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    Why South African women choose to date foreign guys

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    Harare dating site

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    The books may be regarded as pieces in a jig-saw puzzle: Of uniform size, each reprint in the standard edition is case-bound hard backed and presented in a specially designed, colourfull dust jacket bearing the family identity of the Series. There is also a fully leather-bound edition that was limited to copies. Many of the volumes contain illustrative and textual material additional to the original.

    The Second - "Silver" - Series was inaugurated in January This set is described in a separate Catalogue web page presently under construction.

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    His talents, however, were not confined to the making of discoveries: Thereafter he undertook several arduous journeys north, through what later in the s became Rhodesia now Zimbabweto the Zambesi river, joined Livingstone's Zambesi Expedition and, invisited the Victoria Falls by way of South West Africa. In he was engaged by a British commercial firm to investigate the newly-discovered gold fields of Tati and "Matabililand" north of the Limpopo. His prospecting expeditions, which took him as far as the Hartley Hills, 60 miles from present day Salisbury now Harareprovide the material for this book.

    The work is notable for its fascinating first-hand reports on mineral finds, indigenous native customs, meetings with the hardy people of the pre-Pioneer era, its descriptions of early gold workings, veld craft and wagon travel, and for an eye-witness account of the coronation of the Matabele King Lobengula.

    ISBNs 0 3 standard and 0 de luxe. Frederick Courteney Selous, one of southern Africa's greatest men of the early veld, was born into an intellectual and prosperous English family his father was Chairman of the London Stock Exchange inand at the age of 19 sailed for Africa to become an elephant hunter, an occupation at which he excelled from the beginning.

    For nearly 20 years he explored, hunted, traded and studied with a keen naturalist's eye the country between the Limpopo river and the Congo basin, providing the inspiration for Rider Haggard's Alan Quatermain. InCecil John Rhodes selected Selous as guide to the famed Pioneer Column which occupied present-day Rhodesia now ZimbabweWith the outbreak of the Matabele Rebellion six years later he assumed command of "H" Troop of the Bulawayo Field Force, and, when peace returned, produced this gripping and informative narrative of the events he had taken part in.

    Selous was killed in Tanganyika inat the age of 65, while serving with the Royal Fusiliers.

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    Dust jacket design based on Ellerton Fry photo Column in laager, with bust of author superimposed; new Publishers' Intro. ISBNs X standard and 0 8 de luxe.

    Stanley Portal Hyatt came to Africa to seek his fortune during the s, drove supply wagons through the virgin veld for some ten years of unremitting toil and was rewarded, eventually, with little more than fond memories, financial ruin and ill-health. Hyatt writes fluently and knowledgeably about life on "The Road", about the unspoilt and sometimes savagely inhospitable countryside of early Rhodesia, about the skills and courage needed to get the wagons through.

    He writes lovingly of his fellow-riders, and of his animals. For contemporary society, and for commercially inspired "progress", however, he has nothing but bitter contempt. The Old Transport Road is an informative and absorbing book.

    It is also a tribute to those who braved the trackless wilderness by ox-wagon - men who can legitimately be compared to the 19th century pioneers of modern America.

    It is complementary to George Pauling's The Chronicles of a Contractor, which deals with another aspect of transport development in Rhodesia - the coming of the railways. ISBNs 0 6 standard and 0 4 de luxe. Thereafter, contracts came thick and fast: Sterkstroom to Aliwal North, Orange River to Kimberley, Springs to Krugersdorp, Johannesburg to Pretoria and, the most herculean project of all, the first stage of the line between Beira, on the Mocambique coast, to Umtali in the highlands of eastern Rhodesia.

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    On this undertaking he lost 60 per cent of his labour force in each of the first three years through malaria, blackwater fever and the depredations of marauding animals. Meanwhile the company had broadened its scope of activity to include railway construction in the Middle East, public works, dam, harbour and bridge building in Greece, Angola, China, the Argentine and India.

    Cecil Rhodes commissioned Pauling to complete the first stage of his ambitious Cape-to-Cairo line. Only copies of the original The Chronicles of a Contractor are believed to have been published, for private circulation, in ISBNs 0 2 standard and 0 0 de luxe. They made three expeditions to Africa and one of these to the fabulous ruins ot Zimbabwe, capital of the medieval Monomotapan Empire of South-Central Africa and legendary location of King Solomon's Mines is the subject of this large work.

    Bent was the first archaeologist to excavate Zimbabwe and, although his "Phoenician hypothesis" was later discredited by the results of carbon-dating tests, his observations in The Ruined Cities of Mashonaland are interesting and valuable for the light they throw on the life-style of the indigenous people at the time, and on the nature of the settler administration of Mashonaland in the s.

    The book is the best-known of Bent's three works, having run to three editions. Bent led several expeditions to Arabia, where he eventually contracted malaria and died, in London, in ISBNs 0 9 standard and 0 7 de luxe. Said the Graphic reviewer nearly 70 years ago: He writes verse that will hold the Plain Man.

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    Known also as "the Kipling of Rhodesia", Gouldsbury's poetry is in turn lyrical, picturesque, breezy, humorous, tender and beautiful. He died during the First World War while acting as liaison officer between the Belgian and British military forces in Uganda. He was 35 years old.

    His verse appeared in numerous periodicals, and was published in anthology form in Reprint of anthology, with new material inc. Lord Randolph Churchill had a brilliant and meteoric political career. Born inthe third son of the seventh Duke of Marlborough, he entered Parliament at the age of 26, became Secretary for India at 36 and Chancellor of the Exchequer a year later. On his political downfall soon afterwards his interests turned to travel. As a shareholder in the British South Africa Company he decided, into visit southern Africa to discover for himself whether Rhodes's domain would, as men predicted, become the new El Dorado.

    The Daily Graphic paid him UK Pound apiece for a series of letters on his travels and these were subsequently republished as the basis of this book.

    Churchill wrote in detail of what he saw en route through the Cape Colony, the Transvaal, Bechuanaland and Mashonaland. Accompanied by a large entourage, including an eminent American mining engineer, he spent several months in Mashonaland, and he has given posterity a highly informative chronicle embellished with delightful illustrations and a frank and at the time unpopular assessment of Cecil Rhodes's most ambitious colonial venture.

    The fever swamps and lion-infested mountain fastnesses of Rhodesia's eastern highlands were no place for refined young ladies, but they did not deter Nurses Blennerhasseff, Sleeman and Welby from setting up hospital services in the territory. In the three women sailed up the Pungwe River from Beira there was neither road nor railway at the time to 'Mpanda's, and then took the bush baths over the hills to Penhalonga, a journey of some miles.

    Here, at Sabi Ophir Hill they opened their "hospital", in a rough mud hut. Their supplies and personal belongings had been abandoned by their porters en route, and their entire equipment consisted of "two or three iron spoons, two tin mugs, a couple of pots of Liebig's extract of meat and a packet of Maizena".

    This volume reveals the story of their enterprise in the face of extreme privation and intimidating natural hazards. It is a tale of outstanding courage and initiative, an impressive chapter in the history of nursing in Southern Africa. ISRNs 0 3 standard and 0 1 de luxe. Charles Edward Finlason, known affectionately as "Fin", was a delightful personality who made his name as a journalist and cricketer in South Africa in the s and s.

    A year after Rhodes's Pioneers had crossed the Limpopo river to occupy Mashonaland, he journeyed to Salisbury by ox-drawn cart, and wrote of his experiences with both humour and an endearing modesty.

    Being such a novice at the trekking game he was blissfully unaware of the danger in which he often placed himself and was fortunate neither to have been eaten by lions nor to have hopelessly lost his way he was unable to read his compass correctly! Following so close on the heels of Randolph Churchill's lavishly-appointed expedition, see Men, Mines and Animals of South Africa, Volume 7 in this series his choice of title for this book was almost certainly an oblique tongue-in-cheek reference to the "noble lord".

    ISBNs 0 X standard and 0 8 de luxe. This they did, but the enterprise was not an unqualified success: Eventually Thomas was obliged to resign from the Society and leave Inyati. Determined to return to Matabeleland, where he was popular with the indigenous people, he wrote this work in order to raise the necessary funds.

    Eleven Years in Central South Africa became one of the best known books in Britain, and the author came back to the land he loved. This work is one of the earliest dealing with Matabeleland and is particularly valuable for its observations on the customs of the Matabele people, their history prior to the formal Occupation inand for descriptions of the fauna and flora encountered on his long journey from Cape Town and on his expedition to the Zambesi Thomas is generally recognised to have been the first white man to reach the central Zambesi from the south.

    ISBNs standard and deluxe. It tells, in charming conversational style, of the rigours of domestic life in early Salisbury now Hararethe raising of a young family, the social life of the day and the activities of her husband "Toby".

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    Sheila Macdonald's delightful humour ripples through the book and is at its best, perhaps, when she recounts how she copes with the culinary exploits of inexperienced domestic servants. Sally in Rhodesia ran to many editions in the United Kingdom and Australia, and became something of an institution in Rhodesia, a classic on the family life of "the settler". After the death of her first husband in she left Rhodesia for England, where she supported her family by writing books.

    In she remarried and lived with her husband in Tanganyika and Kenya before eventually retiring to Cape Town in South Africa. Highly recommended as light reading. Reprint of edit with additional illustrations; pp; 12 illus; full colour dust jacket; new Publishers' Intro. A naturalist attached to the Smithsonian Institution, the author served as one of the Pioneer Corps, trailblazers to Cecil Rhodes's earliest settlers.

    Brown remained in Rhodesia because, as he says, "for the first time in my life I felt that I was helping to make history, that I had witnessed the laying of the cornerstone of what, by virtue of the natural resources and fertility of the country, would one day become a populous and valuable colony.

    He became farmer, mine-owner and timber-man, and eventually, inMayor of Salisbury. In this book, the author describes in detail the march of the Column and the adventurous first eight years of white settlement, and throws some fascinating sidelights on the quality of pioneer life in early Rhodesia. On The South African Frontier is one of the most outstanding books to have been written during the period. It is particularly valuable for Brown's observations on race problems arising from the forced mixing of two wholly different cultures.

    ISBNs 0 standard and de luxe. He ministered in the London slums of Bethnal Green before being consecrated Bishop of Bloemfontein in Two years later, having obtained the Matabele King Lobengula's permission, he journeyed to the Zambesi river, and covered some 1 miles visiting tribal cheiftains throughout Mashonaland, persuading them to accept "teachers".

    In so doing, he gained wide personal experience of the African people and their ways, and this book is especially informative on the domestic life, religious beliefs, customs and character of the Mashonas, and on the nature of their subjugation by the Gaza and the Matabele. Knight-Bruce believed that "christianising the natives" prepared them to "face the world of European immigration", and he justified his conviction by citing the example of Khama, who successfully stood up to Lobengula but who "dreaded the white man's drink more than the assegais of the Matabele".

    After the arrival of the Pioneer Column his ministry was extended to the new white settlements and, inhe was appointed first Bishop of Mashonaland. He served as chaplain to the Column which marched against Lobengula inan event which he describes in detail. Selous Reprinted AN acknowledged classic on wild life and hunting on both sides of the Zambesi by the most renowned of elephant hunters.

    Written during an era when ivory was the principal commodity of trade with the interior of Africa, and an era when the continent was still the subject of romantic speculation and prediction, A Hunter's Wanderings quickly became a textbook for aspirant hunters, explorers and naturalists. The book is a detailed narrative of nearly a decade spent in the virgin veld of Matabeleland and Mashonaland during the s and s, and of exploratory expeditions beyond the Zambesi river.

    Few men have described the life of an African big game hunter better, or left a richer written legacy on the fauna of the land that later became Rhodesia, than Frederick Courteney Selous. During his lifetime Selous extended the limits of his hunting grounds far beyond the haunts of Africa's elephant and lion: Among his intimate friends was President Theodore Roosevelt, himself a hunter of some renown. Roosevelt wrote of Selous: He added much to the sum of human knowledge and interest.

    Baines hunting sketch; new Publishers' Intro.

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    How Scams Work - Online International Dating Schemes

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