions of the celestial bodies are all at different periods, it takes many centuries for all the planets plus the Sun and the Moon, to reach the same positions in the signs of the Zodiac.

    Tonight's Sky — Select location

    A particular case involved a medieval illuminated manuscript which portrayed the position of these seven celestial bodies on 18 March ; corresponding to the period when the manuscript was written. This calculation demonstrated that this illustration was not a copy of an earlier classical depiction of the position of the stars. Here the largest source of error in the date was the uncertainty of 16th-century astronomical calculations.

    The resulting time was about noon of 12 December The astronomer, Norman Lockyerapplied this method to Stonehenge [9] by measuring the orientation of the Stonehenge avenue and comparing it to the position of solstitial sunrise, which changes slowly due to the changing obliquity of the ecliptic.

    Penrose, applied a similar method to ancient Greek Temples, attempting to establish their dates by relating their orientation to the appearance of stars on the horizon, the position of which changes slowly due to the precession of the equinoxes. Instead he proposed a method employing what was already known from historical records concerning the dates of construction of Greek temples, the festivals associated with specific temples, and the nature of the Greek Lunisolar calendar.

    Since the date of a festival in the Greek lunisolar calendar only recurs on the same date in the solar calendar every eight or nineteen years, Dinsmoor identified a festival connected with a specific temple and was able to determine the exact year near the historically recorded construction date when the Sun rose in alignment with the temple on the date of the festival.

    Reliability of the Dating Method, p. References[ edit ] Neugebaer, Otto. A History of Ancient Mathematical Astronomy, 3 vols. Bibliography[ edit ] Gingerich, Owen and Barbara Welther.

    International Astronomical Union | IAU

    Planetary, Lunar, and Solar Positions, A. Astronomische Chronologie 2 vols. Planetary, Lunar, and Solar Positions, B.

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