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    See Article History Alternative Titles: Maynila, Maynilad Manila, capital and chief city of the Philippines. It is located on the island of Luzon and spreads along the eastern shore of Manila Bay at the mouth of the Pasig River. Inby presidential decree, Manila and its contiguous cities and municipalities were integrated to function as a single administrative region, known as Metropolitan Manila also called the National Capital Region ; the Manila city proper encompasses only a small proportion of that area.

    Manila has been the principal city of the Philippines for four centuries and is the centre of its industrial development as well as the international port of entry. It is situated on one of the finest sheltered harbours of the Pacific region, about miles 1, km southeast of Hong Kong. The city has undergone rapid economic development since its destruction in World War II and its subsequent rebuilding; it is now plagued with the familiar urban problems of pollutiontraffic congestion, and overpopulation.

    Measures have been taken, however, to ameliorate those problems. Area city, 15 square miles 38 square km ; National Capital Region, square miles square km. Landscape City site Manila occupies the low, narrow deltaic plain of the Pasig Riverwhich flows northwestward to Manila Bay.

    The swampy delta of the southward-flowing Pampanga River lies to the north of the city. Immediately to the northeast and east of the urban region lies a stretch of lowlands, beyond which rise the peaks of the southern range of the Sierra Madre. Laguna de Baythe large lake from which the Pasig River flows, flanks Metropolitan Manila to the southeast.

    Enclosing Manila Bay to the west is the mountainous Bataan Peninsula. Climate The city is protected from extreme weather conditions by the hills of the Sierra Madre and the mountains of the Bataan Peninsula. The tropical climate is characterized by a wet season that lasts from June to November and by a dry season lasting from December to May.

    The wettest months are JulyAugustand Septemberwhen thunderstorms are especially common.

    Free Filipina Dating Filipino Singles

    The average annual rainfall totals about 80 inches about 2, mm. Plant and animal life The city is dotted with palms, banyans, acacias, and other tropical trees, and bamboo grows in many public parks.

    Domestic mammals—such as water buffalohorses, dogs, pigs, and goats—are common, while wild birdlife includes shrikes, doves, and pigeons. Manila Bay abounds with sardinesanchoviesmackereltunasnappersand barracuda. City layout The city is bisected by the Pasig River. It is divided into six administrative divisions that comprise 17 districts.

    About two-thirds of the districts lie to the north of the river and the remaining third lies to the south. The two sections of the city are connected by several bridges. Adjacent to the heavily populated districts on the northern shore is Manila North Harbor; Manila South Harbor, the main international port, is on the southern shore. Intramuros is renowned for its 16th-century San Agustin church as well as for the ruins of its old walls and of Fort Santiago.

    On the south shore, Ermita and Malate are choice residential districts and the sites of hotels and embassies. The districts to the southeast are generally middle-income residential areas. Metropolitan Manila was created in order to provide integrated services such as water supplypolice and fire protection, and transport and to permit central planning for simultaneous and unified development. Housing The city has a chronic housing shortage, and tenement housing projects have been constructed by the government to help house the poor.

    To provide homes for squatters, the government also developed resettlement projects in and around Manila that are easily accessible by land motor transportation. Residential buildings include the single-family dwelling; the duplex for two independent households; the accessoria, whose dwelling units have individual entrances from the outside; the apartment building with common entrance; and the barong-barong, a makeshift shack built of salvaged materials flattened tin cans, scrap lumber, cartons, or billboards that is common in the poor areas.

    Rizal Park and a number of government buildings were designed by U. Modern buildings—including multistoried commercial houses and public and private buildings—are commonly made of reinforced concrete and hollow cement blocks. Houses of modern design—especially low, sprawling ranch houses with spacious lawns—are common in the districts of Ermita and Malate. Spanish-style houses, with tiled roofs, barred windows, and thick walls, were common before World War II and have remained popular.

    The churches of the city are American, Spanish, or European in character.

    Beware Free Dating Sites Philippines

    The Manila cathedral was rebuilt in the s and is an important landmark. It succeeds five earlier cathedrals—the first dating from the midth century—that were destroyed either by earthquakes or during wartime. This concentration of people has been brought about by a constant rural-urban migration.

    Free Filipina Dating Filipino Singles

    The strain on municipal services has had an adverse effect on the quality of life in the urban area. Consequently, various government policies and resettlement projects have been implemented in an effort to address the problem of population density. Almost all the residents of Manila are Filipinos.

    The largest single foreign communityrepresenting less than one-tenth of the population, is made up of Chinese. The population of the city is predominantly Roman Catholicalthough there are some ProtestantsMuslimsand Buddhists. The two national churches—the Iglesia ni Kristo and the Philippine Independent, or Aglipayan, Church—have small congregations.

    Economy Manufacturing The diverse manufacturing activities of Manila include textile production, publishing and printing, food and tobacco processing, and chemical processing. Manila also produces lumber and wood items, rope and cordage, soap, and other goods. Factories generally are small and are located mostly in the congested districts of Tondo which also has the railroad and truck terminalsBinondo, and Santa Cruz. Heavy industries are located in the districts of Paco, Pandacan, and Santa Ana.

    Finance and other services Manila is the centre of trade and finance in the Philippines. Trade flourishes within the metropolitan area and between the city and the provinces and other countries.

    Private insurance companies and the Philippine Stock Exchange also contribute to the mobilization of savings for investment. Transportation Within the area of Metropolitan Manila, public transportation is provided principally by buses, jeepneys small buses built on the chassis of jeepsand taxis.

    Traffic congestion is serious, especially at the bridges during the morning and evening rush hours. Adjacent towns serve as dormitory suburbs, and many people commute to the city, adding to the traffic problem. Bus services operate routes to northern and southern Luzon. Railroad services operated by the Philippine National Railways also connect the city with northern and southeastern Luzon. An elevated rail line, linking Caloocan City and the city of Baclaran to the south of Pasay Citywas completed in It was the first phase of a transit system, called the Light Rail Transit, that by the early 21st century had lines extending throughout much of the metropolitan area.

    Interisland and international transportation is provided by domestic and foreign airlines and by shipping. Manila South Harbor, with its enclosed customhouse, warehouses, and sheds, is sheltered by a low breakwater.

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    There are no railway lines within the port area, and cargo is transported from the piers by trucks or barges. The piers and warehouses of Manila North Harbor are busy with heavy traffic from all ports in the Philippines. In the s additional port facilities for international shipping were built, partially on reclaimed land, in the area between the two harbours.

    Within the MMDA is an administrative council consisting of the mayors of each of the constituent cities and municipalities as well as a number of other officials. The Sangguniang Bayan Municipal Assembly of each city or municipality helps in administration and legislation. It is composed of the mayor, vice mayor, councillors, captains of barangays neighbourhoodsand representatives from other sectors who are appointed by the president upon recommendation of the local unit.

    Municipal services Potable water comes from a supply network managed by the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System. Satisfactory sanitation conditions are maintained by constant surveillance of markets, restaurants, movie theatres, recreation halls, and slaughterhouses.

    Insecticides are sprayed regularly on open sewers, uncollected garbage, and standing water; garbage is collected by a fleet of trucks that operate night and day. Moreover, workers maintain cleanliness in the metropolitan area and are also responsible for the beautification of the city as directed by the governor of Metropolitan Manila.

    Health and security Health facilities in Manila are among the best in the region. The city government maintains numerous health centres as well as San Lazaro Hospital, where patients are treated free of charge, and subsidizes a number of government hospitals. There are also many missionary and private hospitals in the city.

    3 Best Dating Sites in Philippines To Meet Girls

    Police and fire services are well organized and well supplied, and personnel are comparatively well trained and well paid. The Police Community Relations Group helps to combat local crime, as do barangay brigades and barangay tanods guards throughout Metropolitan Manila. Members of those groups are volunteers and selected leaders of the barangays who aim to maintain peace and order in their communities.

    Education Nearly all citizens over age 10 are literate. More than free public schools are maintained, in addition to the night vocational and secondary schools and the Manila branch of the University of the Philippines. Educational opportunities are also provided for children with disabilities, orphans of school age, and adults. As the education centre of the Philippines, Metropolitan Manila houses many of the major institutions of higher education of the country, including the University of the Philippines with its main campus in Quezon Citythe Philippine Normal College, and the Technological University of the Philippines.

    There are several universities sponsored by religious bodies, including the University of Santo Tomas founded in and the Ateneo de Manila, as well as nonsectarian institutions such as the University of the East and the Far Eastern University.

    Cultural life The centre of the performing arts in the country is the Philippine Cultural Center. The foremost outdoor recreational area is Rizal Park, with a Japanese gardena Chinese garden, an open-air theatre, a playground, a grandstand, and a long promenade adjacent to Manila Bay. Annual festivals and carnivals are held in the sunken garden fronting the City Hall of Manila. History In the late 16th century Manila was a walled Muslim settlement whose ruler levied customs duties on all commerce passing up the Pasig River.

    They destroyed the settlement and founded the fortress city of Intramuros in its place.

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    Manila became the capital of the new colony. Outside the city walls stood some scattered villages, each ruled by a local chieftain and each centred on a marketplace. As Spanish colonial rule became established, churches were built near the marketplaces, where the concentration of population was greatest. Manila spread beyond its walls, expanding north, east, and south, linking together the market—church complexes as it did so.

    He was followed by Franciscan, Dominican, Jesuit, and other Augustinian priests, who founded churches, convents, and schools. At various periods Manila was seriously threatened, and sometimes occupied, by foreign powers. It was invaded by the Chinese in and raided by the Dutch in the midth century.

    It was opened to foreign trade inand commerce was further stimulated by the opening of the Suez Canal in It subsequently became the headquarters for the U. Library of Congress, Washington, D.
    Communist era[ edit ] In the Communist era, the president was elected for a term of five years by the Great National Assemblywith no term limits. He served as ex officio president of the State Council, and had the right to act on any matter that did not require a State Council plenum.

    He also appointed and dismissed ministers and heads of central agencies. When the GNA was not in session, the president could appoint and dismiss the president of the Supreme Court and the prosecutor general without State Council approval; indeed, he was not even required to consult his State Council colleagues when making such decisions.

    Previously, he had nominally been first among equals on the State Council, deriving his real power from his leadership of the Romanian Communist Party. In practice, he used his power to act on all matters that did not require a plenum to rule by decree and frequently usurped many powers that belonged to the State Council as a whole.

    The elected President takes the following oath of office, specified by article 82 of the Constitution: I solemnly swear that I will dedicate all my strength and the best of my ability for the spiritual and material welfare of the Romanian people, to abide by the Constitution and laws of the country, to defend democracy, the fundamental rights and freedoms of my fellow-citizens, Romania's sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity. So help me God!

    Embodies the state and safeguards its independence, unity and territorial integrity. Guards the observance of the Constitution and the functioning of public authorities. Designates and appoints the Prime Ministersubject to parliamentary approval The President cannot dismiss the Prime Minister.

    Appoints and removes ministers, on the advice of the Prime Minister a proposal by the Prime Minister may be rejected only once; in such cases, the Prime Minister cannot re-submit the same nomination for ministerial office; the President cannot refuse the appointment of a second, different, nominee.

    Consults the Government on major policy matters. Chairs Cabinet when matters of national interest with regard to foreign policy, the defence of the country or public order are debated and, at the Prime Minister's request, in other instances as well. Addresses Parliament on issues of national interest. Assents to bills the President may ask Parliament to reconsider a bill only once. Refers bills for review to the Constitutional Court before signifying his assent.

    Summons Parliament after a legislative election. Calls referendums after consultation with Parliament. Such referendums are advisory and Parliament may choose not to implement their result. However, if a referendum is valid this requires a majority vote in favour and above 30 percent turnoutParliament may not legislate contrary to the referendum result. Undertakes state, official and working visits overseas. Concludes international treaties negotiated by the Government and submits them to Parliament for ratification.

    Appoints and recalls ambassadors and diplomatic envoys on the advice of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs following such advice is not mandatory. Receives letters of credence from foreign diplomatic envoys. Approves the setting up, closing down or change in rank of diplomatic missions.

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