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    I Joined a Russian Dating Site - See how it ended [Kult America]

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    How Scams Work - Online International Dating Schemes

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    View All Specs Life In The Commuter Lane Form follows function, so it's easy to find one element of a vehicle that explains everything you need to know about it. Look at the widened haunches of a and you know there's serious hardware in the Porsche's rump. Check the elongated bed of an F and its obvious the Ford should be roaming free on the ranch.

    Look at a Smart ForTwo It's for your own good. So when I opened the door to the Toyota Prius Va single feature stood out: Encircled in a chrome ring and mounted dead-center in the massive armrest, this lone receptacle was the defining feature of the interior. As it should be. The Prius is the commensurate commuter and the V variant's raised roof and enlarged hatch make it even more practical for Mommy and Daddy carpool duty. At least in theory. A cursory look at the interior stats are enough to convince you of the Prius V's added utility over its liftback sibling.

    With the rear seats in place you've got That's more space than the current Ford Escape and Nissan Rogue and easily eclipses the standard Prius' But the way you access that trunk space is where the compromise comes in. Because of the nickel-metal hydride battery pack mounted below the cargo area, the loading area is unusually high for a vehicle of this size.

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    We are, after all, talking about a five-passenger mini-minivan, and when compared to something like the Mazda5it's easier to get things in and out of the trunk when the load floor is closer to knee height. The reason for the switch?

    It proved the perfect time to upgrade the batteries, but also meant their new position in the center console nearly eliminated all the storage capacity. More over, the new packs wouldn't increase fuel economy but would increase the price, and that's a trade-off Toyota apparently wasn't willing to make in the U. Still, we would've liked to see the upgraded batteries matched with a lower cargo floor in place of the sure to be cramped third row.

    However, the stretched wheelbase around three inches of the V does provide rear seat passengers more leg room and those same seats have been modified to slide forward and back, recline and lie flat ish for a dozen different configurations. As you'd expect with a vehicle that's been stretched by around six inches, fitted with a more traditional roof and a larger hatch, the curb weight of the Prius V has grown, but not by a massive margin.

    Overall weight is up to 3, — about pounds more than the liftback — but because of a slight boost in battery output to volts and a new axle ratio from 3. But that's still not saying much. The same Atkinson-cycle 1.

    The kid gloves come off

    But combined with the electric motor, overall output comes in at hp at 5, rpm and pound-feet of torque at 4, rpm. Over a week of errand-running, short road-tripping and a few blasts into the city, I managed Just like it's slightly smaller brother, optimum throttle control in the V is an exercise in microscopic ankle flexes, minute toe movements and regular cursing when slipping out of full electric mode.

    As you've undoubtedly heard before, trying to keep that four-cylinder from ticking over turns into a game, something that's even more challenging with the V thanks to its additional heft.

    Ahead of that massive cupholder are three driving modes: Power, Eco and EV. EV gives you a slightly longer leash to go fully electric, but the smallest of foot flexes sends it right back into normal mode, the engine clicking over to deliver the requested power.

    Eco is similar, retarding engine output, sticking to higher gears and setting more resistance to the throttle pedal. And again, as soon as you demand even the slightest increase in thrust, you're back to Normal mode. So here's a tip: Just keep it in Normal and quit playing games. Surprisingly, after more than 10 years on the market, Toyota still hasn't cracked the code on brake pressure and modulation with its regenerative discs.

    The Fuel Economy Crucible

    The stoppers continue to be too grabby at low speeds and less than confidence inspiring when forced to slow rapidly on the freeway. What makes this all the more surprising is Volkswagen is about to release the Jetta Hybrid and the braking system on a prototype we drove recently was remarkably superior to the Prius. And it's still in "beta. The display provides all the pertinent hybridfuel economy and system information, but we'd still prefer a traditionally placed instrument panel behind the wheel.

    The added glass and higher roof predictably provided more perspective out back, something that's always been hit or miss with the standard Prius. The seats both front and rear are coated in faux leather and are cushy enough to keep your rear comfy during your daily slog to middle managementdom. Toyota's iPhone and Android-connected suite of services — Entune — includes everything from traffic data to streaming music. I tested this version and an updated Entune within two weeks of each other and each has their plusses and minuses.

    The updated setup is easier to navigate and connect with, while the older software did surprisingly better with voice recognition. For that kind of coin, you're into a whole new class of compact crossoversand what's coming out in the next few years might not match the V's eco-cred or fuel economy numbers, but they'll be a lot closer than they are today.

    With the Prius line officially a family of three, made up of the standard liftbacksmaller Prius C and Prius V not to mention the plug-in versionall of which are either on the market or coming soon, the question becomes: Why didn't Toyota go all the way with the V? Stretch the platform even further, shove in a brace of lithium ion batteries into a less intrusive position and maybe even give it an occasional-use third row.

    Doing that wouldn't just have it competing with the whole of the compact crossover range, but put it into a class of one — just like the original Prius did over a decade ago.
    That sums up my impression of my first drive in the Toyota Prius V.

    Toyota Prius V Autoblog

    It's bigger in nearly all dimensions to be quite a bit roomier than the regular Prius, and the materials inside are an improvement. But it's slow, the engine drones and the mpgs aren't that good. I got 40 mpg driving home and The car has new tires that supposedly have better rolling resistance, comfort and grip and are quieter, but the engine is loud, and to me the handling feels even more floppy and loose than the smaller car.

    Combine that with its less-than-stellar off-the-line acceleration and it's simply not much fun to drive. I'm not quite so underwhelmed by the Prius V. If you want a larger version of the gold standard in hybrids, this is your car. We forget that the gold standard is an ugly little pug with similar performance. Prius acceleration isn't a strong suit. Cornering on the economy-minded low-rolling-resistance tires created a new definition of understeer, and in general the car is not terribly well equipped or finely upholstered.

    Why do we think that might change in a larger, more versatile Prius? In fact, some of that does change. The seats are nicely trimmed in some sort of leatherette that can't be real leather, is it? The better tires do help with the cornering, and I'd argue that this car feels much more planted in turns than the original. It's not great, but it's steady. There is some wind noise and road noise entering the cabin, but that's one of the costs of keeping weight low.

    I think some of the sticker shock is related to Toyota beginning to price these cars at a level at which the company can make some money, instead of pricing at a level that subsidized a huge real-world pilot program.

    Toyota Prius V Autoblog

    My continuing problem with the Prius powertrain is the pulsating feel that is almost like riding a rocking horse. It drives me nuts. It seems that it is less noticeable in cruise control or in power mode, but I suspect both hurt fuel economy. There are a lot of highly efficient, far less complex cars of this size on the market today for less money. Some will hit 36 mpg, many others come close.

    To paraphrase the X-Files, I want to believe. I want to believe that the Prius is a fuel-efficient answer to our dependence on foreign oil, and that it does everything a much larger car can do, only more cleanly.

    Best dating sites, Free and Paid.

    I want to be OK with the compromises I have to make to achieve an indicated 38 mpg in stop-and-go traffic. But I just hate driving the things. I'll give Toyota props on the packaging with this Prius V model, though: There is an amazing amount of usable, configurable space inside, and the panoramic glass roof gives the cabin even more of a sense of roominess. The rear seats slide and recline, perfect for setting up child booster seats, and there was ample room for pounds of dog under the hatch.

    I don't even mind the Tron dashboard anymore though the center bias will never be a good ideaand I actually enjoyed the monolithic center console that felt like something out of business class on an airliner. On the road, however, the Prius is slow, noisy and just devoid of anything that makes driving fun. That is unless you're into hypermiling, that is, which I can appreciate. It is vaguely entertaining to see how long the Prius can be held in EV mode, or to see how much brake regen you can get by adjusting your driving style.

    But the fun quickly wears off when you realize how limited the Prius V's all-electric capability is; then you have to ask the dinky gasoline engine nicely to provide some sort of torque, at which point it revs angrily to about six grand, straining against the CVT pulleys. I had the misfortune of spending a very rainy evening in the Prius V, giving me ample opportunity to discover the amount of sound deadening Toyota leaves out to save weight.

    Toyota Prius V Autoblog

    Toyota seems to know its hybrid market well enough. As mentioned, the Prius is the gold standard for hybrids, and the new V is hoping to build on that mystique. The Prius V has that distinct Prius look. It's a sleek awkward sort of display, not ugly, not pretty, just Prius.

    If you get behind the wheel looking for a good time, you won't find it in the traditional sense. While it is fun to see how far you can go in EV-only mode, the novelty wears off after it takes you a city block to reach 25 mph just to have the engine kick on buzzing like angry hornets under the hood and give you that bucking motion Bob spoke of.

    Toyota Prius V Autoblog

    I admire the mountain of technology that clearly went into the bringing the Prius to life. I have no doubt that there is more tech in here than Neil Armstrong had at his disposal when he went to the moon. But no matter how many examples of the Prius that I drive, I come away feeling kind of empty, like I just wasted a bunch of time. And while I like the looks of the V and the interior certainly looks good, from a driving standpoint, there's really not much to like.

    I found the seats uncomfortable, and not having the ability to telescope the wheel, I never found a comfortable driving position. Toyota touts the new tires here, and while they seemed less hard than on the Prius of the past, the overall ride is still harsh. Despite its relatively small size, this is a heavy car, tipping the scales at more than 3, pounds.

    After filling up the car with the payload from my quarterly visit to Sam's Club for household and kitchen staples, the handling and response was downright sluggish.

    While I'm not sure how much weight I loaded in, I don't think it would have equaled the weight of three full-size adults.

    But there was a noticeable difference in response off the line and body roll in corner.

    Toyota Prius V Autoblog

    I have friends who own a Prius, and they love it. I believe that this is the type of vehicle in which people buy into the whole program and dig saving fuel well, who doesn't like to save money at the gas pump? For those types of people, they don't really talk about the driving experience.

    That doesn't seem to be part of their reason for buying the car. But that would be a reason I wouldn't buy the car. Others have said it: If I'm going for a high-mileage compact, I'm heading to the Volkswagen store and getting in line to buy a diesel Jetta.

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