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    The Top 10 Free Online Dating Sites For 2015 - Best Free Dating Websites List

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    Senior Dating Over 40 Dating MatureFreeAndSingle

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    For the Golfer there are 6 courses are within 30 minutes drive, including the excellent local Helmsdale 9 hole course. For the highly active perhaps panning for local Gold?

    Helmsdale and Navidale are also the best places in Scotland to collect Jurassic Fossils. Geologists have constantly been fascinated by the strange boulder beds for many years, and still questions remain unanswered to how many beds were formed. Fantastic sunset or sunrise? The morning sun from the cottage April Their scenery varies from wild cliffs and tiny islands to lonely moorland and remote golden sandy beaches. You will find Majestic castles like Dunrobin, Mey, Old Wick and Girnigoe, dozens of ancient monuments, quality tweeds and woollens, whisky distilleries such as Clynelish Distillery.

    Plus tree-lined twisting roads and foaming rivers. The pool systems and patterned bogs of the Flow Country are very important breeding grounds for rare birds and wildlife. Helmsdale centrally located offers unlimited opportunities for the explorer…how much time do you have available and what would you like to see?

    Favourite Walks — within 1 mile of easy walking uphill or downhill from Sea View Cottage you can enjoy these amazing views below Or in a Westerley direction to huge mountains and isolated Lochs like Loch Shin and the rewarding Salmon and Trout rivers of Sutherland and Wester Ross.

    Or you can head south to the wonderful mysterious Black Isle renowned for its scenic beauty and mild dry climate and easily as far as Loch Ness in around 2 hours. White-fronted Geese overwinter in nearby Loch Mey. Except for the cliff breeding colonies, there are birds in residence year-round. But please follow the birdwatchers and countryside codes. Please do not disturb nesting birds, and take care in sensitive areas.

    Please be very careful and discrete with any information you have been told or on species you discover, this information should only be passed on to the RSPB Etive House, Beechwood Park, Inverness and not put into the public domain. Careless talk can put at risk the birds that you have enjoyed watching. The reserve is open at all times; visitor centre is open Easter to end of October, daily 9 am to 5. It is a must for all nature lovers and is easily reached from Helmsdale up the delightful strath of Kildonan either in by car, bike or train from Helmsdale station to Forsinard station.

    The harbour was built in the years fromand extended in and again in Clearances took place right across the Highlands and Islands, but those perpetrated by the first Duke of Sutherland in this area were amongst the most notorious. Helmsdale grew as a planned village fromlaid out on a grid pattern by the Sutherland Estates. Some of the cleared were resettled in Helmsdale, as an alternative to being shipped to the colonies or to North America. The aim was to create a community able to live from both fishing and farming, and, in particular take advantage of the herring boom then in full swing.

    A more recent attraction in Helmsdale is the Timespan Heritage Centre. The museum here gives an insight into the colourful history of Helmsdale and the surrounding area particularly the gold rush ofwhich focused on two tributaries of the Helmsdale River in Strath Kildonan.

    Just like Loch Ness it is believed to be the home of deep mysterious creatures. The Golden sands of the Kyle of Tongue and North Coast The kyle of Tongue is a wildlife paradise — look out for seabirds, eagles, ptarmigans, otters, seals, red deer and enjoy whale and porpoise spotting.

    The area offers wonderful unspoilt game fishing with great yields in a long list of local lochs and rivers, particularly the Naver, Borgie Strathy, Forss and Halladale. Fabulous walking, hillwalking and mountain climbing you can see the Orkneys from the summit of Ben Hope on a clear day! This quiet location attracts lovers of the outdoors throughout the year from Hill-walkers and beachcombers to naturalists, fishers, Historians, geologists, photographers and artists.

    Dunnet heads famous lighthouse left one of the locals. There are more than 70 islands in the Orcadian Archipelago…. The River Shin is one of the great Salmon rivers in Scotland, with the fresh, clear water — coloured slightly brown due to the natural peaty soil of the landscape — creating perfect conditions for the Atlantic Salmon, and other fish that thrive in a constant flow of fresh water. This most natural feature enthralls visitors lucky enough to witness the many Atlantic Salmon as they battle upstream at the Falls to return to their place of birth in Loch Shin and spawn the next generation.

    There are also countless river and forest walks, BBQ, gift shop, restaurant and a mini golf course. This huge cave set into limestone cliffs is more than feet long and feet wide and 50 feet high at the entrance! The cave has been carved by successive episodes of high sea level over the past several hundred years. The huge entrance, the largest cave entrance in the British Isles is more than 15 meters high and leads into a chamber more than 60 meters long and 40 meters wide.

    The second chamber, containing the waterfall, is about 21 meters by 9 meters and can be viewed from a specially constructed platform, the third chamber is accessible only by a small boat. The Smoo burn Allt Smoo drops nearly 25 meters into the second chamber down a vertical shaft, the Falis Smoo or chimney Smoo as the as the sink hole in the roof is called.

    The burn cascades into a deep pool with a depth of around eight meters. After heavy rain, the Allt Smoo is changed into a raging torrent that crashes into the underground lochan with a gigantic roar. Wester Ross and Ross-shire Just a couple of hours drive away — here to you can find riches beyond your wildest dreams here and Pictures that tell a thousands of words.

    Again within a day you easily can tour Wester Ross and the beautiful landscape of the north-west Highlands So where do we start…Should we tell you about the more famous attractions of Wester Ross such as Inverewe gardens, and the Victorian Spa town of Strathpeffer, or about the scenery, the mountains, or maybe the golf-course or the gardens.

    What about the traditional music, or the fishing, and the walking? Have you ever seen the sunsets, the wildlife, the birds, the history, genealogy. Or perhaps you prefer the sea, the sailing, a kayak trip, the beaches? Maybe you fancy the swimming pool, the sports centre, the cycling? Have you tasted the prawns, the mussels, the lobsters? Are you for a wee dram…?

    Chanonry Point is certainly worth a visit as it is reputed to be one of the best spots in the UK to view Bottlenose dolphins Tursiops truncatus from the land. The dolphins are often visible off Chanonry point, particularly on an incoming tide when they play and fish in the strong currents.

    Other wildlife, including porpoises and grey seals, can also regularly be spotted. European otters Lutra lutra are occasional visitors. The largest body of Freshwater in Britain, over 25 miles long, over a 1 mile wide and more than metres deep. In AD the first recorded entry of a sighting was made by St. To the genuine cine film sequence taken by Tim Dinsdale in There were also others like Roy Mackal and Robert Rines, plus a regular supply of Sonar and Radar readings picking up strong mid-water contacts in the Loch.

    There have also been many hoaxers and show men to add to the confusion. Original calculations put the the tonnage of fish living in the Loch at around 3 tons, hardly enough to support a large creature!

    Helmsdale has its own testing 9 hole course. Within 30 mins are another 4 courses in particular Royal Dornoch — another Links course made famous by Tom Watson and further a field further Championship courses such as Raey.

    (100% WINNING TEAM)SCO VS IRE 4th T20 match Dream Scotland vs Ireland Prediction 💯%

    The River Helmsdale has long been regarded as one of the most prolific and consistent rivers in the world for producing Atlantic salmon. If you are lucky enough to fish on this prime water you will have a chance of hooking a fish from the opening day of the season on 11th January.

    The lower River Helmsdale traditionally offers the best sport in springtime as temperatures are generally low. By the end of March and into April the Kildonan falls become productive.

    By early May the Spring run is in full flow and the upper beats score well. By late July the main run of grilse has have arrived and sport will be fast and furious throughout the river.

    By mid August most Helmsdale fish are in the system but good sport can be had right up to the last day of the season on September 30th. Although the river thrives from the luxury of having compensation water when required, spate water usually provides the best fishing towards the back end. If you do get the chance to fish this famous river be sure to take in all the advice of your ghillie and if you are fishing the popular association water, keep an eye on the locals!

    Unlike the big rivers of the world where casting long distances is important for success, the secret of the Helmsdale is in reading the water and knowing the lies which are often just under your rod tip! Coarse fishing, Sea fishing and Rainbow Trout fishing are permitted all year round and no national rod licence is required in Scotland.

    For the less active and just in need of a rest the beaches are amazing and often you will find one all to yourself. The area has much to offer for those interested in History and archaeology.

    With a local guide leaflet you can follow trails or head for one of the many ancient monuments. More information at www. Lists sample menus and dining facilities.

    There is also the Bunillidh Restaurant — Seafood restaurant with a fantastic vegetarian menu. There is also Gilberts traditional tea-rooms open daily. Helmsdale also boasts the fantastic Timespan Heritage Centre. The museum here gives an insight into the colorful history of Helmsdale and the surrounding area. There is also a gallery showcasing the work of international, national and local artists; an excellent cafe overlooking the riverside community garden; and a shop.

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    The Timespan Heritage Centre also contains information about the gold rush ofwhich focused on two tributaries of the Helmsdale River in Strath Kildonan. It is still possible to pan for gold.

    There is also a gallery showcasing the work of international, national and local artists. There are various art and craft shops offering a range of animal stoneware sculptures, specialising in wildlife and birds, designed and made by hand.

    Wild Tiles Mosaics, plus craft courses in mosaic, batik, and textile embroidery. The recently Refurbished Hotel enjoys some of the most spectacular views of any hotel in Sutherland and there is also easy access to the beach. By far the best source of other additional local information is the Helmsdale community web site. The history of the castle is quite fascinating and has seen the architectural influences of Sir Charles Barry and latterly Sir Robert Lorimer. Instead of driving you can take a return train journey from Helmsdale station to Dunrobin halt or Golspie a most scenic 15 minute journey.

    The cottage is double glazed with full oil fired central heating throughout, its thick stone walls keeping the cold winters and oppressive summer heat waves away. Other essentials such as glasses, crockery, cutlery and a corkscrew are also provided for your convenience.

    The Conservatory offers a second sitting room with 2 relaxing arm chairs to enjoy the amazing Sea Views. Great for the early morning sunrises with your coffee and toast, better still for night sky watching with a glass of wine or malt!
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    Isle of Skye Trekking Centre near Portree.

    Woodbine Guest House at Uig offers guided walks, mountain biking, archery, water skiing, sea kayaking, RIB trips, fishing and dive trips. North-West Frontiers have guided walking holidays in small groups. Excellent accommodation and food at Duntulm Castle Hotel. Choice of leisurely guided walking holidays weekend or 7 days with different themes such as wildlife, heritage, whisky or Gaelic music.

    Visits to local museums, historic sites, standing stones, Dunvegan Castle, Talisker distillery, Isle of Skye Brewery can be incorporated along with boat trips, piping and a ceilidh. Self guided packages also available 2, 4 or 7 nights dinner, bed and breakfast, or self-catering cottages. Hebridean Pathwaysbased in Broadford, offer guided walks, coastal treks, mountain scrambling, private guiding, skills courses for climbing, navigation, etc.

    Watersports and Boat Trips: SkyeXplorer offers scheduled boat trips from Uig 3 times a day April - October to see local wildlife which may include whales, seals, puffins and other sea birds.

    Private charters also available. Isle of Skye Yachts - charters bareboat and skipperedRYA training courses, moorings and boatyard services at Ardvasar, near Armadale.

    Contact Derek Gordon - mobile: Based at the pontoons in Kyle of Lochalsh on the mainland opposite Skye, Red Moon Cruises offer tailor made holidays for up to 4 people sleeping in 3 cabins 1 double and 2 single. Contact Scott and Mary. Departures from the pontoons at Kyle of Lochalsh.

    Senior Dating Over 40 Dating MatureFreeAndSingle

    These can include boat charter and accommodation if required. A variety of local boat trips operate from Armadale, Kyleakin, Broadford, Elgol and Portree see separate entries below for each of these places. Coach tours are sometimes available in connection with this ferry during the summer.

    There are many events on Skye such as local gala days, agricultural shows, Gaelic concerts, sheepdog trials, piping competitions, etc. Here are some highlights: Garden and Craft Fair at Armadale Castle. Skye Half Marathon July and August: Enjoy a celebration of island culture with a strong focus on Scottish traditional music. The programme includes innovative theatre, a diverse range of music, visiting jazz, comedy, dance, ceilidhs, a circus and a lively festival fringe. Glamaig Hill Race Sligachan 28 July: Dunvegan Show - annual Agricultural show 4 August: Skye Agricultural Show in Portree 7 August: Piping competitions in Portree 8 August: Skye Highland Games in Portree mid August: Skye Sportive - cycle road race tbc September: Blas Festival - music at various venues tbc September: Skye Live - new music festival in Portree end October: Dunvegan Castle fireworks display late November: For more events listings, visit What's On Skye.

    Senior Dating Over 40 Dating MatureFreeAndSingle

    There are many good forest walks in this area. By the pier there is a lovely knitwear shop called Ragamuffin and great gift shop 'Skyelark' featuring photos by " grumpygeorge ". Along the road from the pier, you'll find The Bay Potteryas well as Nigel Grounds gallery full of his paintings, and a garage. Pictured left is the old pier. Rides in RIBs also available.

    Contact Peter Fowler - telephone: They operate a nautical giftshop on the pier at Armadale. Armadale Castle ruins photo copyright Clan Donald Skye Not to be reproduced without permission Along the main road and within 15 minutes walking distance of the pier, you'll find Clan Donald Skye Visitor Centre incorporating the Museum of the Isles and the historic ruins of Armadale Castle surrounded by the elegant formal gardens.

    The Museum has a family research study centre, as well as historical exhibits, an audio tour in different languages and a video show. Within the Visitor Centre there are gift shops and a restaurant which is open for evening meals. You can explore 40 acres of woodland walks and nature trails, plus the children's adventure play area. Suitable for disabled access. The gardens are open all year.

    The Visitor Centre is open daily 9am - 5. When the visitor is closed in the winter, the gardens and castle ruins are open during daylight hours, free of charge. Special events take place here throughout the year, as well as monthly food fairs. Self catering cottages are also available if you wish to stay on holiday. For more info on Sleat, visit the community web site: Only ruins are left of this old MacDonald stronghold but it is said to be haunted by a 'Green Lady'.

    Some of the stone was removed in to build Knock Farm. He is joint president of the International Otter Survival Fund. Floraidh is a boutique at the top of the pier at Isle Ornsay. It sells tweed and woollen clothing, accessories, gifts and Laurence Broderick sculptures. The Gaelic Whisky Shop tel: Open daily Easter to October and by appointment during the winter months.

    At Teangue, Torabhaig Distillery owned by Mossburn Distillers started work in January and aims for a small visitor centre to be open to the public later in the year. Open daily all year round. In the RSPB opened a temporary hide for the summer so you can spot sea eagles. Car park, toilets, picnic benches on site. This is where the ferry used to land from Kyle of Lochalsh, but today it is all but bypassed by the new bridge.

    However it is worth detouring to see the ruins of 14th century Castle Maol. There is also a restaurant, bar, youth hostel, etc. Near the main car park, take the gravel path up to the cross on the hillock as it is a viewpoint where you will get some good photos. It is thought that a Norwegian princess started the first toll here - by stretching a chain across the strait and stopping boats getting through without paying.

    Known as Saucy Mary, she is reflected with her name in the village today! Check out the online guide including photo tour, walks and history of Kyleakin produced by Ray Shields. The Bright Water Visitor Centre is located on the pier and contains a shop plus exhibits about the local lighthouse and wildlife. Open Monday - Friday from Easter to end September, from 10am - 4pm.

    Moira and Nigel Smith operate the Seaprobe Atlantiswhich offers panoramic underwater vision. It sails from Kyleakin and Kyle of Lochalsh the mainland opposite Skye taking people to explore the incredibly beautiful world beneath the waves, as well as the spectacular scenery above.

    The boat has a seated outdoor observation deck, a sheltered indoor saloon, toilets and of course the underwater viewing gallery. You will see fish, jellyfish, crabs, seals, seabirds, etc. Cruises operate at least 4 times a day depending on the tides, 7 days a week, from Easter to October. Please book in advance to avoid disappointment. For further details, see their web site or phone or use the freephone number The Spirit of Adventure offers 2-hour boat cruises twice daily from Easter-October from Kyle of Lochalsh to spot dolphins and other wildlife.

    Broadford library open Tuesday - Friday can offer Internet access but advance booking of a slot is recommended and ID is required for you to have guest access tel: Cafe Sia is a popular restaurant specialising in dishes with local meat and seafood, as well as wood-fired oven pizzas.

    They also have a take-away section, plus coffee at the Skye Roastery. Open for lunch and evening meals booking advisable for dinner. Located in the Old Mill is a reptile exhibition and breeding centre called the Skye Serpentarium which is unique in Scotland. Open Easter to October. Telephone Open Monday - Saturday from 12 noon - 9pm last orders. They produce high quality organic aromatherapy body care products and can also offer holistic therapies such as Reiki, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage.

    Contact Britt and Graham.

    step 1 - sign up

    You have excellent views of mountains such as Blaven, over feet high. The Post bus goes down here twice a day I think, but it is best if you have your own vehicle. On the way to Elgol you will pass a picturesque old graveyard and ruined Pre-Reformation church at Kilchrist and the Skye marble quarry at Torrin. Three miles before you arrive at Elgol is Kilmarie. Two walks are possible from here. It's only a mile down to the sea to the ruins of Dun Ringill, traditionally the stronghold of the Mackinnons, which you can reach by an ornamental bridge near Kilmarie House.

    For a longer walk, drive through the village and leave your vehicle at the car park on the left-hand side of the road. Go over the stile on the right of the road and take the footpath made by the Royal Engineers in

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    1. This is the video i like most. Maybe because its is quite brutal, maybe for the heels and the boots, maybe for the gag and for the handcuffs, maybe for all of these. How amazing you are!

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