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    Top Free Online Dating Site in Michigan

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    Free Dating Sites In Michigan

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    Free Dating Sites In Michigan

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    Top Cities in Michigan

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    First time Anal - Tips? I am a married guy too Just keep it simple Married men of Ohmojo: However, Harikr did me a favour by breaking a stereotype of men with homosexual tendencies being more sensitive towards women. Shudder to think what treatment the womenfolk of certain households must be receiving- not even talking of matters in the bed.

    Hope you do not wish for a son-in-law like yourself, if there's a daughter here. I'm normally not so personal and vicious, but Harikr, your articulation here has disgusted me to the core. Married men of Ohmojo: Harikr, I had a hearty laugh while reading your latest post. I have called you an MCP based on what you have stated here - i.

    You have substantiated my reasoning in the second paragraph of your post. You are using such words as family bonds and happiness, but it is based on secrecy and cheating.

    Aren't complete trust in your partner part of your family value system? You are saying that the moment the veil of secrecy is teared off, the happiness will disappeared. This is precisely what me and others have been writing about.

    Your wife does not know that you are cheating on her, but you do know.

    Free Dating Sites In Michigan

    So if you are treating your wife as equal, then your mind should be telling you that you have been betraying her. The true sacrifice would have been to be completely loyal to your wife as loyal as you expect her to be towards you and forgetting your homosexual instincts.

    Free Dating Sites In Michigan

    I need not reply to the questions and comments about me, but here I am. I am not at all interested in women, hence I have chosen to remain single. Going by your previous posts, I guess you will interpret it as my inability to satisfy women sexually. But then, that will make you homophobe. There are many guys like me who refuse to marry in spite of societal pressure, and I am happy to say our tribe is growing. I do not have any issue with bisexuals enjoying both ways, but the only thing they should keep in mind is, if you are entering the contract of marriage, then your behaviour is no different from those married men, who have extramarital affairs, with other women.

    Online Dating Sites

    It's funny to call it a right to satisfy your homosexual urge after getting married. Spmebody has compared bi-men keeping their sexuality secret from wife with all gay men keeping it out from their parents and relatives. I don;t expect everyone to be like that, or even understand that, even many straight marriages are based on sexual relationships.

    HariKr, If you don't need her permission to carry flings or surf here, why would she need your permission either? Assuming she has unfulfilled heterosexual or homosexual desires, doesn't she deserve to find her channel like you did? You talk of 'not allowing' someone else to decide what to do with their bodies speaks a lot.

    She too has only one life, what's the problem if she exercised her choice like you do?

    A Cool City with Endless Possibilities

    What's fair for the guy, should be for the girl too! You can do whatever you want with your lives. But please don't use the alibi of 'bisexual' to describe your extra marital affairs. Infidelity is not limited to any gender or sexual orientation. But if you try to prove to yourself or to others that you are sleeping with men only because you do not want to 'suppress' your sexual attraction toward men then I am sorry I will call it out. But if you choose to embrace all your desires and act on them, my best wishes to you.

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