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    SSC Scientific assistant Result IMD Cut off and Merit List

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    The Top 10 Free Online Dating Sites For 2015 - Best Free Dating Websites List

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    Dost4Date : Free online dating (Viewed by Latasa from Bangalore)

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    During the season, rainfall was not well distributed in time. IMD's long range forecasts for the monsoon onset over Kerala and for the southwest monsoon season rainfall over the country as a whole, central India and NW India proved to be correct. Southwest monsoon advanced over south Andaman Sea and parts of southeast Bay on 26th May, about one week behind the normal date.

    It advanced over some parts of southeast and southwest Bay, and entire Andaman Sea on 28th. On 31 May, it advanced over east central Bay and some more parts of south Bay.

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    Southwest monsoon advanced over Kerala on 5 June as a weak current, about 4 days later than its normal date. Monsoon covered some more parts of peninsular India on 8 June. However, there was an extended hiatus in advancement of monsoon from 9 to 15 June. During this period, due to the prevalence of anomalous anticyclone over central India, severe heat wave conditions prevailed over many parts of the country, especially over Orissa and coastal Andhra Pradesh.

    Monsoon advanced over northeast India only on 16 June, almost two weeks behind its normal date. From 18 June, monsoon advanced along the west coast and by 21 June it covered the Konkan and parts of Gujarat state. On 24 June, monsoon progressed rapidly into remaining parts of Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and parts of Madhya Pradesh. Further advance of southwest monsoon was swift and it covered the entire country on 30 June about 2 weeks ahead of its normal date.

    During the periodonly on 7 occasions,and monsoon covered the entire country in June itself. The systems that formed over the Bay of Bengal followed almost a normal track along the monsoon trough across central India and adjoining Gangetic Plains. These systems resulted in persistent rainfall activity leading to flooding over Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Maharashtra and Interior parts of Karnataka.

    Out of these low pressure areas, five developed into monsoon depressions and one into a cyclonic storm. This is for the first time afterthat a low pressure system intensified into a cyclonic storm during September.

    In June, one depression formed over northeast Arabian Sea and adjoining Saurashtra and Kutch, which moved west-northwestwards and was short-lived. Another depression formed over land Gangetic west Bengal in June, which moved west-northwestwards and dissipated over Uttar Pradesh. On 29 July, another depression formed over northwest Bay of Bengal which moved in a west-northwest direction all the way to east Rajasthan and neighbourhood and dissipated as a low pressure area. In the second week of September, one depression formed over northwest Bay, which moved west-northwestwards across central India.

    A depression, which formed over Northeast Arabian sea September moved inland and caused heavy rainfall in Gujarat State. A low pressure area formed over Northeast Bay on 17 September drifted south-westwards and intensified into a cyclonic storm. This system crossed the north Andhra coast near Kalingapatnam resulting in heavy rainfall over Andhra Pradesh and parts of Maharashtra, Gujarat and subsequently over northwest India. In August, rainfall activity was subdued over the country.

    The monsoon trough remained close to the foothills during the second and fourth week. The offshore trough along the west coast was also absent during the month.

    On 27 July, an unprecedented heavy rainfall of It was a devastating rainstorm that crippled the lifeline infrastructure at Mumbai for days together. Presence of a well marked low pressure area over Madhya Pradesh, marked offshore trough at the surface along the west coast and a well marked east-west oriented shear line in the lower troposphere must have contributed to a favourable setting for the enhanced meso-scale convection around Mumbai on that day.

    Due to the late onset and advancement of monsoon, rainfall activity during the first three weeks of June was subdued.

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    However, monsoon became active by third week of June and continued to be so till the end of July. Towards the end of first week of September, monsoon revived again, improving the rainfall scenario in most parts of the country. Month-wise distribution of rainfall departures is given in Fig. The cumulative rainfall from 1 June to 30 September was excess in 9 meteorological sub-divisions, normal in 23 meteorological sub-divisions and deficient in 4 sub-divisions.

    The sub-division wise cumulative rainfall distribution is shown in Fig. The revival of monsoon during the second week of September improved the rainfall situation. Large rainfall deficiency was observed during the first three weeks of June, whole of August and the first week of September. Rainfall over the country as a whole was excess during the last week of June, most of July, and second and third week of September.

    The southwest monsoon rainfall June to September for the period 1 June to 30 September for the country as a whole and the four broad homogeneous regions are as follows:
    Indian dating sites are the best way to find someone special in your life. These online dating sites in india are booming and you should join them too. So it's time to try something new. Look for different people on the internet, get to know about them and if you find them interesting then start dating them.

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    The profiles are human verified, so there is no chance of finding a fake profile. To connect with someone you need to spend money Rs for 7 invites. Now before you start cursing their system let me first clear your doubts. By adding this amazing filter of paid invites, they have removed the biggest drawback in dating apps in India, that is girls getting too many invites. Only people who are seriously interested in the other person if they're like their interste and all will they send the invite.

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    Tinder A one stop for all the people who want to date someone matching their interest. And if you are the one who is looking for someone to hook up with then this is the right place for you. Tinder is the first swiping apps in which swiping right means liking and swiping left means moving to the next one.

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    You can interact with them via chat or personalized messages. Some of the remarkable features that it has are Photo filtering options, filtering unwanted profiles, content filtration option blocking and reporting suspected profiles, etc. Join QuackQuack now and start quacking.

    Happn You leave your house, cross different people on your way to work or university. Then why look up for anyone else instead catch up with the one whom you cross on a daily basis. Let's make it happen with happn. Happn is an online dating site with a different concept wherein every time you cross path with a happn member in real life; their profile will show up on the timeline.

    And what if you want to connect with someone who just crossed your path? You can check their profile anytime on happn and connect with them. Show interest in someone by not even letting them know just by clicking heart button.

    You can even send messages to people, but the good thing is that the people whom you don't like will not be able to send you messages. Woo A Desi Indian dating app which lets you connect to Desi people based on interests.

    Woo recommends people based on your location and interest. If you both show interest in each other by liking or swiping right then, it's a match, and you will be steered to a chat room. And if you really like someone and want to connect to them even before getting a match then send a crush, and you will be able to send a direct message. With WooPlus, you can also see that who visited your profile. Download it now to find your match and experience the most fantastic and simple user interface.

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