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  • Hell no longer... awaits!
  • ★ Anarchy In The UK (Sex Pistols) ★ Drum Lesson PREVIEW
  • Sex Pistols' Paul Cook on First Professionals Album in 36 Years
  • Paul Cook from the Sex Pistols and the Professionals on drums at the Gibson Showroom
  • ★ Anarchy In The UK (Sex Pistols) ★ Drum Lesson PREVIEW
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  • Paul Cook on fame and notoriety, patriotism and the EU

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    Hell no longer... awaits!

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    ★ Anarchy In The UK (Sex Pistols) ★ Drum Lesson PREVIEW

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    Sex Pistols' Paul Cook on First Professionals Album in 36 Years

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    Anarchy in the EU the Sex Pistols’ drummer on why Brexit isn’t punk The Spectator

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    Paul Cook from the Sex Pistols and the Professionals on drums at the Gibson Showroom

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    Anarchy in the EU the Sex Pistols’ drummer on why Brexit isn’t punk The Spectator

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    ★ Anarchy In The UK (Sex Pistols) ★ Drum Lesson PREVIEW

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    Than seems to be a site of time up and become more, er, congregational.
    Whatsapp It is 40 years since the band in which Paul Cook banged the drums, the Sex Pistols, detonated a bomb called punk in post-war Britain. The shards are still visible. Music, art, design, films, books.

    Anarchy in the EU the Sex Pistols’ drummer on why Brexit isn’t punk The Spectator

    Punk is part of our social and cultural history. The work of the devil, no less. The teenage Cook was an apprentice electrician at the Stag brewery in Mortlake, trying to find his path to freedom. They attended sometimes the Christopher Wren School on the White City estate, where he enjoyed himself, particularly on the football field he was a good amateur player but, like many intelligent working-class children, formal education passed him by.

    We loved music and fashion, as you do.


    It was all part of working-class life. I was into Motown, the Temptations, the Four Tops, and those groups. That late Sixties skinhead thing.

    They found rehearsal space in the Riverside studios, at Hammersmith, which are now being expensively restored for the benefit of wealthy westsiders but which were then an empty shell by rotting docks. We used to hang round a shop run by Malcolm McLaren, which seemed to change its name every month. It was the only shop which had a bit of an edge.

    Steve and myself could see the benefits of hanging round the shop, and I think Malcolm saw himself as Fagin, who wanted to turn us into his band of urchins. We were looking for a bass player and Glen Matlock was working in the shop. Then lo and behold, John Lydon turned up and took our eye. We needed a singer and he was bright, thought a lot of himself and became our mouthpiece.

    Paul Cook on fame and notoriety, patriotism and the EU

    In many ways it was a very conservative country. There were bomb sites in London, and I remember the three-day week, when we sat around with candles. It was quite difficult for Tom, my dad, when the media ran stories about us. He liked to go down the pub and enjoy a pint with his mates.

    My mum used to stand up for me. The venerable Free Trade Hall, where Gladstone once addressed 6, people, resounded to a different strain that evening. Overnight, it seemed, the world of rock music came crashing down like Humpty Dumpty, and the pieces could not be put back together again.

    There are parallels with New York because both cities were on their arses. But the kinds of punk rock that came from the two cities were totally different animals. For us it was far too pretentious.

    Anarchy in the EU the Sex Pistols’ drummer on why Brexit isn’t punk The Spectator

    August saw riots at the Notting Hill carnival, and the woeful September song was a humiliating IMF bailout which confirmed the United Kingdom as the basket-case of Europe. And punk turned into a caricature. But the British love caricatures.

    Look at the Carry On films. You can go back to Dickens, if you like. But I can tell you this — you will never curtail the uniqueness of British youth culture. We will never end up with homogenised European pop music here.

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