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    Diplomacy in Action

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    Best Dating Sites 2017 🔥 TOP 10 🔥

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    Tunisian coins with the exception of the 5 milleme coin. From the top left, left to right, the values are: The national currency is the Tunisian dinar TND.

    Tunisian dinar is a closed currency, so be sure to change the remainder of your money back before leaving the country. It is prohibited to bring dinars in and out of Tunisia, so you have to change your money locally. Prices are typically marked in dinars and millemes, with a decimal point like: Markets typically sell items by the kilogram. So tomatoes may have a sign "" on them which means millemes per kilo. Good cheese will be marked something like Most self-serve supermarkets expect you to put your purchases in supplied plastic bags and then bring them to the nearby scales where a worker will weigh them and apply a price sticker.

    Eat[ edit ][ add listing ] Tunisian cuisine is very much in the Northern African Maghreb tradition, with couscous and marqa stews similar to the Moroccan tajine, however what Tunisians refer to as "tajines" are nothing like the Moroccan variety forming the backbone of most meals.

    Lamb forms the basis of most meat dishes. Local seafood is plentiful. Not all food is over spicy and there are many local specialities to try. Very tasty as an inexpensive starter. Eat it very carefully with your fingers. Berber Lamb - Lamb cooked with potatoes, carrots in a clay pot. Merguez - small spicy sausages. Salade Tunisienne - lettuce, green pepper, tomato, onions, olives, radishes all finely chopped mixed with tuna.

    Tunisian cakes - specialities are made with dates or almonds, also Baklava. There is an almond orange cake often served for breakfast. Harissa - very hot spicy chili paste sometimes made more mild with carrots or yogurtserved with bread as a starter at almost any meal. Fricasse - small fried sandwich with tuna, harissa, olives and olive oil. Bambaloony - fried sweet donut-like cake served with sugar. Regrettably, Tunisia has a very underdeveloped restaurant culture. There are the local restaurants inhabited by Tunisians serving very cheap food and the tourist restaurants.

    One can occasionally eat tasty couscous or "coucha" stew in some low-priced restaurants. One's best hope for good eating in Tunisia is to be invited as a guest in someone's home.

    Drink[ edit ][ add listing ] Being a progressive Muslim country, alcohol is available in certain licensed and invariably more expensive restaurants, resort areas and Magasin General shops. Monoprix sell beer and wine, and some local and imported hard liquors, except during Muslim holidays Tourists are able to buy alcohol from some shops like Carrefour Marsa only when showing a Foreign Passport.

    Bars and Clubs accept Women without any restrictions Most of clubs ask for identity to check the age of girls some of them consider 21 years old as a legal age Ex: Gammarthothers will accept 18 When self-catering, be sure to stock up on beer around Muslim holidays. On friday Shops and supermarkets won't sell alcohol for Tunisians only Foreigners will be able to purchase. Celtia "En Pression" On Tap is good.

    Celestia is a non-alcoholic beer which is also popular. Wine - Most places that serve alcohol will have Tunisian wine, which is quite good. Tunisian wine always was produced by French oenologists. Most of it was exported to France until the s.

    Since the privatisation of some parts of these cooperatives the international taste of wine entered the market in Tunisia. The small companies like Domaine Atlas, St. Importation of wine is extremely difficult because of very high taxes.

    Some high-end hotel restaurants can make French or Italian wines miraculously appear at a price. Boukha - is a Tunisian brandy made from figs. Coffee - served strong in small cups. Tunisian cappuccino is also served strong in small cups.

    Tea - is generally taken after meals. Mint Tea - very sweet peppermint tea that is taken at any time of the day. Legmi - is a traditional Tunisian hooch made from date juice. Keep in mindTunisia has a local culture and despite it's a progressive islamic countrydrinking alcohol in public places is not preferablestill this won't get you into trouble neither with cops or locals.

    Celtia 30 cl is the greatest beer compared to other local beers. However lately the Market has seen many new types of local beers: The choice will be basically on the drinkers taste. Avoid local spirits and liquors. Avoid cheap wine Like Koudiat and Chateau de Morneg just keep in mind the more expensive the better ex: Sleep[ edit ][ add listing ] There are lots of fine hotels in Tunisia. You can also rent a furnished apartment. Some private people offer their own apartments for rent, especially in summer.

    It is advisable to organise your accommodations online or by phone prior to your arrival. Alternatively, many cities and towns in Tunisia have a central marketplace located in a medina a walled-in quarterwhere decent walk-up, budget accommodations can be found for around dinars per night.

    Be aware that double beds are rare in Tunisia outside tourist hotels, and your room will likely contain two twin beds, even if you are travelling as a couple. In the summer session, there were over students of all ages from throughout the world. On the first day of class, there is a placement exam. The levels range from absolute beginner to advanced, with 15 to 25 students per class.

    Only Arabic is allowed in the classroom. Both used are a course book developed by Bourguiba Institute and also music videos in Arabic with the accompanying text. The courses are daily from In the afternoon there are activities and tours of the medina and museums. They also offer optional weekend excursions to sites in Tunisia. At the end of the one-month course there is both a written and oral exam. Several students complained about the lack of cleanliness in the student dorms.

    Some students stayed in a hotel and then rented a beach-side apartment for the month. It's usually easier to negotiate rental prices once you are in Tunis.

    Travel Arabia May 07 by Kalimat Group International Issuu

    Some students also expressed concern with the school's methodology, which appears to be antiquated and in need of great revision. If you have studied Arabic before, whether in your home country or in another school in the region, be prepared for a substandard continuation of your Arabic studies. The school is in the city of Tunis. It's about a 20 minute metro ride to the beach. If you go to the summer school, be prepared for the hot temperatures. Work[ edit ] Work issues are quite sensitive in Tunisia as job offers are limited even for Tunisian nationals.

    And as more and more of the new generation earn degrees predominantly in business, computer science, and engineering, those industries are getting saturated as well. While pick-up restaurant and handyman jobs are common in other countries, these positions are much less likely to present themselves in Tunisia because of local competition.

    Safest is to arrange for a job before arrival. For a high level job, lots of experience and excellent skills are of course required. Low level jobs are mainly in the service sector as in much of the world. Salaries in Tunisia are naturally lower than those in Western Europe or North America, due to the lower cost of living.

    Foreign investors are welcome to establish projects and the government is providing facilities related authorizations for such initiatives. Stay Safe[ edit ] Theft of belongings is common. Keep valuables in a secure place, do not flash too much cash, and keep wallets, purses and other desirable items where pick pockets cannot reach them.

    A good recommendation is only to carry enough cash for your immediate requirements and only one credit or bank card. Keep your belongings under your supervision. Be aware that the export of Tunisian currency is forbidden and searches of wallets and purses can, and do, occur at Tunis airport.

    Shopkeepers will be persistent in trying to convince you to look at what items they sell in their stores and booths. If you don't want to go in, be polite but firm and walk away.

    LGBT are not welcome and homosexuality is illegal. Homosexuality acts incur a sentence of 3 years and fines although vigilante executions happen too. Discrimination is everywhere and all businesses are not LGBT friendly.

    Lgbt should stay out of Tunisia. Thishowever, does not reflect the opinion of all Tunisians; as many young people are becoming more accepting of non-hetero-normative relationships. There have been many gay pride protests to remove said law sentencing homosexual acts. Caution is still advised, though Stay healthy[ edit ] Pack your bug spray.
    November 17, This is the basic text view.

    International dating sites and Russian or Ukrainian marriage agencies: how to choose the best.

    The constitution provides for freedom of religion and the freedom to practice the rites of one's religion unless they disturb the public order; however, the government imposes some restrictions on this right. The constitution stipulates the country's determination to adhere to the teachings of Islam, that Islam is the official state religion, and that the president is required to be Muslim.

    There was no change in the status of respect for religious freedom by the government during the reporting period. The government prohibited efforts to proselytize Muslims; it also restricted the wearing of "sectarian dress," including the hijab Islamic headscarf.

    Domestic and international human rights organizations reported instances of police harassment of women wearing the hijab and men with traditional Islamic dress and beards. The government sponsored three conferences to promote religious tolerance during the reporting period. Muslims who converted to another religion faced social ostracism.

    The press published some cartoons depicting derogatory caricatures of Jews to criticize Israel. During meetings with government officials, the U. Religious Demography The country has an area of 63, square miles and a population of The population is 99 percent Muslim and overwhelmingly Sunni.

    Groups that constitute less than 1 percent of the population include Shi'a Muslims, Baha'is, Jews, and Christians. The Christian community, composed of foreign residents and a small group of native-born citizens of European or Arab descent, numbers approximately 25, and is dispersed throughout the country.

    There are an estimated 22, Roman Catholics, approximately of whom regularly participate in religious activities. The Catholic Church operated 12 churches, nine schools, several libraries, and two clinics.

    There are approximately 2, Protestant Christians, including a few hundred citizens who have converted to Christianity. The Russian Orthodox Church has a congregation of approximately members and maintained churches in Tunis and Bizerte. The French Reform Church maintains a church in Tunis, with a congregation estimated at primarily foreign members. The Anglican Church has a church in Tunis with several hundred predominantly foreign members.

    There are approximately 50 Seventh-day Adventists. There are also approximately 50 Jehovah's Witnesses, of whom half are foreign residents and half are native-born citizens.

    Judaism is the country's third largest religion with approximately 1, members. One-third of the Jewish population lives in and around the capital. The remainder live on the island of Djerba and the neighboring town of Zarzis, where the Jewish community has been present for 2, years.

    The constitution stipulates the country's determination to adhere to the teachings of Islam, that Islam is the official state religion, and that the President is required to be a Muslim. The government prohibited efforts to proselytize Muslims and restricted the wearing of "sectarian dress," including the hijab Islamic headscarf by women and beards and the qamis knee-length shirts by men.

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    Citizens have a right to sue the government for violations of religious freedom. The government does not prohibit conversion from Islam to another religion, and the government does not require registration of conversion; however, government officials occasionally harassed and discriminated against converts from Islam to another religion, reportedly using bureaucratic means such as denial of institutional promotions to discourage conversion.

    It was illegal to proselytize to Muslims as the government viewed such efforts as disturbing the public order. The government regarded the Baha'i faith as a heretical sect of Islam and permitted its adherents to practice their faith only in private. The government permitted Baha'is to hold meetings of their national council in private homes, and three Local Spiritual Assemblies--the local governing body--have been elected since The government controlled and subsidized mosques and paid the salaries of imams clerics.

    The president appointed the Grand Mufti of the Republic, who is the official expounder of Islamic law. The Law on Mosques stipulates that only personnel appointed by the government may lead activities in mosques and that mosques must remain closed except during prayer times and authorized religious ceremonies, such as marriages or funerals.

    However, several historically significant mosques were partially open to tourists and other visitors for a few hours each day, several days a week. New mosques may be built in accordance with national urban planning regulations; however, upon completion, they became the property of the government.

    The authorities have reportedly informed imams that those who used mosques to "spread ideologies" would be prosecuted. Based on Islamic law, the government forbade domestic marriages between Muslim women and non-Muslim men; however, the government generally recognized such marriages if performed abroad. On occasion, however, the government did not recognize such marriages as legal, forcing the couple to seek a court ruling to legitimize the marriage.

    If a man converts to Islam, he may marry a Muslim woman. Muslim men and non-Muslim women who are married cannot inherit from each other, and children from those marriages, all of whom the government considers to be Muslim, cannot inherit from their mothers. In some family cases, courts applied an Islamic law-based interpretation of civil law. Some families avoided the application of Islamic law on inheritance issues by executing sales contracts between parents and children to ensure that sons and daughters received equal shares of property.

    Civil law was codified; however, judges were known to override codified family or inheritance laws if their interpretation of Islamic law contradicted it. For example, codified laws provide women with custody over their minor children; however, when fathers contested cases, judges generally refused to grant women permission to leave the country with their children, maintaining that Islamic law appointed the father as the head of the family and, as such, he must grant permission for the children to travel.

    The government observes the following religious holidays as national holidays: The government does not permit the establishment of political parties based on religion, and it continued to ban the Islamist movement En-Nahdha.

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    The government asserted that religious parties could be vehicles for extremism and that by preventing political parties from becoming channels for intolerance, hatred, and terrorism, it promoted societal tolerance. The government maintained tight surveillance over Islamists and did not issue passports to some alleged Islamists.

    It maintained that only the courts possessed the power to revoke passports; however, reports indicated that the government rarely observed this separation of powers in politically sensitive cases and independently revoked and denied renewal of passports. Religious groups were subject to the same restrictions on the freedoms of speech and the press as nonreligious groups.

    There is no law requiring the government to approve all locally produced printed material prior to publication or distribution. Christian groups, however, have reported that the government generally did not grant permission to publish and distribute Christian texts in Arabic. Christian groups reported that they were able to distribute previously approved religious publications in European languages without difficulty, but the government allowed only established churches to distribute religious publications to parishioners.

    It considered other groups' distribution of religious documents to be a "threat to public order" and thus illegal. Government decrees dating from and restricted the wearing of sectarian dress, generally interpreted to mean the hijab, in government offices and discouraged women from wearing it on public streets and at certain public gatherings. In a lower court ruled that the decree was unconstitutional, but the ruling was not binding.

    The government stated that the hijab was a sign of membership in a fundamentalist group that hides behind religion to achieve political ends and that, according to one modern Islamic school of thought, wearing the hijab was not an obligation.

    The government described the hijab as a sectarian garment of foreign origin and justified its restriction of the hijab in public institutions as necessary to preserve the impartiality of officials. Both religious and nonreligious nongovernmental organizations NGOs were subject to the same legal and administrative regulations that imposed some restrictions on freedom of assembly.

    For example, all NGOs were required to notify the government of meetings held in public spaces at least three days in advance and to submit lists of all meeting participants to the Ministry of Interior. The government allowed a small number of foreign religious charitable NGOs to operate and provide social services.

    The government recognizes all Christian and Jewish religious organizations that were established before independence in Although the government permitted Christian churches to operate freely as long as they did not proselytize, it has formally recognized only the Catholic Church, through a concordat with the Holy See. In addition to authorizing 14 churches "serving all sects" of the country, the government recognized land grants signed by the Bey of Tunis in the 18th and 19th centuries that allowed other churches to operate.

    Occasionally, Catholic and Protestant religious groups held services in private residences or other locations after the government's formal approval. The government allowed the Jewish community freedom of worship and paid the salary of the Grand Rabbi.

    It also provides security for all synagogues and partially subsidized restoration and maintenance costs for some. Government employees maintained the Jewish cemetery in Tunis. Authorities previously deported non-Muslim foreigners suspected of proselytizing and did not permit them to return; however, recent anecdotal evidence suggested that the government instead denied suspected missionaries visa renewal or pressured employers not to extend their contracts.

    However, there were no reported cases of official action against persons suspected of proselytizing during the reporting period. Islamic religious education was mandatory in public schools, but the religious curriculum for secondary school students also included the history of Judaism and Christianity.

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    The Zeitouna Qur'anic School was part of the government's national university system, which is otherwise secular. The government permitted the Jewish community to operate private religious schools and allowed Jewish children on the island of Djerba to split their academic day between secular public schools and private religious schools. To accommodate Jewish students, who considered Saturday to be holy, the school authorities determined that Muslim students would attend Islamic education lessons on Saturdays, while their Jewish classmates attended classes on religion at a Jewish school in Djerba.

    There was also a small private Jewish school in Tunis. Restrictions on Religious Freedom Since gaining independence inthe government has not permitted any Protestant Christian groups seeking legal status to establish new churches, most Christian groups no longer attempted to apply for registration.

    Although the government has not granted the request of the Association of the Jewish Community of Tunis to be registered, the association's president and board of governors continued to meet weekly and performed religious activities and charity work unhindered. The government also took disciplinary action to punish imams who failed to follow religious programs approved by the Ministry of Religious Affairs. School officials took disciplinary action on several occasions to punish and deter women wearing the hijab.

    On May 20,a local NGO reported that the administration of a high school in the northwestern governorate of Manouba refused to notify 70 female students of their college entry exam results because the students continuously wore hijabs during the school year.

    Similarly, on January 6,according to the same local NGO, the principal of a high school in the northern governorate of Nabeul forced a female student to remove her hijab and sign a statement that she would desist from wearing the hijab. The student was subsequently arrested, interrogated at a police station about her religious beliefs, and later released.

    Abuses of Religious Freedom In there were reports that police harassed or detained men with long beards or who wore traditional Islamic-style clothing. According to human rights lawyers, the government regularly questioned and detained some Muslims who were observed praying frequently in mosques.

    Human rights lawyers and activists reported that on January 9,following the Friday prayer at the Taouba Mosque in Tunis, police officers surrounded the mosque and arrested several young men who regularly prayed at the mosque. In andaccording to allegations of some human rights groups and defense lawyers, the government arrested some men because of their Islamic appearance, their frequent attendance at mosques, or other actions related to their practice of Islam There were no reports of religious prisoners or detainees during the reporting period.

    Forced Religious Conversion There were no reports of forced religious conversion. Improvements and Positive Developments in Respect for Religious Freedom The government promoted interfaith understanding by sponsoring regular conferences and seminars on religious tolerance. For example, on October 6 to 8,the government with assistance from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation hosted an international seminar to promote religious tolerance entitled "Religions and World Peace Culture.

    The group performed religious activities and charitable work unobstructed both before and after receiving official approval. Status of Societal Respect for Religious Freedom Although religious conversion was legal, there was great societal pressure against the conversion of Muslims to other religious groups.

    Some cartoons depicted derogatory caricatures of Jews to portray Israel and Israeli interests. Cartoonists drew most of these cartoons outside of the country, and they were reprinted locally in mainstream daily newspapers.

    Government Policy The U.

    Travel Arabia May 07 by Kalimat Group International Issuu

    The embassy maintains good relations with leaders of majority and minority religious groups throughout the country, and the U. The embassy scheduled meetings for high-level Washington visitors with interfaith leaders and influential members of various religious communities. The ambassador hosted several Jewish delegations visiting the country, and embassy officials accompanied many of these delegations to Jewish communities in various parts of the country.

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