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  • INTP vs ENTJ
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  • 1. INTP vs INTJ: Different “Driver” processes
  • ENTJ Relationships - Dating, Mating and Looking For Love
  • ENTJ Relationships - Dating, Mating and Looking For Love
  • While some rely on stability, others need constant reinvention
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  • 2. INTP vs INTJ: Two different intrinsic insecurities generate different strategies

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    INTP vs ENTJ

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    The INTP Architect Personality Type

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    The INTP Architect Personality Type

    This is where they typically prevent.
    The reason why both Keirsey and Kroeger feel this way about this type is because INFPs, who make up about 4 percent of the general population, are deeply focused on their values and, basically, devote their lives to pursuing this ideal.

    Are you a loyal and compassionate INFP? Take this scientific test to find out. INFP has several descriptive names given by different authors and experts. Obviously, all these names are meant to express one thing: The INFP have their own ideal vision of the world and their own take on how things should work, and they quietly push for what they feel is right.

    Their four-letter type — INFP — stands for Introverted-Intuitive-Feeling-Perceiving, which means they prefer to spend their time alone or with a few trusted friends, think in abstract terms and like to work with concepts and ideas, prioritize relationships, tend to do things spontaneously, without much planning. INFPs are complex creatures and dislike anything petty. At their best, INFPs passionately work on some high goal; at their worst, they are whiners and complainers who live in their fantasy world and never take action.

    Instead, they prefer to explore things on their own and decide what is right without consulting anyone. They are also the type to explore alternative lifestyles: They could volunteer for humanitarian missions in far-away countries or travel the world as backpackers, supporting themselves by doing odd jobs as they go. The INFP wants to feel like their life is meaningful — even their job must be something that fits their value system; ideally it must be something with a purpose.

    1. INTP vs INTJ: Different “Driver” processes

    They enjoy talking about such subjects as spiritual growth, ethics, people, values and how the things should be. Some INFPs may appear messy and disorganized generally because they think that worrying much about their personal appearance or their home organization is unimportant. They might forget appointments and constantly lose things. Their home may appear clean and organized but open their closet door and things fall out!

    Others may think that INFPs have a passive approach to life: They want to live their life according to their own rules and are happy to let others live the way they please. It is partially true that INFPs generally prefer to fit in, without making waves, and avoid conflict as much as possible.

    When their values are threatened, however, INFPs may surprise others by their ability to fight back. INFPs have trouble completing their projects because they always feel that things can be improved.

    Being their own worst critic, INFPs strive for perfection, but because they are never satisfied with themselves and their own work, their projects sometimes remain unfinished. INFP Learning Style INFP students learn best in a flexible environment where they are allowed to freely explore subjects of interest and where creativity is appreciated and encouraged. Although they never feel like their work is good enough and always want to postpone submitting it for evaluation, setting deadlines is a good way to force them to complete their projects.

    Having said that, they will intentionally gather additional information, then use their creative thinking skills to produce more possible scenarios. Thinking outside the box and big picture thinking are characteristic features of INFP decision making process.

    Once the INFP is serious about you, expect romantic dates with all little details carefully planned and prepared for. They will give you gifts, but their gifts are likely to have a special touch or a special meaning.

    ENTJ Relationships - Dating, Mating and Looking For Love

    The INFP tends to hold their feelings to themselves and need to remember that their partner needs reminders of their love for the relationship to thrive. When problems arise, the INFP feels that acutely but still, avoids talking about it. INFPs tend to hide their feelings and pretend to be okay only to overreact to something small and insignificant later. One of the biggest INFP problems is that they often withhold their real opinion and often send a message to others that they are in agreement with them while in reality they disagree very strongly.

    Although they do this to preserve good relationships with everyone, it often becomes a source of distress and, occasionally, becomes counterproductive by ruining the very relationships they tried so hard to preserve. There are few things the INFP dislikes more than insincerity and pretentiousness.

    Deadlines and rigid rules stress them out and may put a strain on your relationship. In addition, they want to work alone or with people who share their principles.

    When it comes to working on their goal, the only acceptable driving force to them is sincere intentions. For example, the INFP dislikes people who are highly competitive or those who seem to be concerned about their paycheck more than the work itself. Nothing is aggressive about the INFP and so is their leadership style — subtle and gentle, as if they were afraid to offend their subordinates.

    Ideally, the INFP wants to be more of a facilitator than a real director. With their values in mind, they want their team to become intrinsically motivated and work independently. In addition, they are likely to neglect some issues hoping they will eventually get resolved without their interference.
    For example, ENTJ people base their self-image on being competent achievers and go-getters. INTPs want to be seen as creative and innovative individuals.

    INFJs will only be satisfied with themselves if they believe they are loyal enough and caring enough. When it comes to ENFJs, however, their self-image is based on being kind, emphatic and authentic. Are you one of them?

    ENTJ Relationships - Dating, Mating and Looking For Love

    This website offers a scientifically validated test to help you confirm your personality type. Extraversion is associated with such qualities as being outgoing and friendly. Radiating positive energy, they constantly look for ways to contribute to humanity.

    It also helps them interpret things in an original way that leads to unique insights about others.

    While some rely on stability, others need constant reinvention

    Having a feeling style means that you prioritize relationships and emotions. Finally, judging is associated with structure and organization. It means that you prefer to plan things in advance so that you know what to expect.

    David Keirsey called it The Teacher. Linda Berens referred to it as Envisioner Mentor. As for Jonathan P. Niednagel, he went with Empathic Educator.

    Threads in This Forum

    They radiate energy and optimism; not only ENFJs are enthusiastic about their own life, they are excited about your life too.

    Being deeply in love with humanity, they manage to see potential in every person they meet.

    The INTP Architect Personality Type

    Best of all, their excitement is contagious! ENFJs hardly sit at home and are great at organizing parties and other social events. Being very talkative, they love to talk about other people and relationships.

    The INTP Architect Personality Type

    At their best they will help sort out your relationship problems for you; at their worst, they will gossip. ENFJs tend to take charge of a situation and easily take upon the role of a leader.

    2. INTP vs INTJ: Two different intrinsic insecurities generate different strategies

    Becoming a leader that leads others towards learning and growth energizes the ENFJ — they make exceptionally enthusiastic leaders! With their people skills, ENFJs are capable to draw out even those who are typically reserved. Their greatest satisfaction often comes from serving and assisting others.

    Young ENFJs are typically involved in many activities — not just for the sake of activities but for opportunity to be with others. A retired ENFJ is likely to work as a voluntary service worker. Following will increase your chances: Allow them to love you or like you — the ENFJ is born with an enormous need to give affection. In personal relationships, be romantic — ENFJs tend to idealize their mates.

    Think flowers, candlelight dinners and weekend gateways. What some may find a little bit hard to deal with is that ENFJ men and women tend to idealize their mates, particularly in the beginning of the relationship.

    The INTP Architect Personality Type

    They are absolutely willing to put the time and effort needed for the relationship to flourish and will expect the same in return. If the relationship breaks apart and a breakup follows, ENFJs take it especially hard. Not only they feel hurt and devastated, they feel a sense of blame and shame for things not working out.

    They are nurturing and caring. They possess excellent social skills. They have a great sense of humor. They strive to serve others. They are good at creating harmony. They have strong organizational capabilities. They are very considerate. Can be extremely sensitive to criticism. May appear too talkative. They prefer humanities to science, and their favorite subjects relate to studying people and their needs.

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