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    SS Norway Ship Collectibles

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    SS Norway crew lounge

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    Tossing Aboard The SS Norway Tenders

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    Norway Dating Site, Free Online Dating in Norway, ME

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    Kvitlenova og SS Norway

    Screendump of the front page of The Miami Herald dated June 28th shows an image of the Grand Dame of the Caribbean on her final departure - under tow - from Miami. A reader-submitted photo of unknown origin showing the SS Norway on her final departure from Miami, under tow to Europe. Due to large amounts of asbestos aboard the ship mostly in machine spaces and in all bulkheadsthe Norway was not allowed to leave Germany for any scrap yards due to the Basel Convention.

    However, after assuring the German authorities that Norway would go to Asia for repairs and further see operation in Australia, she was allowed to leave port under tow. It was reported that the art from her two dining rooms, children's playroom, stair tower, and library were removed and placed in storage, to possibly be utilized on board a revitalized SS United States, or another ship in the NCL fleet.

    However, later photos of the ship at the scrapyards of Alang, India, would prove this statement to be untrue. In fact, the ship was sold to an American naval demolition dealer for scrap value in December After eventually reselling the ship to a scrap yard, the ship was to be towed to India for demolition. However, in light of protests from Greenpeace, potentially lengthy legal battles due to environmental concerns over the ship's breakup, and amidst charges of fraudulent declarations made by the company to obtain permission to leave Bremerhaven, her owners cancelled the sale contract, refunded the purchase price, and left the ship where she was.

    One month later she was again sold, to Haryana Ship Demolition Pvt. Three weeks later, the ship began its journey towards Indian waters, though it was announced that she had left Malaysian waters for the United Arab Emirates for repairs, and to take on new crew and supplies. Upon learning of the ship's destination, Gopal Krishna, an environmentalist and an anti-asbestos activist, filed an application before the Supreme Court of India to ensure that the ship, reportedly containing asbestos, complied with the Court's 14th October order which sought prior decontamination of ships in the country of export before they could be allowed entry into Indian waters.

    On May 17thKalraj Mishra expressed his concern to the Indian Parliament over possible hazards the Blue Lady presented, and requested that the government put a halt to the ship's entry. Bhanujan, said the Board had constituted an experts' committee for inspection, Blue Lady was docked in Pipavav, Kutch District. On August 2ndafter a five-day inspection, the experts declared the ship safe for beaching and dismantling in Alang. However, this prompted a fury of controversy over the legality of such an act, including a press release from the NGO Platform on Shipbreaking that critiqued the technical report, alleging that the Technical Committee was under undue pressure to allow the ship to be beached, and had failed to follow the Basel Convention and the Supreme Court of India's order that ships must be decontaminated of hazardous substances such as PCBs and asbestos, and, in any case, must be fully inventoried and formally notified prior to arrival in the importing country.

    No such notification was made by either Malaysia last country of departure nor Germany country where the ship became waste. The NGO Platform on Shipbreaking also announced that it was prepared to launch a global campaign against Star Cruises and their subsidiary Norwegian Cruise Lines for corporate negligence in this case.

    Norway Dating Site, Free Online Dating in Norway, ME

    Photos from Alang revealed that Blue Lady was still partially afloat off the coast; her bow on dry beach at low tide, and the ship fully afloat at high tide. The photos also showed that neither NCL nor Star Cruises had removed any of the ship's on board furniture or artworks including the murals in the Windward Dining Room and Children's Playroom, and the Steinway piano in Le Bistroas had previously been reported.

    Fans of the France became concerned about the future of the art pieces, both due to the ship lying at anchor in a very humid environment without power for air conditioning, and due to lack of concern for preservation on the part of the scrappers.

    Still, it was stated that as of early Septemberthe ship's owner had signed contracts with various buyers, including auctioneers and a French museum, to sell the artworks. Other fittings were to be sold by the ton.

    Gopal Krishna again moved an application seeking compliance with the Basel Convention, and three days later the Indian Supreme Court decided that the scrapping was to be postponed, stipulating that the Technical Committee, which earlier approved the scrapping, were to write a new report to be submitted before the Court's final decision. That decision was reached on September 11th the 33rd anniversary of the SS France's last day on the Atlanticwhen the court ruled that the Blue Lady was safe to scrap, a decision that was received negatively by ship aficionados and environmentalists alike.

    By December 4th of the same year, it was confirmed that the tip of the Blue Lady's bow had been cut; a ceremonial move done to most ships that end up in Alang just prior to the full scale breaking of a ship. It was confirmed on 20th January that the Blue Lady has commenced scrapping. Scrapping began on the forward part of the sun deck. The suites added during the refit were gone by March.

    By July 12th the bow and the stern of the ship had been removed, with little of the ship's famous profile still recognizable. By September ofmost of what remained above the waterline had been cut away, and the ship's destruction was essentially completed by late
    Approximately 10,5 knots unladen The tenders on board SS Norway was classed as their own independently registered ships, making the SS Norway the only ship in the world to carry own registered vessels.

    ss norway documentary

    They had their own independent call sign and were initially registered in Oslo, Norway: Their call signs did for a while stay close to the mother ships call sign, and their names were little Norway I and little Norway II. They were classed by the same classification society as their mother ship. Originally, these tenders had a small bar at the lower deck and in addition to the two restrooms and a storage locker. The bar was not in service for a long time as it seemed like an impending law suit could be looming in the near future if a passenger getting his drink, walking around the tender on choppy seas and fell hurting himself.

    An engineer also rotated between both tenders and tended to their machinery, which was a twin Caterpillar engine capable of propelling the tender at an comfortable 10 knots or so.

    The hydraulic steering system had propellers which could be turned degrees and therefore rudders were not needed to control theses ships. Launching was done with the help of two hydraulic cranes and controls located just beneath the bridge wing, behind their storage point.

    The responsibility of launching these tenders were of the Chief Officer, whilst the Bosun handled the controls on his orders. Their weight was some 97 gross tons but their actual weight was somewhere in the vicinity of 72 tons.

    These tenders could with some practice be launched while the Norway still were making knots headway but returning them into the blocks, it was always preferred that the mother ship was actually still in the water. A tight operating schedule and delayed departures sometimes forced the process to take place while the ship was making a couple of knots headway.

    Risk assessment and risks were always considered and safety was always primary to any other operation. Should any thing happen, and the tenders fall, the crew would be safe in their harnesses. Few accidents happened but the tenders were heavily used and often had some mechanical failures, similar to any other vessel. The tender engineer in charge of the tenders were always as far as I could remember splendid and did a great job keeping up with spare parts and maintenance.

    A spare main engine was always located on board the Norway and ready to go in case it had to be put on board on of the tenders. They were however easy to captain, even with one propeller or one engine. The trickiest place to dock was as I can recollect, Saint Maarten. It was also a bit trickier when the tender was heavily loaded to its capacity, you would have to estimate stopping distances much more carefully than whilst it was empty. User submitted images please let me know again to whom they should be accredited.

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