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    Culture Name

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    The Philippine Registry of Cultural Property (PRECUP)

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    All mosques in the Philippines were constructed through the indigenous pagoda architectural style until the 18th or 17th century, when Arabian mosque architecture were imported by pilgrims.

    The Philippine mosque pagoda style is now considered an endangered architectural style in the country. Subsequent settlements by Arab missionaries traveling to Malaysia and Indonesia helped strengthen Islam in the Philippines and each settlement was governed by a DatuRajah and a Sultan. Islamic provinces founded in the Philippines included the Sultanate of MaguindanaoSultanate of SuluSultanate of Lanao and other parts of the southern Philippines.

    By the next century conquests had reached the Sulu islands in the southern tip of the Philippines where the population was Buddhist and Hindu and they took up the task of converting the animistic population to Islam with renewed zeal. By the 15th century, half of Luzon Northern Philippines and the islands of Mindanao in the south had become subject to the various Muslim sultanates of Borneo and much of the population in the almost of South were converted to Islam.

    However, the Visayas was largely dominated by Hindu - Buddhist societies led by rajahs and datus who strongly resisted Islam.

    One reason could be the economic and political disasters preeuropean Muslim pirates from the Mindanao region brought during raids. These frequent attacks gave way to naming present-day Cebu as then-Sugbo or scorched earth which was a defensive technique implemented by the Visayans so the pirates had nothing much to loot.

    The Muslim conquest reached as far as the Kingdom of Tondo which was supplanted by Brunei's vassal-state the Kingdom of Maynila. He subjugated the Kingdom of Tondo which is ruled by Rajah Sukwu during The aftermath of the battle was the formation of an alliance between the newly established Kingdom of Guihulngan Selurong and the Sultanate of Bruneito crush the power of the Kingdom of Tondo and the subsequent installation of the Pro-Islamic Rajah Sulaiman into power.

    He also started to established a trading challenge to the already rich House of Rajah Lakandula in Tondo. Islam was further strengthened by the arrival of Muslim traders and from JoloMindanaoMalaysia and Indonesia.

    Philippine National Heroes

    These Muslims allegedly followed the Badjao school in the Chinese language. The Muslims seek to establish an independent Islamic province in Mindanao to be named Bangsamoro. The term Bangsamoro is a combination of an Old Malay word meaning nation or state with the Spanish word Moro which means Muslim. Conflicts and rebellion have continued in the Philippines from the pre-colonial period up to the present.

    Other related issue with the Moro secession is the territorial dispute of eastern Sabah in Malaysia which claimed by the Sultanate of Sulu as their territory. The Moros have a history of resistance against Spanish, American, and Japanese rule for over years. The violent armed struggle against the JapaneseFilipinosSpanishand Americans is considered by current Moro Muslim leaders as part of the four centuries long "national liberation movement" of the Bangsamoro Muslim Nation.

    It used to be the largest royal palace built in the Philippines. A campaign to faithfully re-establish it in Maimbung town has been ongoing since A very small replica of the palace was made in a nearby town in the 's, but it was noted that the replica does not mean that the campaign to reconstruct the palace in Maimbung has stopped as the replica does not manifest the true essence of a Sulu royal palace.

    InMaimbung was officially designated as the royal capital of the Sultanate of Sulu by the remaining members of the Sulu royal family. Almost all Sulu royals who have died since the 19th century up to the present have been buried around the palace grounds. Inthe Maradika Qur'an of Bayang was declared as a National Cultural Treasure, the first Islamic manuscript in the Philippines to be declared as such.

    They cited the complete difference in cultures and customary ways of life as the primary reason for their separation from the Muslims of mainland central Mindanao. They also called the government to establish a separate Philippine state, called Bangsa Sug, from mainland Bangsa Moro or to incorporate the Sulu archipelago to whatever state is formed in the Zamboanga peninsula, if ever federalism in the Philippines is approved in the coming years.

    It is the only region that has its own government. The regional capital is at Cotabato Cityalthough this city is outside of its jurisdiction. However, these are not part of the ARMM. Indigenous tribal art from the Philippines[ edit ] An Indigenous tribal food jar also known as gadur, well known for its brass with silver inlay A chest made of wood and bone inlay Lutealso known as kutyapi Saddle panel, wood with shell inlay Saddle panel, wood with shell inlay Jaw harp handle, horn with brass studs Agung.
    What do I need to know about verbal and non-verbal communications?

    Filipinos are fond of non-verbal communications. They use hand gestures, pursing of lips, raising of eyebrows and their eyes to communicate.


    They are less dependent on spoken words. Even their smile has various meanings. A smile is not always meant to convey happiness but can mask embarrassment, nervousness of feelings of insecurity. If they do not want to respond to a question, they may just smile. Parents and other elders are never addressed on a first name basis.

    The Philippine Registry of Cultural Property (PRECUP)

    Handshake is acceptable for both male and female except for Muslim women. So do not be offended if women do not accept your handshake. They may just smile or vow their head as an acknowledgement. Most Filipinos have nicknames, which they use in the work-place but it is advisable to refer to them more formally with their office title, such as Director, Attorney, and others.

    Philippine National Hero Jose Rizal

    In the work place, a lot of acronyms are used, so familiarity with acronyms will also be useful. Filipinos have a unique sense of humour. They are able to laugh or make jokes, in good or bad times. They can even laugh at their own mistakes. The use of cell phone is the number one means of communication in the Philippines. It is not uncommon to see someone texting while in meetings.

    Government of Canada navigation bar

    You can require that cell phones be turned off during meetings just like in the churches. The Philippines recently had Presidential elections in May and while politics may come up in conversation, as a foreigner it is recommended to steer away from this topic. Cultural Information - Display of Emotion Question: Are public displays of affection, anger or other emotions acceptable? Modest display of affection like holding hands and putting an arm around the shoulders are acceptable in the Philippines.

    Public displays of anger and other strong emotions are not acceptable. But such outbursts of emotion are deeply resented. Indications of resentment are through non-verbal communications - reduced interaction with the person, absence in work-related social gatherings and even unwillingness to initiate informal communications.

    Rural and Muslim-dominated areas tend to be more conservative and public affection may not be acceptable. Public displays of anger are not appropriate or any other emotion that causes someone to lose face.

    What should I know about the workplace environment deadlines, dress, formality, etc. In office settings, punctuality and timeliness are practiced.

    Filipina Dating Sites Scams

    It is important to crosscheck status of projects or activities way before the deadline to clarify expectations and progress along the line. This can be best achieved through informal chats over lunch from time to time.

    Select country

    Overtime work is generally a normal occurrence and Filipinos are used to rendering overtime in order to meet a work deadline. Daily wear in the business work place is relatively informal short sleeves and smart casual wear. Most offices take the lead from senior officer in charge or office supervisors. Ladies tend to be well dressed but formal business suits are not required. However, in meetings, slightly more formal attire is appropriate. At very formal gatherings such as cultural, business, and other formal public events, long sleeve barong Tagalog Filipino suit or formal suit may be appropriate.

    However, colleagues are often addressed by first name. Conservative dress is expected though the degree of formality differs depending on the workplace. In general, the dress code is relatively informal.

    In meetings with dignitaries or government representatives it is generally expected to be more formal though this does not necessarily mean a suit, usually a dress shirt. Outside of the main cities dress is relatively casual and it is common for staff to wear jeans and polo shirts. While punctuality is appreciated, activities and meetings rarely start on time. In Manila in particular, significant traffic may cause delays which is a widely shared challenge.

    There is not a general acceptance of working from home, and many people travel long distances through heavy traffic in order to get to work. As such, a degree of flexibility is expected with start and end times. The workweek is Monday to Friday, though in some industries there may also be an expectation to work part of Saturday. If there are government representatives or foreigners in the meeting the structure is often quite formal with a number of preliminaries which sometimes includes prayer, an opening address and sometimes brief speeches from key players before getting into the business of the day.

    As a foreigner it may be expected that you will say a few words of introduction and appreciation. How will I know how my staff view me? Filipinos value their work so they are generally cautious and not risk-takers. Generally, Filipino subordinates will not volunteer information on how they view the supervisor unless directly informed that the supervisor is open to suggestions. Level of education is highly regarded, and degrees from foreign universities are particularly respected.

    An ability to coach and provide feedback without being critical is also appreciated, helping staff to build capacity in a way that is engaging and empowering. If you are working outside of the main cities, team members may have travelled from different parts of the country to live and work where your operation is located. This means that they are often living away from family and friends and strive to forge strong bonds with their work mates who become their family away from home.

    There is a tendency to work long hours and have little separation from the work environment and so it is especially important as a manager to understand these dynamics and foster a supportive work place.

    It is challenging at times to know how staff view you, especially as there is a tendency to avoid directness and hesitation to address issues or concerns. However, the more you engage with your staff, build trust and foster strong relationships, the more likely they will be to speak openly with you.

    In the workplace, how are decisions taken and by whom? Is it acceptable to go to my immediate supervisor for answers or feedback?

    There is an expectation that one would respect the structure of hierarchy in an office setting. So supervisors expect that matters are discussed with them first instead of with their subordinates. It is acceptable and expected that employees approach their immediate supervisor and not the upper management for answers or feedback. Filipinos put a tremendous value on consensus.

    They prefer decision-making within the group and to solicit advice from someone senior in position, social standing, or age. While discussions are held to collectively reach certain decisions, the general pattern of decision-making is still a top-down approach. In general, it is acceptable to go to your immediate supervisor for answers or feedback.

    The hierarchy and decision making of an organization varies widely depending on the type and size of business. Gender, Class, Religion and Ethnicity. What impact would the above attitudes have on the workplace?

    The Philippines has a matriarchal society. Women occupy high positions in society, politics, the academe and in the professional world. The Philippines have had two lady Presidents. While there is gender equality in the Philippines, there is great appreciation for gentlemanly manners of giving way to women while walking or offering seats. Based on income and wealth, Filipinos, can generally be classified into upper class, middle class and the lower class or the poor.

    While the very rich or upper class comprise of a very small percentage of the population, they own or earn the majority of the wealth of the country. A sizable amount of Filipinos employed overseas are able to sustain their family through overseas remittance. The Philippines is predominantly Roman Catholic. There are Catholic Chapels and Mosques in the shopping malls.

    Dating site for Expats in Germany

    During those times, people are involved in church activities and family life so do not expect them to do business or work. The Philippines is one of the most ethnically diverse population in the world. With 7, islands, about eleven languages and eighty-seven dialects are spoken in the Philippines.

    There are strong ties for people of the same ethnic groups. There are also varied pockets of indigenous population in remote hilly and mountain areas. However, there is still work to be done to achieve true gender equality, and it is particularly challenging to address among families with limited resources who tend to prioritize opportunities for their sons over their daughters.

    Filipino society can be broadly categorized into three classes; the powerful and affluent elite, the small but growing middle class, and the lower class.

    The poor and lower income classes make up over a half of the households of the Philippines but account for less than a quarter of the wealth.

    Filipina Dating Sites Scams

    The Philippines is a deeply religious country, with a large majority of the population being Roman Catholic. There are a number of other Christian groups along Hindus, Buddhists and non-religious groups. Religion is extremely important to Filipinos, and it permeates many aspects of both personal and work life. Prayers are common before events, conferences and some meetings.

    Sunday is a day for religion and family and it is disrespectful to ask someone to work this day. The Philippines is one of the most diverse countries in terms of ethnicity. Ethnic identity is based on a number of factors, two of the most significant being regionality and language. While Filipino based on Tagalog and English are the national language, the Philippines has over different languages. Locals often speak their mother tongue depending on what region they are from amongst one another but will switch to Filipino or English depending on who is present.

    It is also common to hear mixing both English and Filipino.

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