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    10 Casual Style Tips for Men Who Want to Look Sharp

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    10 Casual Style Tips for Men Who Want to Look Sharp

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    ESL Lesson Plans, Tests, & Ideas

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    Real Gurl Advice: How To Get Better At Hooking Up

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    10 Casual Style Tips for Men Who Want to Look Sharp

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    Fading Traditions Prior to World War II there was an implicit understanding among polite society as to what type of occasion called for what type of attire. Then during the interwar period the tuxedo supplanted the tailcoat as standard evening wear and white tie became reserved only for very formal occasions such as balls, elaborate formal dinners or a box at the opera.

    Following the Second World War social standards became even more casual and formalwear rules more subjective. The tuxedo was increasingly associated only with special occasions such as formal parties, fine dining or an opening night at the theatre, traditions which dwindled during the counterculture movement of the sixties and seventies. Consequently, most formal affairs requiring black tie will now state this explicitly in the invitation or other forms of guest instructions. Yet there remain a few occasions where evening wear is expected, or at least welcomed, largely by implication.

    If you are looking for excuses to enjoy your black-tie finery or just want to ensure that you will not be noticeably underdressed, it would be wise to research local custom before attending the following formal functions.

    Public Entertainments Opera has traditionally been considered the most prestigious of all the arts and has consequently required patrons to dress in the most formal style of apparel. In fact it was the great opera houses of Europe that originated the term "dress circle" for the section of seats limited exclusively to ladies and gentlemen who were properly attired. While the days of mandatory tailcoats — not to mention elaborate opera-box social protocols — are long gone, it is still common in many cities to see the best seats occupied by aficionados dressed in their finest evening wear for special performances such as first nights and season openings see sidebar.

    Premier performances at the ballet and symphony are also often implicitly Black Tie Optional affairs as are opening nights of major theatrical productions. A word of caution though: However, there are still a few balls which require full dress, more so in Europe. Wikipedia lists a number of British examples as well as the world-famous Viennese Opera Ball which is actually open to the public or at least those who can afford the ticket price.

    In America the white-tie opportunities are fewer and mostly limited to debutante balls as well as grand Carnival balls where the dress code is traditionally worded as Costume de Rigueur. Private black-tie affairs, in contrast, remain relatively popular.

    They are most likely to be formal banquets or dinner-dances held by large corporations, professional associations and fraternal organizations.

    Used Gallon Milk Jug As Gas Can

    Coming-of-Age Ceremonies One type of formal dance that the Emily Post book specifically highlights as an unwritten white-tie affair is the debutante ball: Even in the schools where tuxedos are preferred over regular jackets and ties, young men will often opt for outfits that bear little resemblance to proper black-tie attire.

    Evening Wedding Ceremonies Marriage ceremonies are commonly held to more traditional standards than are most other social occasions and a formal evening wedding is the grandest of all. If you are asked to actually participate in such a ceremony then expect to be wearing white tie. Such affairs are relatively rare though — particularly in Britain where weddings are not held in the evening — and the most formal type of ceremony the average man is likely to attend will only require tuxedos of the groomsmen.

    Complete details of proper wedding attire for guests and grooms can be found in Formal Evening Weddings. Dressing on cruise ships has become Standard Tourist. Miss Manners deeply regrets the general passing of wearing black tie to dinner, and applauds those few ships and passengers who steadfastly stick to the custom.

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    Of course, one does not so dress the first night out, the last night out, the night before getting into port, nights when the ship is in port, or nights when the ship is leaving port. On most cruises, this accounts for every night there is, but Miss Manners would still like to see evidence of the intention, such as a steamer trunk full of evening clothes in case the ship is unexpectedly stranded at sea. While it is true that black tie is no longer mandatory for evenings at sea thanks to the advent of budget-priced mega-ships, the fact is that, other than weddings and proms, cruises provide the most popular opportunities for most men to don a tuxedo.

    In fact, some cruise lines pride themselves on their formality after six, a few going so far as to remind passengers that they are expected to dress not just for dinner but for the duration of the evening. Even those lines that market frivolity over formality usually offer onboard formalwear rentals for the benefit of tradition-minded passengers. The number of formal nights on a cruise can vary widely depending on the itinerary, the cruise line see sidebar and sometimes even the ship itself.

    Days in port are also informal as they do not provide adequate time for passengers to change before dinner. To maximize your black-tie evenings, seek out itineraries with more sea days such as transatlantic crossings which are very formal, especially aboard Cunard ships. Diplomatic Functions White tie is eminently suited to ceremonial diplomatic functions such as state dinners.

    While these extremely formal evenings remain a tradition in the royal courts of Europe, American presidents have hosted only two such dinners since Ronald Reagan left office in President Bush the junior also put an end to wearing white tie for the traditional White House reception for the diplomatic corps after he took office in More often than not, White House functions are now typically black-tie affairs.

    On a related note, U. Institutional Dress Codes Historic societies at prestigious universities such as Cambridge and Oxford and fraternal organizations such as Masonic Lodges will also have their members don full dress for special events.

    These groups may have their own versions of traditional formalwear codes which makes their attire more of a uniform than evening wear per se. This is not a breach of etiquette provided that these variations are limited to private functions.

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