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    Your Accent Come From Where

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    But for nearly 8 million families — including a majority of single-parent households — the opposite would occur: Most married couples with three or more children would also pay higher taxes, an analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center found.

    These features of the tax code have enabled many Americans to reduce their taxable income. His other proposed tax changes would benefit middle- and lower-income Americans. Bush, and the Republican-run Congress is expected to welcome them.

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    During the campaign, Trump said his tax cuts — for individuals and companies — would energize the economy by boosting business investment in factories and equipment, while leaving consumers with more cash to spend. His proposals, he contended, would help create 25 million jobs over the next decade. But that change would be outweighed by his elimination of personal exemptions and head-of-household status.

    Ask a Flight Attendant anything Jobstr

    Kelly Rodriguez, 47, who lives in Tampa, Florida, voted for Trump and is a single mother who claims two of her four children as dependents. Her ex-husband claims the other two. Previously, the campaign suggested that Trump would broadly instruct Congress to avoid raising taxes on lower- and middle-income workers.

    Yet all independent analyses show most of the benefit flowing to the wealthiest Americans. Less than a quarter of the cuts would benefit the bottom 80 percent. Trump proposes to reduce the number of tax brackets from seven to three, with rates of 12 percent, 25 percent and 33 percent. That would slash the top rate from the current He would repeal the estate tax, which affects only about 0.

    For middle-income earners as a whole, the Trump proposals would cut taxes, even taking into account the increases on single-parent families. That would lift their after-tax incomes 1. And the richest 0. Providing his middle- and working-class supporters with tangible signs of economic progress. Middle-income Americans already pay a relatively modest share of federal income taxes compared with the wealthy.

    That limits the scope of what tax cuts could do for them. Middle class finances have also been squeezed by high and rising costs for health care, higher education and housing, noted Joseph Cohen, a sociologist at Queens College in New York City.

    This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press contributed to this report.
    Southeast Asia is characterised by joint venture airlines operating with a single brand while Northeast Asia has more independent airlines.

    LCCs gaining market share in the domestic China market will have the greatest impact on the region's overall share. Asia's airlines have varying strategies to access China growth. LCC share of available seats within a region: Markets wholly within Northeast Asia are shown in the graph below in red. For comparison, also included are markets wholly within Southeast Asia blueand between Northeast and Southeast Asia green. The grey line corresponding to the right axis represents the number of weekly seats in each market pair.

    Seven of the eight largest markets are wholly within Northeast Asia. Markets within Southeast Asia comprise five of the 20 while markets between Northeast and Southeast Asia comprise the remaining six. There are varying factors. Spring Airlines has six aircraft parked at Airbus manufacturing plants awaiting Chinese approval for delivery. Some of the aircraft completed assembly in This is not the first time that China has delayed aircraft deliveries to private airlines full service Juneyao Airlines is also awaiting delivery of new aircraft.

    Tourism from China into Japan has significantly grown. Slots, cost base and distribution networks are a concern for Japanese LCCs. Spring Airlines Japan benefits from its parent company Spring Travel's experience and network in China.

    AirAsia Japan may be able to leverage the group's extensive China experience.

    Ask a Flight Attendant anything Jobstr

    Japan-Taiwan has fewer obstacles than Japan-Hong Kong, but compared with other markets traffic rights restrictions in Korea-China, opaque procedures in mainland Chinathese two markets begin to reflect the opportunity for LCCs in Northeast Asia when they are allowed to expand with limited impediments.

    Japan-Taiwan seat capacity by airline type on 10 largest routes, plus total Tokyo- Taipei market left axisand LCC penetration rate right axis: It might also be asked how much of the status quo is reflective of Northeast Asian LCCs launching and growing later than their counterparts in Southeast Asia and other regions. One simple perhaps oversimplified comparison is considering how 's three largest international LCC routes in Northeast and Southeast Asia have grown.

    The blue cluster on the graph below is for the Southeast Asian routes while the red cluster is for Northeast Asian routes. There is an argument that — given their young age — Northeast Asian LCCs are actually growing faster. Southeast Asia's third largest international route in is between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

    Never Do These Things in Foreign Countries

    The route catapulted to be the largest in the region before there was rationalisation. For some airlines, this is a note of optimism. For others, such sudden, market-changing growth is a threat. Such compressed LCC activity may not allow incumbents to develop and execute a response.

    Annual seat capacity of the three largest routes in in Northeast and Southeast Asia: But for Northeast Asia to have an LCC penetration rate similar to other markets overall, significant inroads will need to be made in domestic markets — such as Japan, but mainly China.

    Such an achievement comes into focus once the Korea-China air service agreement is liberalised. It is the large domestic markets that define any top-level statistics. Growth in other market pairs in Northeast Asia can add up, but significant region-wide improvements will not arrive until there is growth in mainland China.

    It should be cautioned, of course, that a single top-level statistic does not represent what is in fact a region with many sub-regions. This is true of global markets actively courting Chinese visitors, but it is especially relevant in Northeast Asia, which accounts for four of the five largest outbound markets Chinese reach by air.

    There is a significant drop between the five largest markets the largest, Thailandis outside Northeast Asia and the next cohort. China outbound air visitors by key markets in Asia: Cathay quickly overtook SIA and held its position untilwhen SIA — armed with a growing Tigerair and the start-up Scoot — surpassed Cathay for number of destinations served in mainland China.

    Shenzhenwhich Cathay does not serve, and Guangzhouwhich Cathay Dragon does serve. There may be market nuances that make the comparison invalid — but it could show the opportunity for groups elsewhere to leverage LCCs to prepare for the China growth that is yet to occur. Singapore Airlines Group mainland China destination by airline service: A few responses so far have been: At the very least, the responses indicate that full service airlines are acknowledging the new customer base that low cost airlines are targeting, or are able to provide better — irresistible — value to.

    The Northeast Asian market is becoming more dynamic. But there is the potential for significant growth and complexity. Want More Analysis Like This? CAPA Membership provides access to all news and analysis on the site, along with access to many areas of our comprehensive databases and toolsets.

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