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    The China Post Taiwan in English

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    The China Post Taiwan in English

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    The Truth About Dating As A White Guy In Vietnam

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    287 thoughts on “Meet a Beautiful Blonde Swedish Girl? Dating Swedish Women isn’t Easy”

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    Vietnam Interviews II

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    To explain to her what twitter, facebook, social media and blogging are would be too epic of an explanation for her. I would lose hairs just wondering where to start. She would be bored after the first 3 minutes. Her kitchen skills far exceed anything that I can ever accomplish online.

    Her kitchen training began as soon as she could barter her way through the market stalls of Viet-Nam and became head of household at the age of 11 when my grand-father died in the Viet-Nam war. She had no choice but to leave school and was catapulted into adulthood to tend for my grand-mother and family of 5. Mom had to grow up fast, learn the street and market smarts like a savvy produce dealer and grew a skin thicker and sharper than a durian shell.

    When it comes to food-talk, everyone has a strong opinion about how a dish is prepared. They were talking chicken salad one afternoon. Everyone had the best chicken salad recipe. So there were 12 best-chicken-salad-makers in one nail shop, at one time. Oh hell, watch out. I sat in the corner and listened to each of the techniques and recipes shared out-loud across the bustling shop.

    The conversation was intense, often sisterly combative, but friendly and mostly silly-snarky about Northern or Southern ways of seasoning the fish sauce dressing and particularly on how they poached the chicken.

    I re-assured the clients that the staff were talking food. The customers felt relieved and were even more entertained. They decided to add more to their service just to stay longer. Mom was excited that business was bustling because of chicken salad talk. Everyone was getting excited about their chicken salad recipe. The nail drills were grinding louder and the massages were becoming more firm.

    The nail drills came to a halt, the 12 Vietnamese voices dropped dead silent.

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    The kimchi Korean cabbage? In a Vietnamese chicken salad? No substitutions are allowed in her cooking. All eyeballs turned to me. I was getting hot.

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    I started getting flashbacks from when I was a kid in trouble, trying to figure out if I should lie or just tell the truth. Then I realized I was an adult, a something Vietnamese-American woman who is dating a cattle ranch white-guy. My life has always been flooded with enriching things outside of my own culture.

    I was a diverse cook and embrace all things different and edible. And all you sisters! And I like the flavor and char of bbq chicken instead of boiled chicken.

    And you should try it too, dear sisters! All got quiet on the nail shop front. Sounds like a good idea. I felt accepted as a bonafied Vietnamese home cook. Thank Tot for us. I think I won. I actually had the 12 best-chicken-salad-makers agree with me! And they gave all the credit to Tot. Enjoy, -diane What fish sauce do we like to use?

    There are several brands we prefer for different types of dishes. In fact during the recipe testing on this salad, we tested 7 different fish sauces.

    They were all still good. But for overall general cooking and for this Vietnamese chicken salad recipe, we like using:

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