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    Magnetic Reversals and Sea Floor Spreading

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    Paleomagnetism and plate tectonics

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    History of geomagnetism As early as the 18th century, it was noticed that compass needles deviated near strongly magnetized outcrops.

    InVon Humboldt attributed this magnetization to lightning strikes and lightning strikes do often magnetize surface rocks. Early in the 20th century, work by David, Brunhes and Mercanton showed that many rocks were magnetized antiparallel to the field. Japanese geophysicist Motonori Matuyama showed that the Earth's magnetic field reversed in the mid- Quaternarya reversal now known as the Brunhes-Matuyama reversal.

    Blackett provided a major impetus to paleomagnetism by inventing a sensitive astatic magnetometer in His intent was to test his theory that the geomagnetic field was related to the Earth's rotation, a theory that he ultimately rejected; but the astatic magnetometer became the basic tool of paleomagnetism and led to a revival of the theory of continental drift. Alfred Wegener first proposed in that continents had once been joined together and had since moved apart.

    Keith Runcorn [5] and Edward A. Irving [6] constructed apparent polar wander paths for Europe and North America. These curves diverged, but could be reconciled if it was assumed that the continents had been in contact up to million years ago. This provided the first clear geophysical evidence for continental drift. Then inMorley, Vine and Matthews showed that marine magnetic anomalies provided evidence for seafloor spreading. Fields of paleomagnetism[ edit ] Paleomagnetism is studied on a number of scales: Secular variation studies look at small-scale changes in the direction and intensity of the Earth's magnetic field.

    The magnetic north pole is constantly shifting relative to the axis of rotation of the Earth. Magnetism is a vector and so magnetic field variation is made up of palaeodirectional measurements of magnetic declination and magnetic inclination and palaeointensity measurements.

    Earth's magnetic polarity reversals in last 5 million years. Dark regions represent normal polarity same as present field ; light regions represent reversed polarity. Magnetostratigraphy uses the polarity reversal history of the Earth's magnetic field recorded in rocks to determine the age of those rocks. Reversals have occurred at irregular intervals throughout Earth history. The age and pattern of these reversals is known from the study of sea floor spreading zones and the dating of volcanic rocks.

    Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Lava-Flow Hazards

    Principles of remanent magnetization[ edit ] The study of paleomagnetism is possible because iron -bearing minerals such as magnetite may record past directions of the Earth's magnetic field. Magnetic signatures in rocks can be recorded by several different mechanisms. Thermoremanent magnetization Iron-titanium oxide minerals in basalt and other igneous rocks may preserve the direction of the Earth's magnetic field when the rocks cool through the Curie temperatures of those minerals.

    Hence, the mineral grains are not rotated physically to align with the Earth's field, but rather they may record the orientation of that field. The record so preserved is called a thermoremanent magnetization TRM.

    Because complex oxidation reactions may occur as igneous rocks cool after crystallization, the orientations of the Earth's magnetic field are not always accurately recorded, nor is the record necessarily maintained. Nonetheless, the record has been preserved well enough in basalts of the ocean crust to have been critical in the development of theories of sea floor spreading related to plate tectonics. TRM can also be recorded in pottery kilnshearths, and burned adobe buildings. The discipline based on the study of thermoremanent magnetisation in archaeological materials is called archaeomagnetic dating.

    If the magnetization is acquired as the grains are deposited, the result is a depositional detrital remanent magnetization dDRM ; if it is acquired soon after deposition, it is a post-depositional detrital remanent magnetization pDRM. Chemical remanent magnetization In a third process, magnetic grains grow during chemical reactions, and record the direction of the magnetic field at the time of their formation.

    東北大学総合学術博物館:出版物案内 「研究紀要」

    The field is said to be recorded by chemical remanent magnetization CRM. A common form of chemical remanent magnetization is held by the mineral hematiteanother iron oxide.

    Hematite forms through chemical oxidation reactions of other minerals in the rock including magnetite. Redbedsclastic sedimentary rocks such as sandstones are red because of hematite that formed during sedimentary diagenesis.

    東北大学総合学術博物館:出版物案内 「研究紀要」

    The CRM signatures in redbeds can be quite useful and they are common targets in magnetostratigraphy studies. Remanence Remanence that is acquired at a fixed temperature is called isothermal remanent magnetization IRM. Remanence of this sort is not useful for paleomagnetism, but it can be acquired as a result of lightning strikes.

    Lightning-induced remanent magnetization can be distinguished by its high intensity and rapid variation in direction over scales of centimeters. In the laboratory, IRM is induced by applying fields of various strengths and is used for many purposes in rock magnetism. Viscous remanent magnetization[ edit ].
    The first maps showing volcanic hazard zones on Hawai'i Island were prepared in by U.

    The lava -flow hazards map was reformatted in the s, based on new and more complete geologic mapping and lava flow age-dating by USGS scientists.

    Chemistry of the Earth

    The zones, ranked from 1 through 9, represent a scale of decreasing hazard as the numbers increase, based on the probability of coverage by lava flows. Zone 9, considered the least hazardous region, consists of Kohala, a volcano that has not erupted for 60, years.

    Are the boundaries between lava-flow hazard zones distinct lines? No, the hazard zone boundaries are approximate and gradational. The degree of hazard from one zone to the next is gradual rather than abrupt, and the change can occur over the distance of a mile or more.

    In other words, the boundary between lava -flow hazard zones is not a sharp line that, in one step, you can cross from one zone into the next. Also, within a single hazard zone, the severity of hazard from one location to the next can vary on a scale too fine to map. For example, the hazards posed by lava flows decreases gradually as the distance from eruptive vents increases.

    Due to local topography, however, there can be abrupt changes in the relative lava -flow hazard within a single zone. For example, the hills behind Ninole stand high above the adjacent slopes of Mauna Loa and, consequently, are at a much lower risk from lava flows than the surrounding area.

    Why did the U. The map was designed primarily to provide information for general planning purposes, so that critical community facilities could be sited in the safest possible areas.

    If the map was made for general planning purposes, why were so many building permits issued and so much construction allowed in Zones 1 and 2? While the USGS prepared and made available the Lava -Flow Hazard Zone Map for general information and planning by land-use managers, there is no legislation requiring its use.

    The USGS provides hazard information but cannot advocate for, or require, its usage for a specific purpose. How were the lava-flow hazard zones determined? The hazard zones are based on the locations of probable eruption sites based on past eruption sitesthe likely paths of lava flows erupted from those sites based on topography and the paths of previous lava flowsand the frequency of lava flow inundation of an area over the past several thousand years.

    The hazard zones also take into account structural and topographic features that would affect the direction of lava flows. Our knowledge of past eruptions is based on written records beginning in the early s, oral Hawaiian traditions, and the geologic mapping of, and age-date determinations for, lava flows on each volcano.

    Is it still accurate? Yes, the map is still accurate. The map is intended to communicate long-term lava -flow hazards, rather than short-term hazards, which can change daily during periods of eruptive activity. Hazard assessments are based on the assumption that future eruptions will be similar to those in the past.

    As explained in 7 above, the map reflects long-term lava -flow hazards based on geologic data—the behavior of Hawaiian volcanoes over decades to centuries, the distribution and ages of lava flows and volcanic ventsthe structure of the volcano, and topography. The published Lava -Flow Hazard Zone Map paper copy was not intended to be used at a scale necessary to identify individual parcels on the map.

    However, digital mapping software can offer new options for this determination. Google Earth is an application freely available to anyone who has Internet connectivity.

    東北大学総合学術博物館:出版物案内 「研究紀要」

    More information on how to determine lava -flow hazard zones for specific parcels of land using GIS or Google Earth is provided in a "Volcano Watch" articlewhich is available on the HVO Web site. As stated in 4 above, the map was designed for general planning purposes only. Hazard-zone boundaries are approximate and gradational.

    These boundaries are not specific enough to determine the absolute degree of danger at any particular site. What can a home owner do if a company uses the map to set elevated insurance or mortgage rates?

    A published study indicating the relative risk of lava inundation in Zones 1 and 2 is not available at this time, so inquiries or complaints about increased rates should go to the respective insurance or mortgage companies.

    The question of who will create risk maps for Hawaii and other states with active, or potentially active, volcanoes is currently a topic of great interest.

    Hazard versus Risk A volcanic hazard is defined as a destructive event that can occur in a given area or location, such as a lava flow or a volcanic earthquakealong with the probability of the event's occurrence. It is important to be aware of and understand the hazard, but, in a practical sense, nothing can be done to reduce the hazard itself—in other words, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are beyond human control. Risk, which is quite different from hazard, is defined as the hazard, multiplied by the vulnerability the proportion of some resource, like people or land likely to be affected if the event occurs multiplied, in turn, by the value lives or property threatened.

    Risk can be mitigated—i. Risk assessment and mitigation involve social scientists who have expertise in determining "value" and "vulnerability" as defined in the above formula.

    Example of hazard versus risk: In Washington, Mount St. Helens poses many volcanic hazards, such as lava flows and ash fall, as well as high risk, because nearby and surrounding communities people and associated infrastructure homes, roads, schools, etc. On Jupiter's volcanically active moon, Io, there are abundant volcanic hazards, but no risk, because human lives and property are not threatened by the eruptions. What can a home owner do if a lava-flow hazard zone is used as a reason for non-renewal of a home owner's insurance policy?

    Their Website states that they investigate insurance-related complaints. How does location near a rift zone affect lava-flow hazards? A rift zone is marked by vents through which lava is erupted. In other words, it is the first place that lava appears out of the ground and, therefore, the starting point of lava flows that can then travel downhill.

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    Mauna Loa has a northeast rift zone and a southwest rift zone. Why is an area freshly covered by lava designated as Zone 2, while another area not recently threatened by lava is designated as Zone 1? Lava -flow hazard zones reflect the long-term hazard of lava flows, not the short term hazard.

    Rate of lava coverage—not how recently lava covered an area—is the basis of long-term lava flow hazard. When the eruption began in Januarylava flows immediately and repeatedly covered Zone 1 areas. Zone 2 areas have also been covered by lava during the eruption, but not immediately or repeatedly.

    In other words, it took some time for lava flows to reach Zone 2 areas, and the threat was not continuous—it depended on which direction and how fast the lava flows moved downslope. Lava flows then spared this area for 20 years, until they once again threatened Kalapana Gardens in The most recent lower east rift zone eruptions were in leftwhen one of the vents erupted lava along the southernmost boundary of Leilani Estates, and inwhen lava inundated the village of Kapoho.

    There is evidence of eruptive vents both north and south of Leilani Estates. But, unfortunately, many of the volcanic features indicative of the active rift zone—craters, cinder conessteaming vents—are disguised by lush vegetation or have been removed by quarrying or grading, which leads to a false sense of security. Thus, the Zone 1 designation for the subdivision is appropriate. Have lava-flow hazard zone maps been prepared for the other Hawaiian islands?

    Hawaiian Islands In the Hawaiian Islands, there are six volcanoes classified as active:

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