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    Professor Scott Bromley

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    Professor Scott Bromley

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    Dating in Bromley

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    Porcelain is a term used to refer to high-fired white-bodied clays. These clays are extremely pure and therefore can be subjected to very high firing temperatures, resulting in a dense, vitreous, white, and often translucent paste.

    Porcelain is totally resistant to water absorption, unlike lower-fired ceramics such as earthenwares and whitewares. China marbles were probably introduced in the s, and perhaps even earlier in the century. As with many types of handmade marbles, they originated in Germany. These dates agree well with archaeological evidence, as Chinas have been recovered from contexts dated between Many Chinas were imported to the states from Germany in the second half of the nineteenth century, but this importation had ended bycoinciding with the rise in the American machine-made marble industry.

    Chinas can be either glazed or unglazed, and they may also be either painted or plain. If glazed, the glaze will be under the paint, if present. Chinas with designs under the glaze are modern and are often passed off as old.

    The "glaze" on modern reproduction Chinas usually consists of an acrylic spray or other fixative substance. In general terms, most unglazed Chinas date to the s and before, while most glazed Chinas date to after Several stages of firing occurred depending on the treatment of the Chinas in terms of glazing and decoration.

    All Chinas were air dried following their formation, and then were fired bisque-firing. If painted decorations were applied to the marbles following the bisque-firing, they were then refired at a lower temperature in order to set the paint.

    Glazed Chinas were dipped into a clear glaze and also refired at a lower temperature. If, after the glaze-firing, decorations were added, the marble would requite a third firing at an even lower temperature to soften the glaze and allow the paint to set.

    The color of paint applied to Chinas was limited because many coloring compounds could not survive the final firing of the marbles. In order of decreasing presence, colors found on painted Chinas include brownish red, green, black, orange, blue, pink, yellow, brown, and lavender. A very few possess liquid gold. Most painted decorations on Chinas were applied by hand with a brush.

    Some designs required that the marble remain static during the painting, while others, such as spirals, required that the marble be spinning on a small wheel during the procedure. Infrequently, some designs were stamped or stenciled onto the marble surface.

    The design elements of painted Chinas are varied, and some of them are temporally sensitive and can be dated to a more or less specific period of time. These time periods have been divided into the Early ca. Each of the primary design elements will be discussed in detail below. Lined Chinas There are five basic styles of lined Chinas: Chinas with single sets of narrow parallel lines have only one set of lines, usually three or four lines, that encircle the marble's equator.

    Sometimes the marbles will have flowers, pinwheels, or leafsprays on the poles perpendicular to the lines.

    7 BEST WAYS to Making Money Online 🙂 by Winston Bromley 👓

    These marbles are typically unglazed and mostly date to the period ca. A much more common design element is that of intersecting sets of narrow parallel lines, which resemble the previous type but have an addition set of lines perpendicular to the first, intersecting at the center of the marble.

    This design has the effect of leaving four quadrants open on the marble, and these are usually filled with leafsprays. On rare occasions the two sets of lines are oblique to one another, forming an "x" shape where they intersect, leaving open areas which are filled with leafsprays on two poles.

    More commonly, there will be three sets of intersecting lines, leaving no open areas for the application of other design elements. For the most part, each set of lines will be of a single color, though usually each set is differently colored from one another.

    Most of those with two sets of lines are unglazed and date to the period ca. When there are three sets of lines on glazed examples, orange-green-blue is the most frequently found combination, followed by red-green-black; when the marble is unglazed red-green-black and red-green-blue occur most frequently.

    Chinas with intersecting single lines are similar to those with sets of lines, though there are simply two or rarely three single lines that encircle the equator and intersect with one another. Again, open quadrants are typically decorated with leafsprays. The lines may be narrow or wide. Most of these marbles are unglazed and are early ca. Chinas with intersecting sets of wide and narrow lines have, as the name implies, two or three sets of lines that intersect at right or acute angles.

    However, the lines in individual sets vary in width, and the most common variation has a wide line band paralleled on either side by a narrow line. These marbles are unglazed and presumed early ca. Chinas with single sets of wide and narrow lines are identical to those above but have only one set of lines. These lines encircle the marble's equator leaving two poles that are always decorated with another element, normally pinwheels or flowers.

    The unglazed condition of most of these marbles, together with the fact that they contain early style flowers or pinwheels, indicated that they primarily date the the period ca. Helix Chinas Helix Chinas are similar to lined examples, though on these the lines are continuous. Like spiral Chinas, they were decorated with a brush stroke as the marble revolved on a wheel. Unlike spirals, however, the lines are around the equator and not on the poles. Thus, they are sort of intermediate between lined Chinas and spiral Chinas.

    Helix Chinas can have a single helix or two or three sets of intersecting helix. Most helix Chinas are glazed, and those with three helixes are probably from an earlier period of manufacture than those with two.

    Over time, helixes probably replaced lines on the marbles since the marbles could be decorated more swiftly, as lines were, for the most part, painted on a stationary marble while helixes were made on a spinning wheel. Late Period Glazed China: Helix Bullseye Chinas Bullseye Chinas have sets of concentric rings, and the rings usually occur in pairs, three pairs per marble. Early examples sometimes have a pair of opposing bullseyes or one bullseye opposite to another design element.

    One pervading trait is that all bullseyes have rings of the same color typically black, orange, or greenand no matter how many bullseyes are on a single marble, they will be of the same style. The various styles of bullseyes are discussed below. The "solid eye" motif is one in which the "eye" is a solid-colored dot surrounded by one or two rings.

    They are probably early examples, and are very rare. The "doughnut eye" motif is similar to that of the "solid eye," but rather than having a solid-colored dot, the inner ring is simply wide with an unpainted center. This wide ring will be surrounded by one or two narrower rings. These Chinas are early ca. The "multiple ring" variety is a China in with the bullseyes have five or more rings as compared with the two or three usually seen. The rings will all be the same width.

    These marbles date to the early period. The "overlapping ring" motif is a late style in which the bullseyes have been hastily applied, usually resulting in overlapping of the bullseyes. These Chinas are always glazed. The "opposing eyes" motif is one in which there are only two bullseyes on the marble, always set opposite one another.


    These bullseyes may occur as the "solid eye," "doughnut eye," or "multiple ring" styles. Usually, the marble's equator is filled in with a three-palmate leaf or polychrome flowering wreath pattern see below. These Chinas are unglazed and are early types. Banded Chinas Banded, or striped, Chinas are very rare and were probably made mostly in the ca.

    They are always unglazed. Some have doughnut bullseyes on opposite poles, with so many rings on each bullseye that they meet at the marble's equator. Others have simple bullseyes on either pole, and a set of wide or narrow lines around the equator. Spiral Chinas Spiral Chinas possess a spiraling line on one or both poles. There is usually a band of leaves around the equator to offset the sets of spirals, though on a few examples there is no equatorial decoration.

    When two spirals are present they are always the same color; in decreasing order of frequency the colors are orange, red, black, and blue on glazed examples and red, green, orange, and pink on unglazed examples. When there is only one spiral, the opposite pole normally is decorated with a leafspray.

    Leaves on these Chinas are primarily red or green. Most spiral Chinas are glazed and therefore are assigned to the period ca. Spiral Late Period Unglazed China: Spiral Leaf Chinas Leaves are seldom the defining element of Chinas, but rather were used to fill in spaces left by other designs. The leaves may occur in one of several styles: The most common color is green, followed by red.

    Most Chinas with leaves are unglazed and thus early ca. Leafspray Chinas have either random sets of leaves on them or are found radiating from the quadrants formed by two sets of perpendicular intersecting lines.

    Random Leafsprays often occur as "fillers" on Chinas with other design elements. They will have two or more leaves radiating from a single point, though the leaves seldom touch one another.


    There is a late example in which there is only one leafspray, on the pole opposite a spiral. Leafspray Late Period Glazed China: Leafspray opposite Spiral Garland Chinas are those in which there are linear "chains" of leaves filling each quadrant of a China single intersecting lines or sets of lines.

    Wreath Chinas are those in which two sets of spirals, one on each pole, are separated by an equatorial band of leaves or leafsprays. There is an early variation lacking the spirals, with two sets of intersecting wreathes. Clover Chinas have three or four "V-shaped" or "heart-shaped" leaves extending from a stem.

    They are always unglazed and the clovers are always diametrically opposed and usually separated by an equatorial set of wide and narrow lines. Palmate Chinas consist of a band of three-fan or five-fan leaves around the center of the marble.
    Etymology[ edit ] The place-name 'Beckenham' is first attested in a Saxon charter of as Biohhahema mearc.

    Bromley Boys Official Trailer

    History[ edit ] Central Beckenham, flooded in Although early written history tells little of the area, archaeological evidence at Holwood Park, where Stone Age and Bronze Age artifacts have been found, reveals some evidence of early settlers.

    St George's Church was built in the 12th century. In the Middle Ages, the manor lands were divided: Beckenham still remained a small village until well into the 19th century.

    After he died inhis sons soon became aware that the area in such close proximity to London was ripe for development, especially once the railway had arrived in ; and large villas began to be built around the new station. Wide roads and large gardens epitomised these properties.

    Between then and the early 20th century, further growth of Beckenham took place: Beckenham is a suburb and a town in its own right with a non-bypassed non-pedestrianised high street on a route between the rest of the borough and South London and has spread about its centre on 15 pre houses which are listed buildings. The new Borough status reflected the growth of Beckenham in little less than fifty years.

    Councillors represent various parts of the erstwhile Borough of Beckenham. There is also a Beckenham Town Centre Management, with the aim of coordinating business interests in the town. Around it were the great manorial estates: Beckenham, Kelsey and Langley Halls and Parks.

    The River Ravensbourne flows northwards at the eastern side of the town, towards its confluence with the River Thames. A small stream, the River Beck, passes through the town before joining the Ravensbourne further north. The town's busy high street contains many restaurants and upmarket chains, as well as family-run independents, and the area has a good selection of well performing schools. Landmarks[ edit ] One of the interesting landmarks in Beckenham is the Chinese Garagenow a listed building.

    It is built in an unusual Japanese pagoda style and deals in Peugeot and Kia cars. There is also St George's Churchdating back to but mostly rebuilt at the end of the 19th century. The lych gate dates from the 13th century, and is one of the oldest in England; the almshouses date back to Kelsey Park is another landmark.

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    It was part of the Kelsey Estate, but the mansion no longer remains. The only surviving buildings are the two Grade II listed lodge cottages at the entrance, which are over years old.

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