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    The Oil and Gas Attorney Nuttall Legal, LLC

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    The Oil and Gas Attorney Nuttall Legal, LLC

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    10 Online Dating Horror Stories

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    Top 10 Best Dating Sites to Find Your Mate

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    The Top 10 Free Online Dating Sites For 2015 - Best Free Dating Websites List

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    West Virginia Oil and Gas Lawyer

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    Below the town were dug intricate tunnels and shafts for silver mining. The Comstock Lode discovery and subsequent growth of Virginia City was unequaled by the history of other precious metal discoveries. By Nevada produced over half of all the precious metals in the United States. The wealth supported the Northern cause during the American Civil War and flooded the world monetary markets, resulting in economic changes.

    Virginia City's silver ore discoveries were not part of the California Gold Rushwhich occurred 10 years before. At the time of the discovery of the Comstock Lode, silver was considered the monetary equal of gold, and all production was purchased by the federal government for use in coinage.

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    As technological advancements, these were used many times over in later mining applications. In one observer reported that in Virginia City, "every activity has to do with the mining, transportation, or reduction of silver ore, or the melting and assaying of silver bullion. But, Virginia City far surpassed all others for its peak of population, technological advancements developed there, and for providing the population base upon which Nevada qualified for statehood.

    The riches of the Comstock Lode inspired men to hunt for silver mines throughout Nevada and other parts of the American West. Virginia City population increased from 4, in to over 15, in It fluctuated depending on mining output. US Census figures do not reflect all of these frequent changes. The city included gas and sewer lines, the one hundred room International Hotel with elevator, three theatres, the Maguire Opera House, four churches, and three daily newspapers. Many of the homes and buildings were made of brick.

    At its peak after the Big Bonanza of Virginia City had a population of over 25, residents and was called the richest city in America. Inthe mines began to play out and the population fell to just under 11, Mine owners who made a killing in the Comstock mines spent most of their wealth in San Francisco. A San Francisco stock market existed for the exploitation of Comstock mining.

    The Bank of California financed building the financial district of San Francisco with money from the Comstock mines. The influence of the Comstock lode rejuvenated what was the ragged little town of San Francisco. Virginia City in early s and in The church at left is St. Mary's in the Mountains Catholic Church. Historic photo is of the pre-fire church.

    The mining industry dominated Virginia City, making it an industrial center similar to those of the east coast.

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    But the city retained some of its frontier flavor. The social history of the town has emphasized the high number of immigrants among its residents. Miners largely from CornwallEnglandwhere tin mines had been developed based on hard rock technology, flooded the Comstock. The new English immigrants were one of the largest ethnic groups. Many of the miners who came to the city were Cornish or Irish. Through time, the numerous independent Comstock mines became consolidated under ownership of large monopolies.

    When it appeared the Comstock Lode was finished, the city's population declined sharply, with ten thousand leaving in and John Mackay and partner James Fair began as common miners, working their way up to management positions in the mines.

    The Oil and Gas Attorney Nuttall Legal, LLC

    By purchasing stock in the mines, they realized financial independence. The Irish Big Four, as the men were called, eventually controlled the Consolidated Virginia mine where the Big Bonanza was discovered in The next few years were some of the most profitable on the Comstock, as the Bank Crowd lost control to the Irish Big Four. Population reached 25, in In winter the miners would snowshoe to the mines and then have to descend to work in high temperatures. These harsh conditions contributed to a low life expectancy, and earned miners the nickname of Hot Water Plugs.

    Adolph Sutro built the Sutro Tunnel to drain the hot spring waters to the valley below. But, by the time it was completed inthe mines had substantially passed the intersection level, as their tunnels had been dug ever deeper. We can build another if we can keep the fire from going down these shafts.

    Virginia and Ophir hoisting works burned, the fire did not penetrate the Con. Virginia shaft and only reached feet into the Ophir shaft. A majority of the area now designated as the National Historic Landmark historic district dates to this later time period. However, the bonanza period was at an end by [22] Virginia City and Mark Twain[ edit ].
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