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    Latin dating site reviews - What are the best latin dating sites?

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    What is Pearl?

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    Meet Latin Singles at Amor: Review

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    Since at least the 3rd century, the indigenous people were in contact with the other Southeast Asian and East Asian nations.

    Fragmented ethnic groups established several polities formed by the assimilation of several small political units known as barangay each headed by a Datuwho was then answerable to a Rajah or a Lakanwho headed the city state. Each barangay consisted of about families. Each of these big barangays had a population of more than 2, The city-statehood system was also used by the freedom-loving Waray people of Samar and eastern Leyte, the head-hunting Ilongots of the Cagayan Valley now primarily live in Nueva Viscaya and Nueva Ecija after the Ilokano migrations to the Cagayan Valleyand the peacock-dressed Gaddang people of the Cagayan Valley.

    Unlike other areas in the country like Tondo or Cebu which had royal families, the ancient city-states of the Warays, Ilongots and Gaddangs were headed through an indigenous leadership system. Both civilizations developed their own tools and craftsmanship as proven by archaeological evidences in central Cagayan Valley and southwest Samar. The head of the Ilongot was known as the Benganganat, while the head of the Gaddang was the Mingal.

    The archipelagic polity was headed by the Mangpus. The Ivatan of Batanes, due to geography, built the only stone castles known in precolonial Philippines. These castles, called idjang, were not for royalty, but for the people during times of natural calamity and invasions.

    Gold was also regarded with high social value by the Ivatan, having contact with both Taiwan and northern Luzon, later on with the kingdom of Ryukyu, and then Japan.


    The British visited the archipelago inbut never subjugated the people. The Spanish, after subjugating most of the Philippines, were only able to subjugate the Ivatan onwhere they were confronted by Mangpus Kenan Aman Dangat, the Mangpus of Batanes at the time. Dangat was executed by the Spanish, and the islands were controlled by Spain through Manila. The traditional name of the polity of the Ilokano was Samtoy. The polity did not have a royal family, rather, it was headed by its own chieftancy.

    The polity had trade contacts with both China and Japan. These civilizations were highland plutocracies with their very own distinct cultures, where most were headhunters. According to literature, some Igorot people were always at war with the lowlanders from the west, the Ilokanos. They were free from colonization, until they were overcame by the Islamic subjugations of the Sultanate of Sulu in the 13th century.

    They were ruled by the Timuay. The Sama-Bajau peoples of the Sulu Archipelago, who were not Muslims and thus not affiliated with the Sultanate of Sulu, were also a free statehood and was headed by the Nakurah until the Islamic colonization of the archipelago.

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    The Lumad autochthonous groups of inland Mindanao were known to have been headed by the Datu. By the 14th century, these polities were organized in strict social classes: The Datu or ruling class, the Maharlika or noblemen, the Timawa or freemen, and the dependent class which is divided into two, the Aliping Namamahay Serfs and Aliping Saguiguilid Slaves.

    In the earliest times, the items which were prized by the people included jars, which were a symbol of wealth throughout South Asia, and later metal, salt and tobacco.

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    In exchange, the people would trade feathers, rhino hornhornbill beaks, beeswaxbirds nests, resin and rattan. Indianization and the emergence of Suyat scripts onwards [ edit ] Main article: Suyat Baybayinone of the many suyat scripts formed in the Philippines.

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    In a book entitled Tubod The Heart of Bohol published and accredited by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts of the Philippines, around the 12th century, a group of people from Northern Mindanao settled in the straight between mainland Bohol and the neighbouring island of Panglao.

    Those people came from a nation in northern Mindanao called Lutao probably the animist kingdom of what will soon be the Islamic Lanao. According to the much credited book, those people established the Kingdom of Dapitan in western Bohol because the true indigenous people of Bohol in the Anda peninsula and nearby areas were not open to them, forcing them to establish settlement in the western part of the island.

    The kingdom was first built with hardwood on the soft seabed. It engaged it trade with nearby areas and some Chinese merchants. The Jesuit Alcina tales about a rich nation he called the 'Venice of the Visayas', pointing to the Kingdom of Dapitan at that time. The Jesuit also tells of a princess named Bugbung Hamusanum, whose beauty caused her suitor to raid parts of southern China to win her hand. Bybefore the full Spanish colonization agenda came to Bohol, the Kingdom of Dapitan was at war with the Ternateans of the Moluccas who were also raiding the Rajahnate of Butuan.

    At the time, Dapitan was ruled by two brothers named Dalisan and Pagbuaya. The Ternateans at the time were allied to the Portuguese. Dapitan was destroyed and King Dalisan was killed in battle.

    His brother, King Pagbuaya, together with his people fled back to Mindanao and established a new Dapitan in the northern coast of the Zamboanga peninsula. The new Dapitan eventually was subjugated by the Spanish. But by at least the 13th century or 14th century, its descendant known in Tagalog as Baybayin was in regular use.

    The term baybayin literally means syllables, and the writing system itself is a member of the Brahmic family. Though a common perception is that Baybayin replaced Kawi, many historians believe that they were used alongside each other. Baybayin was noted by the Spanish to be known by everyone, and was generally used for personal and trivial writings.

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    Kawi most likely continued to be used for official documents and writings by the ruling class. Although Kawi came to be replaced by the Latin scriptBaybayin continued to be used during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines up until the late 19th Century. At the time, merchants from " Ma-i " now thought to be either Bay, Laguna on the shores of Laguna de Bay[24] or a site on the island of Mindoro [25] [26] brought their wares to Guangzhou and Quanzhou.

    During this time, the people of the kingdom was already in contact with Chinese traders, as seen through archaeological evidences which includes Chinese ceramics and other Chinese objects. The art of traditional healing and traditional witchcraft belief systems also developed within this period. The Spaniards mistakenly thinking that he was talking about the island, adopted the name Sikihod which later changed to Siquijor, as it was easier to pronounce.

    Subsequent visits of ArabMalay and Javanese missionaries helped strengthen the Islamic faith of the Filipinos, most of whom except for those in the north would later become Christian under the Spanish colonization.

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    The Sultanate of Suluthe largest Islamic kingdom in the islands, encompassed parts of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. The royal house of the Sultanate claim descent from Muhammad. Aroundthe year that the war over succession ended in the Majapahit EmpireMuslim traders introduced Islam into the Hindu-Malayan empires and for about the next century the southern half of Luzon and the islands south of it were subject to the various Muslim sultanates of Borneo.

    During this period, the Japanese established a trading post at Aparri and maintained a loose sway over northern Luzon. Attack by the Bruneian Empire [ edit ] By the 15th century, the Sultanate of Brunei controlled the western shores of the Philippines. Around the yearthe Sultanate of Brunei under Sultan Bolkiah attacked the Kingdom of Tondo and established a city with the Malay name of Selurong later to become the city of Maynila [1] [23] on the opposite bank of Pasig River.

    The traditional Rajahes of Tondo, the Lakandularetained their titles and property but the real political power came to reside in the House of Soliman, the Rajahs of Manila.

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