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    In Stars from Homefrequently. Usually done by Scott and Alex, and attributed to them if it isn't—Doug mimics Alex by doing this, and it's mentioned that Ororo learned it from Scott. And he even manages to dodge the sniper's next bullet too.

    Cross does this to Robin when she asks him to help zip her up. During an encounter with an octopi kingdom, one of them gets mad at the Straw Hats and raises its tentacle. Vivi attempts to translate the sign language, but Cross tells her he can tell that gesture is universal.

    Ultimately, their conversation goes south and Drake leaves in a huff, pretending not to notice that his Dragonite gives the finger to the old man. The Genetic Opera One of the earliest examples of this in a mainstream film would be The Miracle Womana Frank Capra drama made in in other words, prior to the implementation of The Hays Codewhich has a scene where the chauffeur of Barbara Stanwyck 's title character does this to their boss. An even earlier example comes in Harold Lloyd 's silent comedy Speedywhich has a scene where Lloyd does this to his own reflection in a funhouse mirror.

    Nothing Sacred uses this for a pretty amazing joke in Hazel is attending a fancy stage show where the performers are dressed like great women of history. One is Katinka, "the Dutch girl who stuck her finger in the dike. The page image comes from the final shot of Crank: As the caption says, main character Chev Chelios finally gets to return the favor after repeated occurrences of, " Fuck you, Chelios!

    Dileep Rao does get a second shot at bird-flipping villains before doing something awesome in Inception. The Quickeninga random bar patron flips Connor off right before bashing him over the head with a bottle. In Ghost Riderthe titular hero escapes the cops by jumping off a bridge and into a river.

    Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden are Dating

    He quickly flips them off as they look after him. In the movie My Science Project, one guy flips off an asshat honking at him from behind In Problem Child 2, Junior Healey is driving his dad home, and an unseen driver cuts him off. The kid knows how to make use of "the highway salute".

    Pet DetectiveAce acts like enough of an asshole to one of the roster of the Miami Dolphins that the player flips him off in response. His reason for doing this is to get a good look at his championship ring, as he's trying to find one with a missing stone. He is smoking at the time, which makes it hard to spot. Man, this floor is freezing! What do you want me to do?

    Fetch your slippers for you? Gee, would you, sir? Apone points at his own eye with his middle finger Apone: Look into my eye. A variation in Another Cinderella Story: I didn't even see you standing there. It's like you were totally invisible.

    Films 2 and 3 of the Austin Powers trilogy had examples of this, both of which involved Mini-Me. One of the aliens in Bad Taste does this on the movie poster.

    Peter Jacksonyou mad genius you. Vampires clad in full-body protective gear enter a tomb in the desert.

    Meet Single Motorcycle Women On Biker Dating Sites

    Before going in, one of them flips the bird at the sun. The first film has two examples of this. The first one was when a Toros cheerleader flipped off her ex-boyfriend after they lost a game.

    Benji madden dating now

    The second had the main character's little brother doing it after being taunted for sneaking into the girl's locker room. Missy does one after a Toros cheerleader mockingly points out that tattoos aren't allowed. She rubs off the "tattoo" with her middle finger. I especially like the trumpet. Ash in Evil Dead 2 gets this from his own demon-possessed severed hand.

    There is a great, big, humongous honking booger in your left nostril I suggest you use this finger to get it out! The younger sister of the heroine in Final Destination 3 flashes the double-deuce when her big sister takes her picture at the amusement park. In Groundhog Dayin at least one loop, Phil does a countdown to filming on his fingers, the middle finger being used for "one". In Guardians of the GalaxyPeter Quill jokingly does this, using the 'crank' method, to a couple of Nova Corps members through a window while he's being detained.

    In the theatrical release which was rated PGit goes completely uncensored. One character does this in Liar Liar.

    The FW Middle Chamber

    In Beanthe biker gave the bird to Mr. Bean while taking a picture of him and giving him a thumbs up from the car. Unaware of the gesture, Mr. Bean gives the bird to everyone he passes by.

    The first movie of The Naked Gun series has a memorable scene where a driver instructor played by John Houseman deadpanly instructs his meek girl student, "All right, Stephanie, gently extend your arm. Extend your middle finger. Well done" in response to a fellow driver angry at her for driving the wrong way on a one-way street.

    The girl feels truly empowered after this.

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    In one of the Police Academy movies, a snarky guy flips off a mounted police officer twice, once vertically and again horizontally i.

    Road Trip had a blind girl giving Seann William Scott's character the bird after he feeds her seeing-eye dog a Slim Jim. In School of Rockafter finding out that he's being booted from his own band, Jack Black holds up three fingers. All right, hands up. You're under arrest for illegal parking! The titular villains use a slight variation of the bras d'honneur as a salute. Which means they greet their President played by Mel Brooks with an insult, which he then returns in kind.

    Chuco a Maravilla gang member does this to Escalante in an attempt to be clever. Escalante does him one bettershowing him how to quickly multiply by nine on his fingers. Throughout the movie, the alien tries to learn human customs and sayings, and when to use them. At a gas station, he gives a trucker a thumbs up in the men's room and tells him to "take it easy," having learned the gesture from the station attendant.

    The trucker flips Starman off and says, "Up yours. One of them yells out, "Take it easy! Top Gun had Maverick and Goose tell the story of when they "flipped the bird" at a Soviet pilot at the beginning of the film.

    Maverick originally decides to refer to it euphemistically "improving international relations" until Goose both explains and demonstrates the gesture by flipping off the officers holding the briefing. The protagonists have decided to make a run for the bulldozer so they can make their escape, but they need something to distract the man-eating Graboids away from them.

    Melvin an annoying minor character is nearby. Hey, Melvin, you wanna make a buck? The title character and Sistah Girl are being chased by two security guards in golf carts. The guards try to warn some senior citizens also in golf carts to clear out of the way, and one elderly woman gives them The Finger.

    Roddy Piper does this in They Live as he lies dying, having exposed the true, unpleasant form of the aliens. Tamara does this to her now ex-boyfriend who had tried to leave her dead, as she climbs into a secret compartment of the ship, now leaving him for dead in return. In X-MenWolverine flips Cyclops off with one of his claws during the climax.

    He also does it to Gambit in X-Men Origins: X-Men UnitedMystique flips off Stryker and his soldiers as she escapes them by sliding behind a locking gate. This is Deadpool's reaction to a motorcycled mook putting a bullet-hole into his arm. When he decides to cut his own wrist in order to escape from Colossus's manacle, Deadpool leaves his severed hand in a flipping-the-bird position as a parting gift to the X-Man.

    In Scott Pilgrim vs. The Worlddrummers seem to like this gesture. Kim flips off Gideon before the Sex Bob-Omb plays, and does it by using her middle finger to rub under her eye. Earlier before the Matthew Patel fight, the drummer flips Wallace off. Cobra member Firefly from G. Retaliation flips both middle fingers after this line: So, you still have all 10 fingers?

    In RoboCopRobo himself offers a version of The Finger when a technician insists that Robocop is not allowed in the computer records room. Granted, it was only a data probe, but its position on Robocop's hand gives it a dual-purpose role. Agent Smith offers Neo a deal in the interrogation room scene: That sounds like a really good deal.

    But I got a better one.
    Create New The Urbz: Set after the events of The Sims Bustin' Out, the player controls an "Urb" this game's version of a Sim who have just moved out from their parent's home to Urbzville.

    Starting out as a nobody, our main character must explore the 9 different districts spread in the city, befriend the locals, and earn reputation points to climb up the social ladder. In addition to the usual gameplay of fulfilling the Urb's basic needs, the player must complete certain assignments, such as learning mini-game skills, mastering a job, defeating villains, using a Power Social, or otherwise fulfill various tasks from the town citizens to accomplish their goal.

    The Urbz provides examples of the following tropes: All Bikers Are Hells Angels: Gasoline Row depicts the biker culture, and the residents all look like members of a motorcycle gang. The district tagline is "bad girls and tough guys". All There in the Manual: A lot of the characters' information are only mentioned on the game's now defunct official site. According to the page, the main character's "Official" name is Jayde. Neon East is clearly inspired by Japan's Anime culture, and is famous for the sushi bar and the bright neon colours of the residents' hair and clothes.

    Bit Part Bad Guys: Urbzville has a crime problem, and it's being entirely caused by three unpleasant people. Each of these people will haunt three districts, mugging the locals, terrorizing them for kicks, and go after the player for as long as these thugs are around. They won't stop until a Power Social from the district is used on them, causing them to leave the area alone for good.

    The Black Eyed Peas provided a few of the game's soundtracks and their 5 members appear as residents of the district Cozmo Street. Changing Clothes Is a Free Action: You can spend real-life hours in the clothing store or wardrobe to pick out new outfits, and no in-game time would have elapsed when you're done. Each district has their own club, where all the residents go at night to party until the sun comes up. They all have furniture that is absolutely fantastic for fulfilling an Urb's needs, and only in these clubs will Darius give the player Power Socials.

    However, they're all guarded by a Bouncer to make sure uncool people i. Actually enforced by the game mechanics. All districts have relationships with one another, and their residents act accordingly to those dressed in that district's style.

    Some districts are friendly to each other, such as Neon East people getting along with anyone from Cozmo Street. An Urb will have a harder time socializing if they're in the wrong clothes for the area; one example is a person dressed in Diamond Heights fashion, which is extremely expensive formal attire, trying to socialize in Gasoline Row or Central Station. The residents of both areas dislike people from Diamond Heights and will reject an Urb trying to socialize with them, and perform mean actions on anyone wearing such outfits.

    Bustin' Out, which is a prequel to this game. His character's official Bio even mentions that he hates being called "Dudley". Both ladies sport orangish-blonde Girlish Pigtailsare bubbly and free-spirited in personality, and loves pink. Their outfits are of a similar style as well. Getting Crap Past the Radar: Just like the original however it's more simplified due to a lack of dating, child-rearing, or aging. Mazuiko Jackson, which is fitting for a resident from the Anime-inspired district, Neon East.

    No Celebrities Were Harmed: No Hugging, No Kissing: You can kiss characters however you can't date anyone or have Woo-Hoo. Oddball in the Series: Contrasts with the main series with its stylistic art design, quicktime events, lack of romance, and characteristics - such as reputation and Celebrity Endorsement - that wouldn't reappear until The Sims 3.

    One of the villains, Urangoo McBain have a punk styled appearance and is known to be very violent and short-tempered. Urbzville, a small town divided into 9 districts of differing sub-cultures, each with its own unique style and quirks.

    Skate Heaven Is a Place on Earth: True Art Is Angsty: As one of them would say: I take young idealistic artists and turn them into young nihilistic artists. Like its parent series, the character's clothes, accessory and hairstyle can be customized at any time.

    Uncensored Free Movies XXX Free XXX Links

    In this game, the trope is enforced, as the main character must change into matching district-specific outfits when they visit the place for the first time. Wealth's in a Name: Unsurprisingly, he is a resident of the glamorous, high-end district of Diamond Heights. You Gotta Have Blue Hair: The main character's default appearance is a girl with purple hair.

    It can be customized to any colour, though. Everyone in Neon East, except for Venus, have outrageously coloured hair. Mazuiko, Chewy and Loop has blue hair, while Sara has pink hair. One of the district villains, Kiki Blunt, has green hair.
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