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  • Update: Gabriel building connection with Trubisky
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  • Chicago Baseball History
  • Update: Gabriel building connection with Trubisky
  • Honoring the contributions that Chicago has made to America's favorite pastime.

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    Update: Gabriel building connection with Trubisky

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    Harmon played college football and found success as one of TV's hunkiest actors. While many of his roles have relied on good looks, Harmon was impressive as the suave doctor on St. Elsewhere who contracted AIDS. InHarmon and his wife, actress Pam Dawbersued his sister Kristin Harmonfor custody of her youngest son, Sam.

    Chosen as People Magazine's second annual "Sexiest Man Alive," between inaugural winner Mel Gibsonwho won forand third year winner Harry Hamlinwho won for Risked his life to save two teenage boys who were involved in a car accident outside of his home. Harmon used a sledge hammer from his garage to break the window out of their car then pulled them free so they wouldn't be burned to death, while his wife Pam Dawber called He made every effort to downplay his role in saving their lives.

    He graduated cum laude from UCLA,with a degree in communications.

    Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra spark dating rumors Daily Mail Online

    Worked as a carpenter before he hit it big, foretelling Gibbs' carpentry and wooden boat building interest and skills in Gibbs' basement. No relation to Angie Harmonalthough both have starred in a series also starring Sasha Alexander. Not the grandson of former U. His legendary father, Tom Harmonplayed halfback for the University of Michigan Wolverineswinning the Heisman Trophy, emblematic of the best player in the nation, for his efforts. Studied pre-med in college before transferring to communications.

    He later played doctors on St. Elsewhere and Chicago Hope Was the second winner of People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" award. Early in his career, he was known for being the face of Coors beer, doing over twenty Coors beer commercials in the early s.

    Was also a lifeguard before hitting it big. His work as a lifeguard was a summer job at Laguna Beach, CAwhere his parents and the Nelsons each had beach houses.

    His dad used to wake him up early so he could run for an hour on the beach before he had to report for work. He has credited this practice as conditioning him for fall football practice.

    On one of these telecasts. Was a national shoe representative for Adidas in the s. His first paid acting gig was playing a gorilla on Ozzie's Girlswhere the titular star, who was also the shows'producer, Ozzie Nelsonwas his relative by marriage.

    Mark has broken his shoulder twice. Once during the filming of the movie Summer Schooland another incident while filming a Coors beer commercial. Mark has an abducted left knee from his football career. Mark has been known to wear shirts which have been sent to him by his fans. When he was 16 years old, at his after-school job delivering flowers, he found a dozen roses addressed to a girl who was dating a friend of his.

    But the roses weren't from his friend. Mark threw away the card and substituted one with his friend's name on it. In his first game, Mark led the Bruins to a 20 - 17 underdog win over Nebraska, snapping the two-time defending national champion's 32 game winning streak. Mark received a call from the producers during the summer between seasons 3 and 4 of NCIS telling him to stop shaving, because his character Jethro Gibbs was to have a more gruff look, along with a mustache.

    About our NFL news...

    Was considered for the role of Dan Gallagher in Fatal Attraction Had two famous or infamous brothers-in-law: His mother, Elyse Knox who was married to the legendary Tom Harmonpassed away on February 15, at age Has appeared nude in multiple works including: It wasn't an easy decision but he turned it down.

    He didn't think he was good enough, but mainly thought that college was about getting an education and making something out of it, as opposed to using college to build a career as a jock. Had a four-year relationship with Flamingo Road co-star Cristina Raineswhich ended in They met while filming the miniseries Centennial Favorite television series while growing up was Combat! He broke an eardrum while shooting Beyond the Poseidon Adventure He and his wife, Pam Dawberare gun control advocates, despite wearing a holster in his job.

    His Airstream trailer can be seen in the flashbacks in "Hiatus: Parts 1 and 2". The trailer has red and white checkered floors, and an 8-track player. One of the most notorious characters that Mark played was serial killer Ted Bundy in the television movie The Deliberate Stranger Mark received the nickname 'Quarterback' because his dad was an announcer for the football games that Mark played in when he was younger.

    His dad did not want to call Mark by name, so instead he called him Quarterback. Mark and Pam Dawber married, exactly one year after they met, on March 21, They met March 21, When he was younger, he ran 45 miles a week. Back in the day, he had a bearded collie named Ryan and a cat named Arnold. Almost chose to play football for Oklahoma. Later he decided to play for the Bruins, their program was on the downswing and wanted to help turn it around.

    Was a marathon runner. Gary Cooper is his acting idol, due to the respect Mark has for Cooper's acting philosophy. First television appearance was with his father in a commercial for Kellogg's Product 19 cereal. Has a Woody that he and his dad restored. Was a marathon runner and knows how to play the guitar. Bought his first car when he was 13, it was a Ford. Was a big runner after college.

    Used to run miles a week. He now does Pilates to keep in shape. When he was younger, he bore a strong resemblance to Ricky Nelsonwhich subsequently led him to be misidentified in newspapers as Nelson's brother, when in fact they were actually only brothers-in-law.

    Inhe was voted the fourth most popular actor on prime time television. Mark's father was of three quarters Irish ancestry, with the rest being French and German the family surname had been changed from "Hermann" to "Harmon" several generations back. Mark's maternal grandparents were Austrian from Vienna.

    He broke his collarbone during a spring practice football scrimmage inat UCLA. First actor to play Ted Bundy. He has played the same character Leroy Jethro Gibbs in three different series: Personal Quotes 32 I'm in the business to push it. I'm not likely to be attracted to characters I've already done. I have to be almost frightened by the possibility of taking it on. Over the years I realise I must enjoy walking that edge, I keep doing it. It's why I like what I do. The only other job I've ever had that provides that time in the morning where you're going to work and you can't wait to get there and the sun's rising and you're moving toward something you look forward to getting up and doing every day was being a carpenter.

    And it was because you're doing something different every day. I have never done any job for the security or the money. I believe in trying to find an area to get better, to learn more about why I am here. It's funny, the fame and money part isn't even in the top 10, to be honest. It's important to have a job you like going to, for me. And it's important to know I have a hand in making sure that the people who work on this show know they have a job to come back to. That's something I don't take lightly.

    I have to be challenged. The busier I am, the better I like it. If other people think I'm okay looking, that's great, but I don't see it myself. When I look in the mirror all I see is a bunch of fake teeth and football scars. Gibbs [his character in NCIS ] is like a great hunting dog. He is just the guy you want in your fox hole, he is just the guy you want to ride the river with.

    But I don't know if he's the guy you want to have dinner with. Otherwise that role goes to somebody else.

    Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra spark dating rumors Daily Mail Online

    But I was really excited to work with Marvin J. Chomsky when I got that role. That was definitely a departure for me. I'm glad people remember that one. I mean, they had no reason to do that, other than that we were all in Westcliffe, Colorado, for a long time.
    He then proceeded to start 53 consecutive games for the team, never missing a single start.

    Build a bibliography or works cited page the easy way

    When he matriculated to the University of Michigan, he again grabbed a starting role as a freshman. He would start every single game for the Wolverines over the course of his four-year career. That totals to an incredible consecutive starts for Cole. He may be an ironman, but make no mistake—he is not indestructible.

    As an offensive lineman, Cole often persevered through severe pain and illness to keep the run intact. At Michigan, he rarely thought of the streak—he simply approached every game with a blue-collar mentality and a burning desire to emerge victorious. Only now that he's preparing for the NFL can he look back on the streak with any perspective.

    Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra spark dating rumors Daily Mail Online

    But during my time at Michigan and East Lake, you don't think about that. You're so focused on the next game. You finish a game, and you don't really have time to sit back and think about that. And it's due to a lot of people. It's a little bit of luck, obviously. But the strength staff at UM was incredible, our athletic training staff was incredible with putting our bodies back together when no one was watching.

    It was a team effort, for sure. If you were to take all the positive stereotypes about offensive linemen—humble, tough, hard-working, selfless—Cole embodies them. He also happens to be really talented. He was a two-time All-Big Ten selection at the University of Michigan while playing both left tackle and center. Now, he's on the precipice of realizing a lifelong dream. Having those goals for myself definitely motivated me. I had a goal in high school to play Division-I football and earn a scholarship.

    He was born outside of Chicago, but Cole moved to Tarpon Springs when he was 7. Soon enough, pick-up games at a nearby park became common practice. While a passerby might've just seen some kids running around, it might as well have been the Super Bowl to Cole and his buddies. And they were really competitive," Cole says. His father, John, paid his own way through Northern Illinois University before becoming a successful businessman.

    His grandparents on his mother Maggie's side started their own carpentry company and have owned it for over 50 years. My dad paid his way through college and climbed the socioeconomic ladder just by working hard and working jobs at a time.

    Chicago Baseball History

    My mom, her parents own a carpentry company, they started it and have owned it ever since. They always instilled in me that working hard and not complaining and doing the right thing, then good things will come," Cole says. Cole hit a massive growth spurt during middle school, sprouting 7 inches in a single year. He suddenly found himself with giraffe-like physique, which inspired him to get inside the weight room.

    Extra work in the weight room after his scheduled lifts helped that effort. Whether it be extra conditioning or a few extra reps in the weight room.

    He credits playing basketball and lacrosse during his youth with helping him build nimble footwork for his size. Cole would also often come in well before school started to break down film of East Lake's next opponent. He can take criticism. He doesn't need praise every play. He's what you dream of as a coach.

    Update: Gabriel building connection with Trubisky

    Cole's size and skillset quickly attracted an army of college recruiters. You'd think a kid raised in Florida would be drawn to the gravitas of the SEC, but there was something about the Big Ten Cole couldn't resist. Michigan's combination of tradition, facilities, academics and potential captivated him. He also believed the Big House offered the best atmosphere in all of college football. All of these factors led to Cole committing to Michigan in February of his junior year.

    That early commitment paved the way for Cole to graduate from high school early, and he enrolled at the University of Michigan in Winter of Cole knew he wanted to play as a freshman, and that was something that almost never happened for offensive lineman at Michigan. In fact, at the time of Cole's enrollment, a true freshman offensive lineman had never started a season opener for Michigan.

    Cole knew that enrolling early was the only realistic way he could achieve his goal. I think that's the biggest thing people struggle with in the transition from high school to college, is learning a college system. I was lucky enough to be able to understand it for whatever reason," Cole says. Since their number one job is to protect the quarterback's blind side, it's arguably the most important position on the entire offensive line.

    It was a bit of a baptism by fire, as Cole would line up opposite the ultra-athletic Frank Clark during practice who's racked up 19 sacks in the past two seasons for the Seattle Seahawks and talents like Joey Bosa who was elected to the Pro Bowl during games. Anytime you go against really talented players, it only makes you better," Cole says.

    Cole started every game at left tackle during his freshman season, and did the same during his sophomore campaign.

    Honoring the contributions that Chicago has made to America's favorite pastime.

    As a sophomore, he helped the Wolverines to a record which included a Citrus Bowl victory over the Florida Gators. Following the season, Jim Harbaugh—who had taken over the head coaching job from Brady Hoke prior to Cole's sophomore season—approached Cole about moving to center.

    Graham Glasgow, who played center for the team in and earned Michigan's most outstanding offensive lineman award, was off to the NFL and had left a void on the depth chart in his absence. The center is essentially the quarterback of the offensive line, and an effective center must be intelligent enough to make calls for all his line mates.

    Cole accepted his new role without hesitation. And for me, doing what's best for the team is always more important," Cole says. With a new position in tow, Cole experienced some major growth during the offseason between his sophomore and junior seasons. His body, once that of a baby fat-laden teenager, was maturing into that of a pro athlete. But just staying in the weight room, and even when you're not supposed to be in the weight room when you have days off, just trying to do a little extra," Cole says.

    It doesn't have to be a perfect diet, but just choosing the healthier options when they're available is huge.

    He found that the more he prepared during the week, the faster he could play on game day. He also grew into a bigger leadership role for the Wolverines.

    I felt like we had a lot of guys on our team that were vocal. That's never really been me, being a huge vocal guy, just because I feel like anyone can be vocal—you can be vocal even if you're not a leader. But leading by example, you gotta be true to it. You can't fake that," Cole says. As a junior, Cole orchestrated an offensive line that helped the Wolverines average He was subsequently elected to the coaches and media All-Big Ten second team.

    He again started every game, but this was the season where his streak came closest to peril. A succession of unfortunate events between the Illinois and Michigan State games befell Cole which would've sidelined most mortals. The week before, we played Illinois, and at the end of that game, I started feeling really achey, had a real bad fever that night and Sunday.

    I was sick all week. I didn't practice until Thursday, so I only had Thursday practice and Friday walk-through, then we played on Saturday. But then I woke up on Saturday and had food poisoning. So it was like the two worst things that could happen had happened. They pumped me with some IVs and got me on the field and luckily I was able to play," Cole says.

    Cole helped hold the Spartans to zero sacks as Michigan edged their rival Heading into his final season at Michigan, the coaching staff asked him to switch positions again—this time back to left tackle. Cole being Cole, he instantly accepted. Harbaugh only put him through the switches because he knew he was talented and intelligent enough to handle them. He can be an outstanding guard, as well.

    Intellect at a high level and ability at the highest level. Cole was a force at left tackle for Michigan inearning All-Big Ten second-team honors from the coaches and media as well as the Associated Press. His 51 consecutive starts over the course of his career broke the record for most consecutive starts by a Michigan offensive lineman. With his eligibility exhausted, Cole set his sights on the NFL.

    He also learned to embrace the feelings of nervous energy that come before performance-intensive situations as a positive. That's your body giving you a positive reaction and getting you into game mode— it's not your body freaking out," Cole says.

    Cole also made full use of EXOS's extensive recovery tools, from their hot and cold tubs to the Normatec boots to their team of excellent physical therapists. While going from 51 consecutive college starts into the grind of Combine training sounds like a recipe for exhaustion, Cole took great care of his body and approached the training with a professional mindset.

    So going through a workout or set, I think to myself if I skip a set or if I skip a few reps, I'm getting worse at my job. No one wants that," Cole says. Cole had a nice showing at the NFL Combine. We're also assuming the brilliant football IQ he displayed at Michigan came through during his team interviews. He's projected to play center or possibly guard at the next level. Cole may be on the precipice of realizing a lifelong dream, but he hasn't forgotten what got him here.

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