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  • monpotentielestinfini.com - Farmers Market - TV Commercial 3 - The Dating Site for Singles 50+ - OurTime
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    Static Caravan Site Fees

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    How much are holiday park site fees?

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    monpotentielestinfini.com - Farmers Market - TV Commercial 3 - The Dating Site for Singles 50+ - OurTime

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    monpotentielestinfini.com Review - Online Dating

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    Static Caravan Site Fees

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    monpotentielestinfini.com - Farmers Market - TV Commercial 3 - The Dating Site for Singles 50+ - OurTime

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    Low Annual Site Fees

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    Items in search results

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    You are here

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    Pay No Site Fees

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    Static Caravan Site Fees

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    OurTime reviews

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    Trading Standards Website Some park owners charge a higher pitch fee if they did not sell you the caravan for example if you bought directly from someone selling their caravan and leaving the park. Pitch fees, for the following season, are normally due for payment in the first quarter of each year. Many park owners offer a discount if you pay them before a certain date.

    Electricity and gas You will need to buy electricity and gas when the caravan is in use. The site owner, as the reseller can only sell mains gas or electricity to you at the price they bought it from an authorised supplier and cannot make a profit from the sale. If the electricity is metered, the bill should state the units consumed, the cost per unit and the total price.

    With bottles cylindersyou can buy the gas when you need it. Where a park operator insists that customers only buy cylinders from them, and they are much cheaper elsewhere, this could be regarded as unfair and not enforceable by the park owner. You should also check for charges for water supply and sewerage such as emptying of septic tanks.

    Insurance Clearly a caravan and its contents have a sizeable value, and you should seriously consider insurance. Many parks actually make it a rule that caravans on the park have adequate insurance cover and in some cases they can arrange specialist caravan insurance.

    There is a choice of policy type, new for old, or market value and you should make sure your insurance policy covers the following: Look out for companies that specialise in caravan insurance. Some park owners can arrange insurance usually with a particular insurance provider.

    They cannot insist you buy this insurance but, if you do not, they can charge a reasonable administrative fee for checking any cover you take out. Unreasonable charges for this could be regarded as a penalty and are open to challenge as unfair. Before buying any insurance ask for a copy of the policy and read it. Additional costs The park owner is within their rights to reasonably require things such as repairs and maintenance to be done in a certain way, particularly when they relate to safety and the good order of the park.

    Park rules or contract should make clear what restrictions should be observed.

    Static Caravan Site Fees

    However, when a park owner says certain goods or services must be bought from them such as repair work, storage boxes and insurance and this causes a loss to the caravan owner, this could be regarded as unfair and not enforceable by the park owner.

    You should also consider depreciation of the caravan. Rates are paid by the site owner and this will be covered in your site fee.

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