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    Why Can't Jehovah's Witness Women Wear Pants?

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    Dutch period[ edit ] View of Worcester and Breede River Valley from Ben Heatlie peak In the early days of the Cape's history the main road through the great mountain barrier which stretches northwards from the Hottentots-Holland, Wemmershoek and Slanghoek mountains to the Groot Winterhoek mountains, lay through the Roodezand Pass into the valley of Tulbagh.

    DateMySchool - College Dating Site

    From here the road gave access in the south-east to "the original great rift valley of Africa" as Jan Smuts once described the Breede River Valley. Worcester district is as old as hunting grounds and cattle runs go in the Cape, but new as a settled area. Beforethe area now known as the Breede River Valley was a hunter's paradise, teeming with game and wild birds.

    The main source of income, especially the sale of elephant tusks came from hunting licenses issued by the Dutch East India Company.

    By European farmers were given grazing rights in the area "over de Breede Rivier. Settlement in most cases was not on a permanent basis and "Hartebees huisies" were erected.

    The Gainou, Korannas and Afrikaner tribes traded livestock with the settlers. With the European settlers came the smallpox virus, that would turn into an epidemic for the Khoi people and by would take its toll on their existence as a people. With the European settlers came their slaves and eventually so-called free Khoi, who would settle on the farms as labourers.

    British colonial history[ edit ] With the Cape Colony interior expanding with the settlement of an increasing number of European settlers, Lord Charles Somerset instructed Magistrate Fischer of Tulbaghto find a location to establish a new deputy magisterial seat during Fischer duly reported that the two quitrent farms, De Lange Rug and Roodedraai, be bought for this purpose.

    On 9 January the Colonial surveyors, Tulleken and Hertzog cartographed the two farms and on 4 November, the first official advertisement for the sale of plots was issued. On 28 Februarythe official date of the establishment of Worcester, 89 of the proclaimed plots were sold.

    Fischer also reported that "this place becomes more important when the new road over the Franschhoek Mountains will be completed. A winterstorm in caused damage to the town of Tulbagh. Captain Charles Trappes recommended to Somerset that the magisterial seat be moved to the new town.

    Byfarms were cultivated in the district and by the town of Worcester was becoming a frontier town with the Market Square being used for stock sales. Many a fine animal changed ownership in the days when Worcester was a jumping off spot for the "togryers" of the 19th century. By the s the necessity for the formation of a hamlet west of the Breede River had become clear; the ward was cut off from Worcester during the rainy season when the river burst it banks regularly.

    Jan Jordaan divided a portion of the farm into 57 residential plots and these were sold at a Public Auction on 11 June German settlers employed as "tagloners" on the surrounding farms from onwards, would soon use the abundance of fertile soil, water and their skilled labour to see the area evolve from livestock farming to cultivated land, orchards and vineyards. By the production from the flourishing vineyards compared favourably with the Stellenbosch and Paarl valleys.

    Much of the crop was dried for raisins, and this continued to be an important aspect of the local industry into the 20th century. The decline in the demand for raisins after the Second World War persuaded most of the farmers to convert to wine-grape growing: The first export grapes planted in the Hex River Valley dates from Today the Hex River Valley produces more than 17 million cartons of table grapes per annum.

    In the dryer southern regions of the valley, Olive production have also been added in recent years. Central to this agricultural production, is the Greater Brandvlei Dam, with a capacity of million cubic litres. The dam was completed infully extended by and provides water to various irrigation schemes in the valley. Dutch Reformed Church, commonly known as "Die Moederkerk" Lord Charles Somerset named the new town for his eldest brother, the Marquis of Worcester and byof the original plots were sold.

    Captain Charles Trappes was responsible for the planning of the town. A dubious character in some ways, Trappes, however, was far in advance of his time when he laid out the wide streets and town blocks with vision and a high regard for squares. Trappes made the early builders put the houses close to the street and soon these builders would develop their own style of gables.

    An early visitor, James Backhouse found people living in the rising town in According to the Cape Almanac, William Watson ran one of the best hotels in the country and Bishop Gray said in that the houses were a great distance from each other. The Worcester District Council was proclaimed on 20 December The boundaries were northwest — Kleinberg, northeast — Bloutoring, southeast — Mowers Heights, southwest — Roodehoogte and west — Du Toitskloof Mountains. Sub division of the original plots dates back to the s when the town experienced its first economic boon.

    By the s, when there was a downturn in economic fortune the population grew at a considerable rate, as landless people moved to town. Small industry, business and residence still operated within the original boundaries of the town. During the s Worcester's community would also evolve into an uptown section for rich and middle-class people and a downtown section for so called poor Whites and Coloured people. Even the Dutch Reformed Congregation would censure European and Coloured people living under desegregated circumstances.

    DateMySchool - College Dating Site

    Worcester received Municipal status on 30 September A Town Council, consisting of 8 members governed the town. Recent history[ edit ] When Black Africans returned to Worcester at the end of the First World Warthey were mainly employed as cheap labour for new construction programs springing up around town. ByBlack African people were living in the Worcester district.

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    At the end of the Second World Warhousing in Worcester was at a premium and Worcester had a squatter camp at Parkersdam. It was also during these years that Worcester started to expand with new residential areas and an industrial area. The Apartheid regime responded by total segregation of the different communities. Mostly Indian traders were forced to move their businesses from the declared White areas and resettle in the downtown business district of Durban Street.

    The Zweletemba township, to the southeast of the town, was awarded sub-economic, economic dwellings and two hostel schemes of units for single persons. Due to the policy of Apartheid, these people were not considered to be permanent residents and it was only after the abolishment of influx control in that the township population really exploded. A further 67 sub-economic and economic dwellings were developed in the White Areas and affluent residential areas towards the north of the town.

    The early years of Apartheid would also see the old town being transformed into a central business district.

    Most of the character and charm of the old buildings was lost as the then government and society replaced these buildings with new administrative and retail buildings, based on "New-World" consumerism.

    Grand Apartheid would leave the community divided and in segregated living areas. Timeline[ edit ] This article is in a list format that may be better presented using prose. You can help by converting this article to prose, if appropriate. Editing help is available. This regiment eventually formed part of the Regiment Westelike Provinsie. This decision has had an enormous influence on Worcester's growth.

    The trees chosen were blue gums which helped to reduce the import of coal. The company developed a gold mine at Barberton which eventually closed down, with substantial losses to the share-holders. The chairman, Mr S.

    Cronwright-Schreiner the husband of Olive Schreiner attacked Capitalism and was cheered by all and sundry. Australian troops were deployed to maintain law and order. The first AGM was held in September Mr Costas Drigos bought the property and by he sold to the Gianellos brothers. The schools that grew out of these two schools still compete annually for this shield. Winters are generally very windy and often cool to cold with snow being common on the higher lying ground above m.

    The town lies in a curious rain-shadow phenomenon caused by the surrounding high mountains. There are a number of wards within the Worcester District, reflecting a marked internal variation in soil types and micro-climates. In the Breede River, Botha, Slanghoek and Goudini wards the soils are sandy loams with a varying loose stone content and a fairly high, free water table. Along the river banks in the Nuy, Doornrivier, Aan De Doorns and Overhex wards, fertile alluvial and calcareous clayish soils can be found.

    The annual average rainfall in the Slanghoek area is in excess of mm, in contrast with a low mm in the Nuy and Scherpenheuvel areas to the east and southeast. Economy[ edit ] George Parker owned a shop and managed the first Post Office on the south side of town, from to His salary as Post Master was about 24 ZAR per year, and as Shopkeeper, by ordinance, he had to supply twelve months worth of credit to clients.

    The town of Worcester was founded as an administrative seat and to create a church and central market place for the frontier farmers. With the market established, Scottish artisans settled in town, bringing their skills as tinsmiths, coppersmiths, blacksmiths, shoemakers etc.

    By the mids the Colonial interior was starting to open up and Worcester as frontier town would gain by this.

    Cyber Dating Abuse Among Teens Using SchoolBased Health Centers Articles Pediatrics

    The first economic boon would come in the form of livestock trading and fresh produce farming followed by the development of a wagon industry. Due to the fact that Worcester was the last town before the Karoo interior, hotels and shops started to spring up to replenish travellers.

    With a solid foundation for economic development laid by and the road across the Bainskloof pass completed inbringing quicker access to Cape Town, it was time for Worcester to move forward. The Worcester Commercial Bank Unlimited was officially established in Due to growth in the wagon making industry, the Bank ran into a credit crisis by Discounting of bills of exchange became difficult and investors started to withdraw their money.

    The discovery of diamonds brought a steadier stream of prospectors travelling through Worcester. This led to the opening of more shops and lodgings and other facilities to meet their needs and a rise in the town's population.


    These factors led to the early construction of a diverse and cosmopolitan society in Worcester, outside of Cape Town, the only town that would develop as such in the Western Province during the late 19th century. In the African Banking Corporation was established in London, all branches were overseas.

    The previous decade saw German artisans arriving from Pomeraniaemployed by farmers. These German labourers would bring their skills as expert farmers and would play a major role in the development of the farming industry. A second group of German settlers followed in the s to help with railway line construction. They again would bring skills as highly trained artisans. By the s a Jewish community of traders and capital rich business people would follow. The early s saw the first Greek residents and business people.

    By the Cape Colonial Government proclaimed that the railway line should be extended to Robertson. Newspapers of the era informed the public of 3 up and 3 down trains on a daily basis.
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