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  • Kite Fly by Amarendra Dasa
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    Highline Kites of Berkeley Stunt Kites, Power Kites, Family Kites and Accessories

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    Kite Fly by Amarendra Dasa

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    Kite Fly by Amarendra Dasa

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    See Article History Kite, oldest known heavier-than-air craft designed to gain lift from the wind while being flown from the end of a flying line, or tether.

    Over the millennia, kites have been used to ward off evil, deliver messages, represent the gods, raise banners, discover natural phenomena, propel craft, drop propaganda leaflets, catch fish, spy on enemies, send radio signals, measure the weather, photograph the Earth, and lift passengers skyward. Modern kites are flown mostly for pleasure and sport, in addition to being a folk form of artistic expression.

    The kite was the ancestral aircraft that launched manned flight. History Asia Nearly 3, years ago the kite was first popularized, if not invented, in Chinawhere materials ideal for kite building were readily available: The earliest known Chinese kites were flat not bowed and often rectangular.

    Later, tailless kites incorporated a stabilizing bowline. Kites were decorated with mythological motifs and legendary figures; some were fitted with strings and whistles to make musical sounds while flying.

    The Top 10 Free Online Dating Sites For 2015 - Best Free Dating Websites List

    Since kites made of leaves have been flown in Malaya and the South Seas from time immemorial, the kite could also have been invented independently in that region.

    One ancient design, the fighter kitebecame popular throughout Asia. Most variations, including the of India and Japan, are small, flat, roughly diamond-shaped kites made of paperwith a tapered bamboo spine and a balanced bow.

    Flown without tails that would hinder their agility, these highly maneuverable flat kites have a length of cutting line coated with an abrasive attached to the bridle see below Aerodynamicswhich is then tied to a light cotton flying line. Europe and the West Kite flying began much later in Europe than in Asia.

    While unambiguous drawings of kites first appeared in print in Holland and England in the 17th century, pennon -type kites that evolved from military banners dating back to Roman times and earlier were flown during the Middle Ages.

    During the 18th century tailless bowed kites were still unknown in Europe. Flying flat arch- or pear-shaped kites with tails had become a popular pastime, mostly among children. The first recorded scientific application of a kite took place in when Alexander Wilson of Scotland used a kite train two or more kites flown from a common line as a meteorologic device for measuring temperature variations at different altitudes.

    Three years later, in Junein what is the most famous of kite experiments, the American inventor and statesman Benjamin Franklinwith the aid of his son, lofted a flat kite fitted with a pointed wire and silk sail during a thunderstorm. Somehow both father and son avoided electrocution as a metal key attached to the flying line became electrified. Franklin proved that lightning was the natural phenomenon called electricitynot the wrath of the gods. Franklin, BenjaminBenjamin Franklin's experiment proving the identity of lightning and electricity.

    Other visionaries built man-lifting kites, many of which were rudimentary biplane gliders. Around Orville and Wilbur Wrightself-taught aeronautical engineers who ran a bicycle shop in Ohio, began testing their biplane designs as kites. It was the Wright brothers who first focused on control—the missing ingredient for manned flight that had baffled other aviation pioneers.

    The brothers constructed a special box kite and braced the wings with wires in such a way that they could be twisted in opposite directions to make the kite bank and turn. With the invention of the airplane, the kite fell from favour among adults.

    Kite structure The form and size of kites are remarkably varied. Some kites can fly in the lightest breeze, while other designs require steady winds. Kites can be made of two sticks covered with a sail material or be constructed in a configuration requiring a complex framework. Until recently, the materials for constructing kites—bamboo or wood, fabric or paper, and string—had remained essentially unchanged for more than 2, years.

    Today, kites are often built with synthetic materials. There are eight generic kite types. The flatbowed, box, sled, and delta require a rigid framework fitted with a sail material, as does the compoundwhich is formed by integrating two or more of the above types to form one kite.

    Another deviation in form is the rotora kinetic kite that manifests lift and the Magnus effect through a horizontal spinning vane sandwiched between two cylinders—a rigid frame and sail in one. Eight types of kites. Although tailless kites had been common in Asia for centuries, it was not until that William A. Eddy, an American journalist with an interest in meteorology and kite aerial photographymade a significant contribution to kite development in the West by introducing his now-familiar tailless, elongated diamond-shaped design.

    Other Kentucky Cities:

    The Eddy kite, an adaptation of the ancient Javanese bowed kite known as the Malay in the West, was a reliable and popular flier that ignited a renewed interest in kite flying and was briefly used by the United States Weather Bureau. In Australia that same year, British-born explorer and inventor Lawrence Hargrave contrived the box kiteor cellular kite, as a by-product of his research to develop a stable three-dimensional lifting surface for powered manned flight.

    Exceptionally steady in high winds, Hargrave box kites flown in train, using flying line of piano wire, soon replaced the Eddy kite and were used for meteorologic work well into the s. Aerodynamics Regardless of the design, a kite must conform to the laws of aerodynamics and embody three fundamental characteristics: A bridle consists of two or more lines attached directly to the kite face.

    Highline Kites of Berkeley Stunt Kites, Power Kites, Family Kites and Accessories

    The bridle lines are connected to each other, forming a tow point adjustable for the prevailing wind conditions. One end of the tether is connected to the tow point, and the other end is most often attached to a hand-held reel in order to manage the flying line efficiently. Some kite designs do away with bridles altogether by having their tethers connected directly to a fixed fulcrum point along the mast or to a keel as with the delta kite or series of fins as with the parafoil attached perpendicularly to the lifting surface.

    Three main forces control kite flight: A kite flies because the lifting force of the wind overcomes both the downward pull of gravity and air resistance to the forward motion of the kite called drag. When tethered and fixed in a position to gain lift from the wind, a kite maintains a perpetual stall—a poor aerodynamic design for an airplane but essential for a kite flying at a stable and positive angle with respect to the horizon. Flat kites require a tail for drag, which keeps the nose up and creates balance, much like a raft needs a rudder for directional stability.

    Bowed kites with a bowline strung across the back do not require a tail, since the face takes on a curve, or dihedral angle, which acts much like the bowed hull of a sailboat utilized for self-correcting buoyancy. The box, compound, sled, delta, parafoil, and rotor are inherently stable and typically do not require tails. Launching and kite safety Running with a kite is not a good way to launch it.

    With a steady breeze behind, a small amount of tension placed on the line allows the kite to rise effortlessly upward. The potential hazards of kite flying should be taken seriously.

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    Metals should never be used in the kite line, and kites should be flown in wide-open spaces. Care should be taken to avoid flying in stormy weather or near power lines, public streets, areas congested with people, highways, or airports. Finally, protective gloves should be worn to prevent serious line burn when flying hard-pulling kites. In the American aeronautical engineer Francis Rogallo patented a completely flexible kite with no rigid supporting spars, which was the forerunner of the delta kite and modern hang gliding.

    The sled kiteinvented by William Allison, came into being in the s, and the parafoilinvented by Domina Jalbert, was a highly original design created in the s.

    Flying kites continued as a popular pastime over the next two decades. During the s kite flying with precision-controlled acrobatic stunt kites became popular.

    Principally chevron-shaped deltas and flexible ram-air soft designs, stunt kites, flown alone or in multiples—one stacked behind the other—can perform high-speed aerial maneuvers such as figure eights, sharp turns, stops in midair, flying backward, and other complex acrobatics.

    when desi boy flies a kite

    Stunt kites having two flying lines attached to the bridle are called dual-line control kites. Quad-line kites have four flying lines, which offer more precise control and instant braking action. High-performance kites, including the stunt variety, are made exclusively of synthetic and space-age materials.

    I Joined a Russian Dating Site - See how it ended [Kult America]

    Framework spars can be fibreglass rods or tubing materials such as filament-wound epoxy, all-carbon graphitealuminum carbon, and wrapped graphite. Sails can be plastic, Mylar, Tyvek, ripstop nylon, or other lightweight laminates. Flying line can be braided Dacron or Spectra fibre, a low-stretch synthetic yarn of great tensile strengthwhich is used exclusively for power flying.

    Pilots must master maneuvering the kite as an airborne sail while simultaneously navigating a moving vehicle such as a land buggy that can reach speeds approaching 50 miles 80 km per hour. Modern kite traction has also revolutionized polar travel.

    Quadrifoils—soft, sparless, controllable kites—were used to haul personnel and sleds on self-supported treks in a Arctic expedition across Greenland and in a expedition to the South Pole.
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