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  • Ukraine War - Russian rocket artillery hits Lugansk at night
  • Now. About age difference.
  • A con man steals one woman's heart — and $300,000. Here's how it happened.
  • Why Ukrainian women want to marry Americans (Australians, Europeans, etc), Ukrainian girls dating
  • Failed Attack Of Russian Terrorists On Ukrainian Armed Forces. (English subtitles)
  • Ukraine marriage agency translator exposes the online dating, PPL letter writing scams... and more
  • Ukraine War - Russian rocket artillery hits Lugansk at night
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    Ukraine War - Russian rocket artillery hits Lugansk at night

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    Uadreams Dating Website Review

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    A con man steals one woman's heart — and $300,000. Here's how it happened.

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    Why Ukrainian women want to marry Americans (Australians, Europeans, etc), Ukrainian girls dating

    Yesterday I decided to find out what the Russian and Ukrainian ladies write on forums about International online dating.

    I was surprised as I saw a story of a marriage agency interpreter on one forum. I did a little research on diverse Russian and Ukrainian forums and found several stories telling about how some marriage agencies work.

    I translated the stories into English.

    Failed Attack Of Russian Terrorists On Ukrainian Armed Forces. (English subtitles)

    You know that English is not my mother tongue and I am not a professional translator. Thus, my translation is not perfect and exact. But I am sure you can understand the mail meaning of the stories. Before you start reading the five stories, I have to mention that there are honest marriage agencies in Ukraine. Unfortunately, the translators do not tell the name of the marriage agencies. That means that you have to be cautious and always do an online research before you decide to use the specific dating agency.

    The principle looks like: The dating site is ready. Furthermore, the translator talks to the Western grooms. The translator is a middle-aged woman with a pleasant voice who must communicate in the following way: This period of the communication with Western men is long.

    I think because this time is the most productive in terms of money. The next step is phone communication and the translator asks for money from time to time. While working at the marriage agency, I did not see any Ukrainian women looking for a partner abroad. About my job at a marriage agency: We offered professional arrangement of hotels on arrival, gifts, hotels, restaurants, etc… But most foreigners are not children and perfectly understand everything.

    They were my main duties. The dating system is very clever and profitable, although the finance crisis makes little problems in the business.

    Ukraine marriage agency translator exposes the online dating, PPL letter writing scams... and more

    In general, the scheme of the dating agency looks as follows: Western men have to pay for each message. In my experience, interpreters help only during dates with Western men. The girls work on the weekend very hard: Job as a marriage agency translator Hello I work as a translator at the marriage agency and do not understand some things.

    My job duty is to log in the profiles of the women who are registered o the dating site and chat with Western men who want to chat with the specific woman. I do not know what I have to write them. We talk on general topics, but if Western men write about meetings in person I do not know what to write.

    Ukraine War - Russian rocket artillery hits Lugansk at night

    When I took a job at a marriage agency, I was said that I have to communicate with foreigners on behalf of the girls registered on the site. And if a man wants to come to Ukraine, you call the girl and ask her if she wants to meet the man in person. Then you can give a reply to the foreigner. Your main goal as a translator is to attract foreigners. You help with communication during dates — and get money for that.

    And do not be afraid to ask the chef! It is better to know the specifics of your work. Translator is a writer and matchmaker After having passed written and oral tests, I got a job as a translator in a marriage agency. The work is not difficult especially because my level of language is quite high. The salary is not high but the job is not stressful.

    It is possible to work from home very pleased for me.

    Remote Support

    Two-three times a week, I go the office to take new letters to translate. I was particularly surprised — my job is not only to translate the messages of the women and men but also to write love letters for Western customers. That creep doubts about moral of my job.

    A faraway unrealistic expectations location additional with fun times.

    This is a relaxed way to find more the dominion in you is a genuine, potential mate. If not, move on.

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