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    Australia Dating Site Review - Dating Site in Australia

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    You can appeal the decision.

    Nicole Reply My 15yo daughter recently decided she wanted to spend more time with her father which I have no problem with at all she was averaging staying with me nights a fortnight but over the last couple of months that has dropped and she is now staying with me nights a month. When I spoke to child support I was told it was highly unlikely my request for special circumstances I have a responsibility to support someone else would probably not be granted even though I am providing our oldest daughter with food, accommodation etc because she is 18 and no longer in secondary school.

    We made a decision together to have kids why does his financial responsibility stop just because the child living with me is 18 even though the 18 year old is financially dependent on me. The girls are supposed to have the same standard of living in both homes how is that possible when one parent earns almost 3 times the other and the lower earner is expected to pay child support even though in my case we each have a child living with us I just happen to have the 18 year old with me.

    On the form I filled out for special circumstances there is not a reason for Paying the amount of child support calculated would cause the payer financial hardship which is exactly what will happen in my case.

    I separated about 3 years ago from my ex, and we have a 5 year old son.


    My ex has now moved to Africa where she comes and basically kidnapped our son while she was at it. CSA did an income assessment and asked me what my expected salary would be including bonuses. I then told them that i was going to Africa for 5 weeks over January to visit my son, and they assured me that they would not make a decision until i came back in February. It turns out CSA had seen a bonus amount on my payslip and decided to annualise that bonus and add it to my base salary.

    The calculation they made assumes that i will be getting the same rate of bonus every month, which is obviously not the case based on my tax return.


    AAT also pointed out something that i hadnt realised. My ex works for the United Nations and she doesnt pay tax on her income. They said that since i pay tax, they are going to apply a tax rate to her salary and gross it up to reflect a fair assessment on both parties. And it turns out that throughout this whole process the case officer called Emma was having intimate communications with my ex about what decision she was making and how it was going to benefit her, while providing me with no communication at all.

    She knew i was out of the country and deliberately took the decision then so that i would not be able to question or provide anymore information.

    After reading the phone recordings and email exchanges between my ex and the CSA officer, i find it absolutely disgusting that Australia can have a system that allows some low-life CSA employee to have so much power over the life of another person. I was close to going into a mental breakdown and losing my job, how is that beneficial to the child?

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    The biggest problem with CSA is that they do not have to be accountable to any action they take. We all know that those systems are design to frustrate you to the point that you give up on your complaint by yourself. So why put myself through anymore mental strain.

    Am I now entitled to a refund of the over payments made when I lodge my tax returns?
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    Top 10 Best free online dating sites australia review

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