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    Join one of the fastest growing dating sites!

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    Elections[ edit ] The City has a unique electoral system. Most of its voters are representatives of businesses and other bodies that occupy premises in the City. Its ancient wards have very unequal numbers of voters. In elections, both the businesses based in the City and the residents of the City vote.

    The City of London Corporation was not reformed by the Municipal Corporations Actbecause it had a more extensive electoral franchise than any other borough or city; in fact, it widened this further with its own equivalent legislation allowing one to become a freeman without being a liveryman.

    Inthe City had a population of aboutbut increasing development of the City as a central business district led to this falling to below 5, after the Second World War. Inthe business vote was about 24, greatly exceeding residential voters.

    Uniquely for city or borough elections, its elections remain independent-dominated. The business or " non-residential vote " was abolished in other UK local council elections by the Representation of the People Actbut was preserved in the City of London.

    The principal reason given by successive UK governments for retaining this mechanism for giving businesses representation, is that the City is "primarily a place for doing business". By contrast, opponents of the retention of the business vote argue that it is a cause of institutional inertia.

    Under the new system, the number of non-resident voters has doubled from 16, to 32, Previously disenfranchised firms and other organisations are entitled to nominate voters, in addition to those already represented, and all such bodies are now required to choose their voters in a representative fashion. Bodies employing fewer than ten people may appoint one voter; those employing ten to 50 people one voter for every five employees; those employing more than 50 people ten voters and one additional voter for each 50 employees beyond the first The Act also removed other anomalies which had been unchanged since the s.

    The Temple[ edit ] Inner Temple and Middle Temple which neighbour each other are two of the few remaining libertiesan old name for a geographic division. They are independent extra-parochial areas[32] historically not governed by the City of London Corporation [33] and are today regarded as local authorities for most purposes [34] and equally outside the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Bishop of London. They are within the boundaries and liberties of the City, but can be thought of as independent enclaves.

    They are both part of Farringdon Without. It owns land beyond its boundaries, including open spaces parks, forests and commons in and around Greater London, including most of Epping ForestHampstead Heath. The City has its own independent police force, the City of London Police —the Common Council the main body of the Corporation is the police authority. Founded init is located at Smithfieldand is undergoing a long-awaited regeneration after doubts as to its continuing use during the s.

    The City is the third largest UK patron of the arts. It oversees the Barbican Centre and subsidises several important performing arts companies. The London Port Health Authority, which is the responsibility of the Corporation, is responsible for all port health functions on the tidal part of the Thamesincluding various seaports and London City Airport.

    The City's flag flies over Tower Bridge, although neither footing is in the City. However the boundaries of the City of London no longer coincide with the old city wall, as the City expanded its jurisdiction slightly over time.


    During the medieval era, the City's jurisdiction expanded westwards, crossing the historic western border of the original settlement—the River Fleet —along Fleet Street to Temple Bar. The City also took in the other "City bars" which were situated just beyond the old walled area, such as at Holborn, Aldersgate, Bishopsgate and Aldgate.

    These were the important entrances to the City and their control was vital in maintaining the City's special privileges over certain trades. Dragon statue on the Temple Bar monument, which marks the boundary between the City of London and City of Westminster.

    Most of the wall has disappeared, but several sections remain visible. A section near the Museum of London was revealed after the devastation of an air raid on 29 December at the height of the Blitz.

    Other visible sections are at St Alphageand there are two sections near the Tower of London. The River Fleet was canalised after the Great Fire of and then in stages was bricked up and has been since the 18th century one of London's " lost rivers or streams ", today underground as a storm drain.

    The boundary of the City was unchanged until minor boundary changes on 1 Aprilwhen it expanded slightly to the west, north and east, taking small parcels of land from the London Boroughs of WestminsterCamdenIslingtonHackney and Tower Hamlets. The main purpose of these changes was to tidy up the boundary where it had been rendered obsolete by changes in the urban landscape. In this process the City also lost small parcels of land, though there was an overall net gain the City grew from 1.

    Most notably, the changes placed the then recently developed Broadgate estate entirely in the City. The City's administrative responsibility there had in practice disappeared by the mid- Victorian period as various aspects of metropolitan government were extended into the neighbouring areas.

    Today it is part of the London Borough of Southwark. The Tower of London.
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    Where to Stay in London for Sightseeing

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    The rise of 'chemsex' on London's gay scene - BBC News

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