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    About SAHM

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    Contact About Us Metro Personal, established sinceis a personal introduction and match making agency.

    Our unique reputation is based on being personal and confidential. Most of our ladies are from Asian background. They are working and living here in Australia and New Zealand. Our male members are from different cultural background. They have strong interests in Asian culture or people. This system is secure, convenient and transparent. It saves time and hassles. Our founder and senior consultant Eva Chen has over 20 years working experience in this industry.

    She is responsible for over happy couples. She is also a relationship column write for over 10 years. She has been on mainstream TV series, radio programs, sharing her observation and experience in dating and relationship.

    BA Eva was born and raised in China, where she completed her BA degree, majoring in English linguistic and literature. Inshe came to Sydney, Australia. Before establishing her own business, she worked for a school and then a finance company. But most importantly, Eva is still a hands on consultant. She personally looks after matching and consultation. She makes herself available for clients to discuss their thoughts, their happiness, their concerns, or misunderstanding during the dating process.

    Through this experience, she often becomes a friend to many of the Metro Personal clientele. MBA, Honours Degree of Economics Until his retirement from a full-time commercial career two years ago, John spent the large majority of his working life in the private health sector.

    Researchers look at what makes people click, and what leaves us disappointed.

    This covered both private hospital in Australia and internationally, as well as private health insurance. He has a commitment to the overall national and international success of Metro Personal Consultants. John participates actively in helping set the commercial goals and objectives and framing the strategic direction of the organisation.

    He has travelled overseas, both for business and leisure, extensively including a significant number of trips to Mainland China and Hong Kong. BA Betty was born and raised in Canton China.

    She speaks fluent Mandarin, Cantonese and English. She is a qualified accountant.

    We Waited Dating Site Review

    Having lived in New Zealand for over 16 years, Betty has an intimate knowledge of local culture, society and people which developed the personal attributes required to best service Metro Personal members.

    She is warm, enthusiastic, yet friendly and professional. Most clients quickly take a liking to her and recognise her professionalism. Please feel free to contact Betty: BA Gabby was born and raised in China, and has been living in Australia for over six years now since She has been a management assistant and an administrator in the travel sector. Gabby is university educated, majoring in marketing. Her warm and patient nature has always made our clients feel comfortable to engage with her.

    Gabby also has excellent communication skill, and is able to communicate with people from all background and all race. As with all the managers and staffs of Metro Personal, Gabby too has been through professional trainings. She is a professional and trusted consultant. It was like a big family. People were friendly and approachable.

    We Waited Dating Site Review

    It is open and personal. I can always talk to their consultants for the introduction, or advise. From David Metro offers a better platform for singles than online dating.

    At least the people are real and genuine. I feel comfortable and safe to use the service. From Ming Eva, I would like to congratulate you for the way you conduct your business.
    However, that is really the only thing that this religion has in common with Western religion as far as death is concerned. If someone was out of town and arrives after they have had a ceremony for the deceased, the entire community stops what they are doing and goes and tells them and mourns with them.

    Many Aborigine families will not have any photographs of their loved ones after they die. Ceremonies and mourning periods last days, weeks and even sometimes months depending upon the social status of the deceased person.

    Some families will move to "sorry camps" which are usually further away. The body is placed on a raised platform for several months, covered in native plants.

    Sometimes a cave or a tree is used instead. They sometimes wrap the bones in a hand-knitted fabric and place them in a cave for eventual disintegration or place them in a naturally hollowed out log". This place was also commonly known as the "sky-world", which is really just the sky.

    From Studious Linguist to Professional Matchmaker

    As long as certain rituals were carried out during their life and at the time of their death, the deceased is allowed to enter The Land of the Dead in the "Sky World".

    The spirit of the dead is also a part of different lands and sites and then those areas become sacred sites. This explains why the Aboriginals are very protective of sites they call sacred. The Aboriginals believe that life is a never-ending cycle.

    You are born, you die, you are born again as an animal, human or other life form. The rituals that are performed enable the aborigine to return to the womb of all time which is another word for "Dream Time". It allows the spirit to be connected once more to all nature, to all their ancestors, and to their own personal meaning and place within the scheme of things. It has a beginning and it has an end. Through Dreamtime the limitations of time and space are overcome.

    It is believed that in dreams dead relatives communicate their presence. It is also a common belief that a person leaves their body during sleep, and temporarily enters the Dreamtime". Dixonrecording Aboriginal myths in their original languages, encountered coincidences between some of the landscape details being told about within various myths, and scientific discoveries being made about the same landscapes.

    Geological research dated the formative volcanic explosions described by Aboriginal myth tellers as having occurred more than 10, years ago. Pollen fossil sampling from the silt which had settled to the bottom of the craters confirmed the Aboriginal myth-tellers' story. When the craters were formed, eucalyptus forests dominated rather than the current wet tropical rain forests.

    Dixon observed from the evidence available that Aboriginal myths regarding the origin of the Crater Lakes might be dated as accurate back to 10, years ago.


    He particularly noted the numerous myths telling of previous sea levels, including: Gregory intelling of the deserts of Central Australia as once having been fertile, well-watered plains, and the deserts around present Lake Eyre having been one continuous garden.

    This oral story matches geologists' understanding that there was a wet phase to the early Holocene when the lake would have had permanent water. Other volcanic eruptions in Australia may also be recorded in Aboriginal myths, including Mount Gambier in South Australia, [14] and Kinrara in northern Queensland.

    With so many distinct Aboriginal groups, languages, beliefs and practices, scholars cannot attempt to characterise, under a single heading, the full range and diversity of all myths being variously and continuously told, developed, elaborated, performed, and experienced by group members across the entire continent.

    See external link [18] for one indicative spatial map of Australian Aboriginal groups, and see here for an earlier Tindale map of Aboriginal groups. The Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia nevertheless observes: It makes the following generalisation about Aboriginal myths and mythology: Mountains, rivers, waterholes, animal and plant species, and other natural and cultural resources came into being as a result of events which took place during these Dreamtime journeys.

    Their existence in present-day landscapes is seen by many indigenous peoples as confirmation of their creation beliefs Dreaming tracks can run for hundreds, even thousands of kilometres, from desert to the coast [and] may be shared by peoples in countries through which the tracks pass This is an identity of spirit, a consubstantialityrather than a matter of mere belief This is a wisdom that takes lifetimes of listening, observing and experiencing There is a deep understanding of human nature and the environment It is only when talking and being with these people that these 'feelings' can truly be appreciated.
    Throughout the Ukraine, Natali Koval is known for her international connections and savvy matchmaking skills.

    Today, she offers her hands-on matchmaking services to men in the US, the UK, Canada, and other parts of the world. She personally screens all female clients in her database to make sure she only introduces men to genuine, smart, and attractive women who are interested in finding a long-term partner. Over the past 15 years, Natali has earned a reputation as a trustworthy Kiev-based matchmaker trained by the International Matchmaking Institute. He had been married four times before and just wanted to play the field.

    Seasoned matchmaker Natali Koval soon introduced John to Albina, a young and lively woman living in Kiev. Two years later, Albina proposed to John, and he said yes. They live together on a ranch in South Africa. A girl would ask her to deliver a message to the boy she liked.

    A boy would give her flowers to give to a girl he liked. She would gladly give romantic advice and set her friends up on dates. She had an enthusiastic teacher who inspired her to apply herself to her studies so she could pass the English exams she needed to enter university in Her goal was to get her degree and teach world literature or English as a second language.

    However, in her second year at university, a friend asked if she wanted to do some freelance matchmaking work. She could use her language skills to attend social parties and build connections between Western men and Ukrainian women.

    Best Dating Sites in Australia

    It sounded like fun, so she began joining groups of 30 to American and European men and giving honest dating advice to help them attract a Ukrainian partner. Over the years, Natali gained experience as a freelance networker and became a force to be reckoned with in the matchmaking business — but she was still reluctant to call it her career.

    Citation Tools

    She taught English in the aviation industry and viewed matchmaking as a fun side project. Inher clients and colleagues convinced her to start her own agency, which she called Marriage by Natali. For the next year, she juggled her family life she had just had her second son while building a database of single men and women she knew personally.

    Inon the day the Orange Revolution started, Natali took out a loan and purchased an office in the heart of Kiev.

    Best Dating Sites 2017 🔥 TOP 10 🔥

    Today, Natali has been working in that same office since and has helped hundreds of clients find an international love affair. This trustworthy matchmaker can tell single women what to expect in an international relationship and introduce them to foreign partners who offer a better life.

    Matchmaker Natali Koval uses common sense to connect men and women in marriage-oriented relationships.

    We Waited Dating Site Review

    I enjoy the social possibilities. I can do something to help people, so I do that. She wants to get a sense of who he is and what he wants in life so she can adequately match him. She does her best to meet the expectations of her male and female clients when making introductions, and she offers personal dating advice and support throughout the process.

    She said she feels heavily invested in the love lives of her clients and gives them personal growth tips so they can excel on the dates she sets up or meet and woo someone on their own. She can even recall the specific wedding days of some. One Houston couple got married on the day Natali gave birth to her daughter. She said she currently has 10 more couples who are engaged and waiting on paperwork or travel arrangements before they officially tie the knot.

    You can read her favorite testimonials here. For example, one client named Mike met his wife Olga through Natali and became a return client 10 years later after their amicable divorce.

    Natali had introduced Mike to Olga, who was working as a waitress, inand they had subsequently gotten married and moved to New York City where Olga began a career as a hairdresser. Inthe relationship ended, and Mike came to Natali hoping she could help him find another partner to love as much as he had loved Olga.

    She was a working woman who owned property, had lived and worked in Paris, and had two children from a previous marriage. They can be upset or angry, but they need to be wiling to find a compromise. There is no universal recipe for love or family happiness, but there needs to be a strong willingness to work on it together. An Altruistic Support System for the Marriage-Minded Natali said John and Albina are one of her most outstanding couples because their love grew naturally and became a force for good in the world.

    Marriage by Natali made that unlikely relationship possible, and the agency has helped hundreds of other couples start a new life together. Through rigorous screening and compassionate service, Natali provides the support Western men and Ukrainian women need to find the perfect match.

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