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    Abandoned Drive In Theater, 2016

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    By Craig April 3, This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. So you want to know about visiting Australia on a two-week vacation?

    Great question, because Australia is the 6th biggest country in the world and two weeks is not a lot of time. A little planning and common knowledge would tell you this! Planning to travel soon? Let us help you know what to do and when. Our pre-departure checklists will arrive in your inbox at the right stage of the travel planning journey and tell you what to take care of.

    So, considering Australia is so vast, the problem becomes how to travel Australia in a short amount of time, and where to visit in Australia? Rottnest Island, Western Australia maybe? Once-In-A-Lifetime-Trip Because Australia is fairly isolated from most of the world requiring a long flightfor many people it becomes a once-in-a-lifetime trip. So the scenario usually plays out like this: Especially now that we travel with kids. We highly recommend instead of racing from one end of Australia to the another, focus on one region or type of vacation.

    Having to pack and unpack, deal with many airports, bus terminals, or lots of long road trips in Australia can lead to burning out and waste precious time. And too much moving around can eat into your budget. So slow down and take more in. And be okay with it. When considering any trip, but particularly one such as this, there are some important questions you need to ask yourself. Cities or country areas Adventure travel or food and wine Relaxation or the party scene Historical sites or sporting events The answers to these questions will go a long way towards making sure you give yourself the best chance to have a richly rewarding Australia travel experience.

    Types of travel experiences in Australia You can pretty much do and see it all in Australia. We have vibrant cities, quaint country towns, world-class wine regions, ancient rainforests, mountains to hike, amazing reefs to dive, stunning beaches for swimming, deserts to explore, and unique wildlife.

    There is something for everyone. Sunset drinks at Uluru But, with only two weeks travel time, you need to focus on one, maybe two types of experiences. Below are examples of the types of experiences you could choose individually, or combine two of them together.

    Major Cities in Australia If you are after a city style vacation, Australia has modern, vibrant, and diverse cities unique from each other filled with culture and natural beauty. On the east coast, we have the major cities of SydneyMelbourne and Brisbane as well as the smaller cities of the Gold Coast and Cairns.

    Down south is Adelaide and Hobart. Over on the west coast are Perth and Broome. Up north is Darwin and in the red centre is Alice Springs. You can also try our amazing seafood, kangaroo steak, or experience many of our farmers markets with their organic fruit and vegetables, cheeses and chocolates.

    Barossa Valley Coastal Experiences in Australia Australia is the island nation, so a coastal vacation is a popular option. With a stunning coastline of white sandy beaches and abundant water activities, Australia is the iconic beach destination.

    Driving From Melbourne to Perth

    You can swim, sail, surf, kayak, dive, snorkel, go boating, parasail, sandboard, and then end the day with a beach BBQ.
    Or does security provide some very basic protections that we are naive to believe that we don't need? During this time when the Internet provides essential communication between literally billions of people and is used as a tool for commerce, social interaction, and the exchange of an increasing amount of personal information, security has become a tremendously important issue for every user to deal with.

    There are many aspects to security and many applications, ranging from secure commerce and payments to private communications and protecting health care information. One essential aspect for secure communications is that of cryptography. But it is important to note that while cryptography is necessary for secure communications, it is not by itself sufficient.

    The reader is advised, then, that the topics covered here only describe the first of many steps necessary for better security in any number of situations.

    This paper has two major purposes. The first is to define some of the terms and concepts behind basic cryptographic methods, and to offer a way to compare the myriad cryptographic schemes in use today.

    The second is to provide some real examples of cryptography in use today. Several companies, products, and services are mentioned in this tutorial.

    Such mention is for example purposes only and, unless explicitly stated otherwise, should not be taken as a recommendation or endorsement by the author. Some experts argue that cryptography appeared spontaneously sometime after writing was invented, with applications ranging from diplomatic missives to war-time battle plans.

    It is no surprise, then, that new forms of cryptography came soon after the widespread development of computer communications. In data and telecommunications, cryptography is necessary when communicating over any untrusted medium, which includes just about any network, particularly the Internet. There are five primary functions of cryptography today: Ensuring that no one can read the message except the intended receiver.

    The process of proving one's identity. Assuring the receiver that the received message has not been altered in any way from the original. A mechanism to prove that the sender really sent this message. The method by which crypto keys are shared between sender and receiver.

    In cryptography, we start with the unencrypted data, referred to as plaintext. Plaintext is encrypted into ciphertext, which will in turn usually be decrypted back into usable plaintext. The encryption and decryption is based upon the type of cryptography scheme being employed and some form of key. For those who like formulas, this process is sometimes written as: In many of the descriptions below, two communicating parties will be referred to as Alice and Bob; this is the common nomenclature in the crypto field and literature to make it easier to identify the communicating parties.

    If there is a third and fourth party to the communication, they will be referred to as Carol and Dave, respectively. A malicious party is referred to as Mallory, an eavesdropper as Eve, and a trusted third party as Trent.

    Finally, cryptography is most closely associated with the development and creation of the mathematical algorithms used to encrypt and decrypt messages, whereas cryptanalysis is the science of analyzing and breaking encryption schemes. Cryptology is the term referring to the broad study of secret writing, and encompasses both cryptography and cryptanalysis.

    For purposes of this paper, they will be categorized based on the number of keys that are employed for encryption and decryption, and further defined by their application and use. The three types of algorithms that will be discussed are Figure 1: Uses a single key for both encryption and decryption; also called symmetric encryption.

    Primarily used for privacy and confidentiality. Uses one key for encryption and another for decryption; also called asymmetric encryption. Primarily used for authentication, non-repudiation, and key exchange. Uses a mathematical transformation to irreversibly "encrypt" information, providing a digital fingerprint. Primarily used for message integrity. Three types of cryptography: Secret Key Cryptography Secret key cryptography methods employ a single key for both encryption and decryption.

    As shown in Figure 1A, the sender uses the key to encrypt the plaintext and sends the ciphertext to the receiver. The receiver applies the same key to decrypt the message and recover the plaintext. Because a single key is used for both functions, secret key cryptography is also called symmetric encryption. With this form of cryptography, it is obvious that the key must be known to both the sender and the receiver; that, in fact, is the secret.

    The biggest difficulty with this approach, of course, is the distribution of the key more on that later in the discussion of public key cryptography.

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    Secret key cryptography schemes are generally categorized as being either stream ciphers or block ciphers. A Self-synchronizing stream cipher. From Schneier,Figure 9. Types of stream ciphers. Stream ciphers operate on a single bit byte or computer word at a time and implement some form of feedback mechanism so that the key is constantly changing.

    Stream ciphers come in several flavors but two are worth mentioning here Figure 2.

    The Saudi women revolution

    Self-synchronizing stream ciphers calculate each bit in the keystream as a function of the previous n bits in the keystream. It is termed "self-synchronizing" because the decryption process can stay synchronized with the encryption process merely by knowing how far into the n-bit keystream it is.

    One problem is error propagation; a garbled bit in transmission will result in n garbled bits at the receiving side.

    Sunny Winter Morning Drive To The Hamlet Of Rhynd Perthshire Scotland

    Synchronous stream ciphers generate the keystream in a fashion independent of the message stream but by using the same keystream generation function at sender and receiver. While stream ciphers do not propagate transmission errors, they are, by their nature, periodic so that the keystream will eventually repeat. Wikimedia Commons A block cipher is so-called because the scheme encrypts one block of data at a time using the same key on each block.

    In general, the same plaintext block will always encrypt to the same ciphertext when using the same key in a block cipher whereas the same plaintext will encrypt to different ciphertext in a stream cipher. The most common construct for block encryption algorithms is the Feistel ciphernamed for cryptographer Horst Feistel IBM. As shown in Figure 3, a Feistel cipher combines elements of substitution, permutation transpositionand key expansion; these features create a large amount of " confusion and diffusion " per Claude Shannon in the cipher.

    One advantage of the Feistel design is that the encryption and decryption stages are similar, sometimes identical, requiring only a reversal of the key operation, thus dramatically reducing the size of the code software or circuitry hardware necessary to implement the cipher. One of Feistel's early papers describing this operation is " Cryptography and Computer Privacy " Scientific American, May5 Block ciphers can operate in one of several modes; the following are the most important: Electronic Codebook ECB mode is the simplest, most obvious application: Two identical plaintext blocks, then, will always generate the same ciphertext block.

    ECB is susceptible to a variety of brute-force attacks because of the fact that the same plaintext block will always encrypt to the same ciphertextas well as deletion and insertion attacks.

    東京10区の若狭候補に送られる刺客の衝撃 新党憲法9条

    In addition, a single bit error in the transmission of the ciphertext results in an error in the entire block of decrypted plaintext. Cipher Block Chaining CBC mode adds a feedback mechanism to the encryption scheme; the plaintext is exclusively-ORed XORed with the previous ciphertext block prior to encryption so that two identical plaintext blocks will encrypt differently.

    While CBC protects against many brute-force, deletion, and insertion attacks, a single bit error in the ciphertext yields an entire block error in the decrypted plaintext block and a bit error in the next decrypted plaintext block.

    Cipher Feedback CFB mode is a block cipher implementation as a self-synchronizing stream cipher. CFB mode allows data to be encrypted in units smaller than the block size, which might be useful in some applications such as encrypting interactive terminal input. If we were using one-byte CFB mode, for example, each incoming character is placed into a shift register the same size as the block, encrypted, and the block transmitted.

    At the receiving side, the ciphertext is decrypted and the extra bits in the block i.

    東京10区の若狭候補に送られる刺客の衝撃 新党憲法9条

    CFB mode generates a keystream based upon the previous ciphertext the initial key comes from an Initialization Vector [IV].

    In this mode, a single bit error in the ciphertext affects both this block and the following one. Output Feedback OFB mode is a block cipher implementation conceptually similar to a synchronous stream cipher. OFB prevents the same plaintext block from generating the same ciphertext block by using an internal feedback mechanism that generates the keystream independently of both the plaintext and ciphertext bitstreams.

    In OFB, a single bit error in ciphertext yields a single bit error in the decrypted plaintext. Counter CTR mode is a relatively modern addition to block ciphers. Unlike ECB, however, CTR uses different key inputs to different blocks so that two identical blocks of plaintext will not reuslt in the same ciphertext. Finally, each block of ciphertext has specific location within the encrypted message.

    DES is a Feistel block-cipher employing a bit key that operates on bit blocks. DES has a complex set of rules and transformations that were designed specifically to yield fast hardware implementations and slow software implementations, although this latter point is not significant today since the speed of computer processors is several orders of magnitude faster today than even twenty years ago.

    DES was based somewhat on an earlier cipher from Feistel called Lucifer which, some sources report, had a bit key. This was rejected, partially in order to fit the algorithm onto a single chip and partially because of the National Security Agency NSA. Two important variants that strengthen DES are: A variant devised by Ron Rivest. By combining 64 additional key bits to the plaintext prior to encryption, effectively increases the keylength to bits.

    The algorithm can use a variable block length and key length; the latest specification allowed any combination of keys lengths of, or bits and blocks of length, or bits.

    They, too, have approved a number of cipher suites for various applications. Rivest Ciphers aka Ron's Code: Designed on paper but never implemented. A bit block cipher using variable-sized keys designed to replace DES. It's code has not been made public although many companies have licensed RC2 for use in their products. Described in RFC Found to be breakable during development.

    A stream cipher using variable-sized keys; it is widely used in commercial cryptography products. More detail about RC4 and a little about Spritz can be found below in Section 5. A block-cipher supporting a variety of block sizes 32, 64, or bitskey sizes, and number of encryption passes over the data.

    Key lengths can vary from 32 to bits in length.
    Weather, of course, has a mind of its own. While September tends to be the wettest month and April the driest, Edinburgh has no true dry season. Summer, or the warm season, generally lasts from early June to the end of August or early September.

    東京10区の若狭候補に送られる刺客の衝撃 新党憲法9条

    Rain is not as common as at other times of the year, however showers and the occasional torrential downpour are not unheard of, so it's wise to pack raingear. July is the hottest month and August has still long days, 16 hours of daylight getting shorter over the month to 14 hours and a sunset at 8 pm. January has historically featured the coldest temperatures.

    Showers and steady rain are a given during these months, interspersed with periods of sleet and even snow. Fortunately, Edinburgh offers plenty of indoor activities and tourists sometimes find the best flight and hotel deals during these months.

    Travelers should dress in layers so they can be comfortable indoors and out. Rain gear is a must. The few months that bridge the cold and warm seasons April and May in the spring, September and October in the fall are the most changeable times of year as far as weather is concerned. During the cold season, travelers are advised to pack plenty of rain gear and to dress in layers to ensure they stay comfortable throughout the day.

    Visitors at these times should plan well ahead even more than a year in advance! EGPH [14]the busiest airport in Scotland, is situated some 10 miles west of the city. The airport offers a wide range of domestic and international flights to EuropeNorth America and the Middle East.

    Many visitors to the city arrive via a connecting flight from London. Since July Edinburgh also has direct flights, operating during the summer months, to Toronto and since summer has also had direct flights to ChicagoPhiladelphia and DohaQatar. Edinburgh Trams' [16] link the airport to Edinburgh city centre every minutes between No change is given, however the machines do accept cards.

    Serviceruns from outside the airport terminal building to Edinburgh city centre Waverley Bridge at least every 10 minutes until Service runs from the airport terminal building to Ocean Terminal shopping center in Leith, taking a route along the North section of the city.

    The buses offer free wi-fi connection, sockets for charging electrical equipment, CCTV allowing top-deck passengers to monitor their luggage, and electronic "next-stop" information. The Airlink buses have a dedicated blue livery which makes them easy to distinguish from the rest of the Lothian fleet. The buses on the N22 service are normal Lothian Buses branded vehicles.

    The former cheaper alternative Lothian Buses service 35 no longer runs. This was replaced by the service [18]. Service is much slower about 1h Do note that you must carry exact change with you onto theas the driver can't give any back to you, so try and get this from within the airport, or just take the airlink! EGPF [20] may also be a viable option, with a similar though slightly smaller range of destinations to Edinburgh Airport, and travel times to Edinburgh of around 1 and a half hours by public transport, or slightly less by car.

    Notably, Emirates [21] offers flights to Glasgow, but not Edinburgh, from its hub in Dubai. See the main Glasgow article for more details. First Greater Glasgow operates the bus service from the airport to Glasgow city centre every 12 minutes during the day, taking around 25 minutes. The bus stops at Dundas Street, which is a minute's walk from Queen Street railway station.

    ScotRail offers a half-hourly service during the day from Queen Street to Edinburgh Waverley, taking around 50 minutes. A cheaper but slower alternative is to continue on the bus to Glasgow's Buchanan Bus Station, and take either the non-stop National Express [22] coach service 1 hour 5 mins or the Scottish CityLink bus service 1 hour 19 mins from there to Edinburgh Bus Station. Wikitravel has a guide to Rail travel in the United Kingdom The main railway station in Edinburgh is called Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station [23] and is an attraction in itself.

    First opened inEdinburgh Waverley Station was rebuilt Despite various refurbishments, the past still survives in the station's elaborate, domed ceiling where wreathed cherubs leap amid a wealth of scrolled ironwork. Edinburgh Waverley Station is a major hub for the Scottish rail network, operated by Scotrail [24].

    There is an hourly service to Dundee and Aberdeenand two hourly to Inverness. Shuttle trains to Glasgow Queen Street run every 15 minutes throughout the day, dropping to 30 minutes on evenings and Sundays, and the journey takes minutes. Stopping patterns differ on this route, meaning that every half hour, the service takes approx. Some services run to Glasgow Central instead, but run via Lanarkshire with many more stops.

    Certain CrossCountry trains originating from Birmingham and the south west also continue to Glasgow Central - again your ticket will be valid on these services but the journey will take slightly longer than the shuttle.

    The vast majority of train services to Edinburgh from London and most of eastern England are operated by Virgin Trains East Coast [25] ; an hourly service leaves from London Kings Cross station throughout the day until 6PM. Journey time is between 4hrs 20min and 5 hours.

    Virgin Trains [26] also operate a 2 hourly service from Birmingham New Street via the West Coast Mainline with an average journey time of 4hrs 4 mins. For a different travel experience from London, try the Caledonian Sleeper service [27] now operated by Sercowhich runs every night from London's Euston Station except Saturdays, and the journey takes approximately 8 hours.

    Bear in mind that if you are travelling alone you may have to share the sleeping compartment with a stranger of the same sex.

    BritRail passes can be used to reserve tickets on the sleeper trains. Tickets can now as of late be booked up to a year ahead, via the Caledonian Sleeper website. There is a second railway station in the centre of Edinburgh, Haymarket, around a mile to the west of Edinburgh Waverley.

    If you are arriving from the north, west or southwest, Haymarket is a better station to exit at if you are heading straight for the airport, zoo, or modern art gallery or if your accommodation is on the west side of town as you will avoid the city centre traffic, and it is on the major westbound bus routes. Both Edinburgh Waverley and Haymarket stations had ticket barriers installed in so you will need to purchase a ticket in order to enter or leave the platform area.

    If you get on a train at an unmanned station, you can purchase a ticket from the conductor on the train or a ticket inspector near the barrier gates: The barrier gates will retain single journey tickets so be sure to get a receipt if you need one. If you have the larger kind of ticket that does not fit in the barrier, you will need to go to the gate manned by a member of staff who will check your ticket and let you through.

    If you do not have a ticket, you will need to go to the ticket office behind the barrier platform 14 at Edinburgh Waverley to buy one. Edinburgh Park is a new train station that opened inwhich is some way from the city centre, serves business parks and "The Gyle" shopping centre. This service takes around an hour to get to Glasgow from Edinburgh Park. From London the fastest route to Edinburgh is the M1 motorway, followed by the A1 M and the A1 - a journey of km mi and approximately hrs driving time.

    Edinburgh is not a particularly car friendly city the worst city to drive in outside of London in the UK with the myriad of one-way streets and the Old Town's medieval layout, and the dedication of parking wardens to ticketing anything that is not moving is legendary.

    Ennis: Galaxy drive-in theater

    Overstaying a parking charge is likely to result in a stiff penalty which the court is perfectly happy to pursue against car hire companies and, ultimately, to the hirer and possibly impounding of the vehicle. All said, it is often cheaper and quicker to use the new Park and Ride systems now in place on all approaches to the City, National Park and Ride Directory is available online [28]so it's even easy to just abandon your car on the outskirts.

    For visitors arriving from the M8, follow directions for Edinburgh Airport to reach Ingliston Park and Ride; this facility is half a mile from the airport terminal. If you are on a tour that involves you driving into Edinburgh them it's worth finding out whether your hotel has 24 hour parking and, if it doesn't, then parking your car outside the main parking zone and using one of the frequent buses to travel to your hotel or to the city centre.

    By bus[ edit ] The city is served by the major inter-city bus companies from around Scotland and England.

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    The left luggage lockers at the Bus station are much cheaper than the "charged by the piece" left luggage service at Edinburgh Waverley train station.

    Get around[ edit ] Edinburgh is a compact city - most of the sights and major tourist attractions are within the Old Town and New Town and are no further than a 15 minute walk apart. Walking along elegant or atmospheric streets is one of the pleasures of the city. There are however, a number of hills to be navigated; for example from Princes Street, up The Mound towards Edinburgh Castle requires some significant legwork, but it's worth it for the views en route.

    The city's public transport system is relatively poor next to London and other major European cities - being heavily reliant on buses, which have to navigate the city's sometimes bustling traffic. Congestion charging similar to that found in the English capital has been proposed but was defeated at a referendum. Equally, the suburban railway network is very sparse compared to that of Glasgow, although there have been some slow and steady improvements over the years.

    By bus[ edit ] Edinburgh has two main bus companies, Lothian Buses [30]which is majority-owned by the The City of Edinburgh Council, and First [31]a private operator. These two companies share the same bus stops, but the route numbers and tickets are not interchangeable and they operate different fare structures. Lothian Bus in the Harlequin livery, at Canonmills Lothian are the larger operator in the city itself whose distinctive madder-red burgundy and white coloured buses had become as much a symbol of Edinburgh as its buildings.

    For some reason Lothian saw this as a negative and this livery was almost completely phased out in favour of Harlequin colours, which are predominantly white, with red and gold rhombuses of different sizes along the sides. Some of the more important routes also have different colours on the front and roof of the bus to help passengers spot their required bus.

    They repainted the fleet into the traditional "madder" livery in Children up to age 5 travel for free. Bear in mind that bus drivers will not give change, so save up those coins.

    東京10区の若狭候補に送られる刺客の衝撃 新党憲法9条

    The all-day ticket is a great way to see the city without the expense of the tour buses, as you can get on and off all Lothian buses for the whole day. You can buy these from any bus driver, or from Lothian Buses offices.

    There is a BusTracker [32] service. This provides "real time" bus service information. Electronic signs are along major routes, showing the wait time for the next bus on each service at that stop.

    Online, it's possible to view the information for every bus stop in the city, not just those stops with electronic signs. Every stop has a unique eight-figure code, which are listed on the website and also displayed at the stop. You can access Bus Tracker via a mobile phone at mobile.

    A free app named "Transport for Edinburgh" is available for iPhone and Android. They provide similar information with route maps and a stop locator. First [33] buses mostly service farther-flung areas to the east and west of the city. Edinburgh Coach Lines operate service 13 [34]a bus of use to many visitors as it is the only route serving the National Gallery of Modern Art and the Dean Gallery.

    Lothian season tickets and day tickets are not valid on service There are also four companies that operate sightseeing buses [35]all of which are now owned by Lothian Buses. All have a policy that a sightseeing ticket is valid for 24 hours, so you can get around central Edinburgh quite handily using the sightseeing buses. Each sightseeing bus follows a different route around the city, but they all start and finish at Waverley Bridge, adjacent to Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station near Princes Street.

    Note that standard National Rail fares apply to these trains - there are no credible daily season ticket options available.

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