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    Guide To DATING A NIGERIAN Woman

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    But Parrott, a Kansas City family medicine practitioner, had just finished medical school and was in the midst of a grueling internship.

    Want a professional dating site Try us EliteSingles

    She had only one free evening per week to share with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, many other single physicians — despite their good looks, earning power, and big brains — stay that way a lot longer than they would prefer. Dating is tough when you're always on call, and it's tougher today for doctors than ever before. With the median age of first marriage now over 25 for both men and women in the United States, according to Census Bureau data, it's clear that young people of all vocations are waiting longer to tie the knot than their parents did.

    The physician dating pool has also been changed by the fact that women have outnumbered men in American medical schools for most of the last decade. In previous generations, the long hours worked by the mostly male young doctors were tolerated by their partners as simply part of the deal.

    Premier Professional Dating

    The payoff was the promise of future high earnings and hours that would, in time, become more manageable. But today's young doctors, most of them women, don't want to waste their youth working a backbreaking schedule, in part because they'd like to have children and don't think they can afford to wait.

    Lucky for you, a few adjustments and sincere dedication can get your love life on track. Wearing your scrubs to dinner is not an aphrodisiac. Doctors' dating challenges The biggest obstacle young physicians face when it comes to finding a mate: They might have one free night a week — the rest of their time is spent with coworkers.

    Heidi Huser, a family practitioner who works in a Minnesota urgent care facility, considers herself a catch — funny, smart, stable, and easygoing. But some of those qualities make her male suitors insecure, says the year-old.

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    Right is out there, and she's willing to take further action like signing up for a more personalized dating service to meet him. Though Huser recently scaled back to 32 hours a week, many of the hours she works are on evenings and weekends, also known as prime-time dating hours.

    Like Huser, year-old Brittany Christophersen, a registered diet technician and aspiring physician's assistant who recently completed her clinical internship and now works at a major metropolitan hospital in Connecticut, says she has trouble meeting a man who understands her chaotic schedule and long hours.

    About 16 percent of 1, physicians who participated in our Great American Physician Survey said their spouse or significant other is also a physician. It seems natural, given how much time they spend together at work. But for many physicians, dating a fellow doctor comes with its own challenges — think long hours, rigid schedules, and free time spent catching up on sleep, times two.

    Best Dating Websites - Top 10 List

    Getting to your first date The good news for doctors who expect to work weekends and get paged at 3 a. You'll have more opportunities to meet someone and go on dates, even if you're no longer treated to med-school mixers.

    Melissa Brown, president of national dating service It's Just Lunch, which counts a growing number of doctors in its client base, suggests committing to at least a few hours a week for dating whether you're just starting your residency or are an established doctor.

    Nightingale recalls a recent experience, where a physician client of hers, based in Baltimore, canceled several Friday night dates in a row. If you're going on a dinner date, pick restaurants close to your practice or hospital. But before you yank off the stethoscope and head out the door, you'll need to keep a few things in mind: Clean up before you go out.

    Because you work long hours, chances are you'll go straight from work to a dinner date. That's why it's important to bring grooming supplies to work.

    Is corporate America too busy for love?

    Nightingale suggests keeping a clean pair of slacks or skirt at your practice, and bringing anything else that spruces up your look such as cologne, makeup, or a curling iron. If possible, try to get to know your date without distraction. That means cutting communications with your practice as much as possible, even if only for three hours.

    Drop the medical jargon. Do you like hanging out with people who talk about themselves all the time? As engrossing as your career is, your date won't be too pleased if you talk excessively about your job and how hard, stressful, and fascinating it is. If you're dating another doctor, this can be hard to do. To make their time together and away from the hospital more meaningful while they were dating, Kawasaki says she and her doctor husband made sure "we had time spent not talking about med school, and that we had vacations.

    If one date doesn't lead to long-term romance, you should try to schedule time each week specifically for dating and enhancing your personal life, says Brown.

    Want a professional dating site Try us EliteSingles

    She has covered the single life for a number of national media outlets. This article originally appeared in the April issue of Physicians Practice.

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