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  • NZ Herald "a bunch of twats" - Paul Henry
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    Nz Herald News Today

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    Find Friendship or Penpals in Kaiapoi, Canterbury, New Zealand Looking for an adventurous intelligent kind hearted person to spend time with Cruiser 54 Find Friendship or Penpals in Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand I'm the go to guy for help, when you get to this stage in life and realize that you've been so busy helping others and you don't have someone there for yourself I guess it's time to take stock of your life.

    The free labour clock is off.

    Bradenton Dating Site, Free Online Dating in Bradenton, FL

    You learn who your true friends are fast. So that's what I've been doing. I'm lucky I have great health and fit.

    Helps to have the mind of a 20yo too ; I've always been into extreme sports to keep fit and particularly love motorcross and still race. I've just recently started a circumnavigation of New Zealand by sea with my brother which means I'm at sea for a few months.

    Bradenton Dating Site, Free Online Dating in Bradenton, FL

    Which is why I'm on this, trying to find someone to chat with. We all have our different reasons for being here, but ultimately we are just here trying to fill a gap in our life's That may be too simplistic for some, feel free to challenge: Look forward to a message from you. Looking for some good girlfriends to have some adventures with. I love to hiking, anything to do with the ocean or a good day at the spa. Just here to make some new friends that I can talk to!

    NZ Herald "a bunch of twats" - Paul Henry

    I've been trying to be more socially active because I want to move on from this routine of being lazy and antisocial. First time trying this kind of stuff but hope I get to make some good friends here. It will be great if someone would like to chat or have a coffee!

    I like music, movies, books and good and deep friendship.

    NZ Herald "a bunch of twats" - Paul Henry

    I'm easy going guy passionate about life and tend to relate to younger adventurous guys in their 50s, flexible and not set in the ways. Travel is my goal now, I still work part time, just cut back the hours. I enjoy the outdoors, making contact with outgoing guys for social friendships. Looking to see how pen friendships work with the view of travel destinations and people I meet coming to holiday in New Zealand.

    Profile remains a work in progress thanks for reading so far Richard 50 Find Friendship or Penpals in Ashburton, Canterbury, New Zealand Looking for a friend to hang with or contact. I don't have a lot to say here Just take a look at the things I have in my profile then you decide, I update as time goes on. I'm looking for new friends especially female friends: I've been here for few months and it will be nice to meet with new people: Let me know if you would like to chat or meet: I'm from New Zealand and I'm confident and willing to learn new languages!

    I'm from south korea. I'm working holliday in New Zealand. I live in Auckland city. I'm not good at English. So, I'm studying English hard.


    If you want to learn korean, I can teach you. Instead teach me English: I want to be good friend with you. Viv 58 Find Friendship or Penpals in Albany, Auckland, New Zealand Welcome to my world, looking to correspond with view to making and hopefully meeting new friends. There is no logic in this, it can't be helped. I am looking for people to chat with online possibly IRL so say hi or hola ;D.
    Chen also fails to draw the blindingly obvious comparison with Mark Zuckerbers's FaceSmash, the original and much maligned "hot or not" game for Harvard students.

    From a user's point of view, Crown is only marginally worse than every other dating app. All dating apps encourage quick decisions and ruthless elimination, based on little more than the physical appearance and a line or two of bio. But whilst other apps require each person to be assessed in isolation — yes, I might like to date him, no I wouldn't — Crown pitches matches against each other. This dude is better than that dude.

    This one is better than them both. Dating apps are already profoundly dehumanising. It is easy to forget that there are real people behind those profiles, people with vulnerabilities and hopes and fears.

    Online dating has created a disposable dating culture, in which investment in any one match is low, and the next swipe is just around the corner. And apps have facilitated some truly hideous behaviours. Virtually every regular user has been lied to or misled, Ghosted or sent offensive messages.

    Swiping culture turns matches into commodities, and takes us further and further away from authentic moments of connection.

    How this affects offshore companies

    Crown reinforces and intensifies all that is awful about online dating — the competition, the dehumanisation, and the emphasis on physical appearance. The creators of Crown claim that their app reduces swiping fatigue, in which excess of choice creates cognitive overload, and helps to combat the addictive nature of dating apps. Supporters will argue that dating is already a game, and that there have always been winners and losers in love. Ad Feedback But matching with lots of people on Tinder is vastly different to the ego boost of being crowned a "winner" by multiple users.

    It seems inevitable that successful users will become more addicted to the thrill of being "crowned" than they ever did on swiping, and focus more energy on winning the game than on actually dating other users.

    And whilst users of regular apps are largely protected from rejection, Crown users must put their cards on the table — literally - every day.

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    There is every chance they can crown their four winners and be declined by all, which is far more brutal than simply failing to get a mutual match.

    I am not going to be personally affected by Crown app. It was designed for millennials, not middle-aged daters like me. RSVP has been telling me plaintively for months that there are "no matches for me today"; there's no way Crown would be able to come up with sixteen per day. But I worry about the future of dating, with apps like Crown on the scene. I worry about my kids, and the online world they will inhabit. I worry about the new and toxic behaviours that will arise from treating dating like a game.

    Online dating is bad enough as it is. We don't need new and creative ways to treat each other poorly. There are real people using these apps. Perhaps we need a dating tool to remind us of our humanity. Crown - Dating Game is now available for download on New Zealand's app store.

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