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  • dating site scripts - what is the best dating site script?

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    eScrip make a difference for your school or nonprofit.

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    dating site scripts - what is the best dating site script?

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    Dating Website Script

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    Dating Software - i-Netsolution - Dating Script

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    Open Source PHP Dating Script - i-Netsolution

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    eScrip make a difference for your school or nonprofit.

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    Department of Oriental Antiquities, Louvre. During the period — BC, the Fertile Crescent witnessed the spread of small settlements supported by agricultural surplus. Geometric tokens emerged to be used to manage stewardship of this surplus.

    Tepe Asiab and Ganj-i-Dareh Tepe. Clay tablets with pictographic characters appeared in this period to record commercial transactions performed by the temples.

    dating site scripts - what is the best dating site script?

    The most important Proto-Elamite sites are Susa and Anshan. Another important site is Tepe Sialkwhere the only remaining Proto-Elamite ziggurat is still seen. Texts in the undeciphered Proto-Elamite script found in Susa are dated to this period.

    It is thought that the Proto-Elamites were in fact Elamites Elamite speakersbecause of the many cultural similarities for example, the building of zigguratsand because no large-scale migration to this area seems to have occurred between the Proto-Elamite period and the later Elamites.

    But because their script is yet to be deciphered, this theory remains uncertain. Some anthropologists, such as John Alden, maintain that Proto-Elamite influence grew rapidly at the end of the 4th millennium BC and declined equally rapidly with the establishment of maritime trade in the Persian Gulf several centuries later. Proto-Elamite pottery dating back to the last half of the 5th millennium BC has been found in Tepe Sialk, where Proto-Elamite writing, the first form of writing in Iranhas been found on tablets of this date.

    The first cylinder seals come from the Proto-Elamite period, as well. It is uncertain whether the Proto-Elamite script was the direct predecessor of Linear Elamite. Both scripts remain largely undeciphered, and it is mere speculation to postulate a relationship between the two.

    A few Proto-Elamite signs seem either to be loans from the slightly older proto-cuneiform Late Uruk tablets of Mesopotamia, or perhaps more likely, to share a common origin.

    Whereas proto-cuneiform is written in visual hierarchies, Proto-Elamite is written in an in-line style: Proto-Elamite was used for a brief period around BC [5] [6] Jemdet Nasr period in Mesopotamiawhereas Linear Elamite is attested for a similarly brief period in the last quarter of the 3rd millennium BC. Proponents of an Elamo-Dravidian relationship have looked for similarities between the Proto-Elamite script and the Indus script.

    The known corpus of inscriptions consists of some tablets, the vast majority unearthed at Susa. Proto-Elamite tablets have been found at the following sites in order of number of tablets recovered: Susa more than tablets Anshanor Malyan more than 30 tablets.

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